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How to Make Lavender Body Scrub

How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Scrub

DIY How to Make a Simple Handmade Lavender Natural Sugar Body Scrub with Lavender and Coconut Oil
Handmade DIY natural sugar body scrub with lavender and coconut oil
One of my favorite things about having essential oils on hand is that it enables me to make simple, natural body care products at a moments notice.

Not only can I make things quickly and easily, I am also able to customize the scent to suit my personal taste. Sugar scrubs are some of the easiest body care items to make and they are fairly inexpensive, too (especially if you compare them to store bought products).

Today I’d like to share how to make a simple lavender body scrub.

Lavender body scrub is great for the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The addition of lavender essential oil makes applying the body scrub a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Lavender essential oil is also helpful in boosting mood, easing neck tension, and encouraging relaxation.

How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Scrub Lavender
Plant Therapy Lavender
How to Make Lavender Body Scrub



Combine your carrier oils and essential oils. Pour sugar unto a clean mixing bowl.

Add your carrier oil and mix well.

Pour into a clean jar and label.

Sugar scrub will last for at least 6 months.
To use: Apply scrub to damp skin using circular motions. Wash off with warm water. Follow with moisturizer.
Customize this sugar scrub by replacing the Lavender Essential Oil with Lemon or Sweet Orange.
What’s your favorite scent of body scrub?
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20 thoughts on “How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Scrub”

  • I will often add botanical powders to my sugar scrubs – dried orange or lemon peel powder for a citrus burst and gentle exfoliation, or rose hip powder for scrubs to be used on the face… the possibilities are really endless! I do use Germall Plus with my scrubs so that I don’t have to worry if a little water gets into the jar. I also like to add a little glycerin for its moisturizing properties and Castile soap to add lather. For body scrubs I tend to use natural sugar – the larger grains are great for dry elbows, knees, or feet. For facial scrubs I use refined sugar and sometimes I will put it through a spice grinder to get an even finer grain. Scrubs are so much fun to customize.

  • First DIY, used solid coconut oil, mix in dried lavender and rose petals, topped with dried flowers. Thanks PF for such great EO recipes and info for newbies!!

  • This is lovely. I’ve found it important to avoid getting water into this scrub. Mix it up each time and take some out with a spoon.

  • Going to be doing a substitute with some coffee, 1/2 cup each, coffee grounds and sugar and then using coffee infused almond oil and Vanilla Oleoresin, yum! Might have to add a couple drops of chocolate truffle eo to make it mocha!

  • I just made this yesterday and it worked amazing! In my line of work burns and minor cuts are frequent and i cannot believe how well it helped with scaring! Only question i have is if it is normal for the oils to seperate. There’s a layer on top of my jar of just the oils. I tried adding more sugar but it didn’t seem to help. Wondering if this is normal?

    1. Sarah, did you mix your essential oils in thoroughly with the carrier oils before mixing it with the sugar? Perhaps if the essential oils were not emulsified well enough that is why they are rising up. You also may benefit from putting the product in the fridge to cool for a bit, or spend some more time mixing it all up! We are so glad you like the recipe and while having the oils separate may be annoying, a quick stir should be able to fix it right up 🙂 I hope this helps!

      1. The recipe directions may need to be changed, as they state to mix the sugar into the carrier oil and then add the EO.

  • I made this! It was my first DIY essential oil item! It WORKED great! Just DON’T use organic cane sugar as that made my scrub a bit more abrasive than I wanted. Yet, I solved that problem by adding more Fractionated Coconut oil! I will be making more EO products!

  • When you say coconut oil do you mean the solid kind for the fractionated kind? Is there much of a difference between the two kinds of oils. I usually have this same question when I read that coconut oil is involved. I never know which is best to use.

    1. Kimberly, this recipe calls for Fractionated Coconut Oil, but if you have solid (also called extra virgin) coconut oil that would work as well. A primary difference between the two is that Fractionated CO is a form of the oil that has had the long-chain fatty acids removed through steam distillation and hydrolysis. This change makes the oil liquid at room temperature, extends the product’s shelf life, and is completely soluble with other oils, making it a fantastic carrier oil. It’s also much lighter than solid coconut oil and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a greasy feeling. Hope this helps 🙂

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