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Essential Oil Safety 101 (Don’t Miss This)

Recently I have come across a couple blog posts that have concerned me. There is soooooo much information out there about essential oils and soooooo many people telling you how to use them! How do you know what to do? Who do you trust? There is a right and a WRONG way to use essential oils. How do you figure out what ways those are?

The only thing I can say is do your OWN RESEARCH!

I really would love everyone’s feedback so please, please let me know what you have been told and what questions you have! Please leave us a comment!

So, I know I just told you to do your OWN research, BUT I have done a little for you and then you can start here and see what else you can find!

“An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam.

 Interest in essential oils has revived in recent decades with the popularity of aromatherapy, a branch of alternative medicine that claims that essential oils and other aromatic compounds have curative effects. Oils are diluted in a carrier oil and used in massage or diffused in the air by a nebulizer, heated over a candle flame, or burned as incense.”-Wikipedia

I thought this post was on Essential Oil Safety 101?! It is 🙂 I just wanted to give you a little bit of background on essential oils!

Diluted vs. Neat

Plant Therapy Dilution Guide

This one baffles me EVERY time I hear someone talk about how you should use essential oils neat (undiluted). I am going to say this OVER and OVER again! ALWAYS dilute essential oils! Here are just a few of reasons:

  • Essential oils evaporate very quickly!! The reason for this is because the essential oil has just evaporated! If you dilute essential oils in a carrier oil, they won’t evaporate, meaning, you can use LESS essential oils. Dilution allows a smaller amount (meaning a few drops) to be spread over the whole body, it traps in moisture and helps with the penetration into the skin.

-If you are being told to almost never dilute essential oils, I would recommend that you find someone else to take advice from. To me, that simply means they don’t know what they are talking about OR they want to sell more oils to you! How else can it make sense? There are some essential oils that can sometimes be used pretty safely without diluting. If you have no other options and you don’t have something to dilute an oil with, then maybe put it on neat. Other than that, ALWAYS dilute essential oils! It will save you money! 🙂

  • Essential oils can cause serious harm! If used unsafely, in large amounts and neat (undiluted), essential oils can cause harm. Why? Because over use of neat oils can cause sensitization. Essential oils are often over 100 times the concentration of the fruit or plant it was derived from. If you don’t know much about essential oils, always be safe and dilute them extremely well. That way if there is going to be a reaction it will be a lot less. Maybe you have used essential oils for years neat and have never had a problem, that doesn’t mean the next person will react the same. Plus, the chances of your becoming sensitized to any oil increases with undiluted use, so one can become sensitized to anything, not just the known sensitizers like cinnamon bark, Lemon verbena, etc (for another discussion)…
  • Please tell your friends to dilute them to be safe. I know I would hate to be the reason my friend has a sever reaction because I never had. HERE is an article about a few girls who got burned by a lime tree from Phytophotodermatitis. Imagine using an essential oil and having this reaction!!!! Essential oils are not acidic but some, including Lime, are photo toxic, thus they can cause burning too. If an essential oil is photo toxic, it will say on Plant Therapy’s website if it is, even diluted these can still cause harm if out in the sun. Dilution may just lessen the harm if you mistakenly do this.

-I am not saying this will happen if you use essential oils neat. I am simply saying it is better to be SAFE than SORRY! So just take a second longer and DILUTE. Easy dilution rule to remember: With children over 2- use 1 drop of essential oil to 1 TBSP of carrier oil. Adults- use 1 drop of essential oil to 1 tsp of carrier oil. You can add more if you need to but LESS is usually MORE!


Here is a chart you can print out and use as references. 

Ingesting of Essential Oils

I have a lot of customers and essential oil users ask me if Plant Therapy’s essential oils can be ingested. I am going to post our official stance on this: “All of our Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural, and free from any adulterants, additives, or dilutions. However, we do NOT recommend the regular ingestion of essential oils. They are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise required in administering it. This is supported by the International Federation of Aromatherapists, NAHA and AIA that does not recommend ingestion of essential oils unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy.”

Please ask someone who is qualified to give advice. This isn’t me (I will just tell you not to take oils internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy).  I know A LOT of Certified aromatherapists who have used essential oils for MANY years that would NEVER recommend ingesting essential oils. Why? Because they have seen too many people not knowing what they are doing, and causing harm to themselves.

To learn more about ingesting essential oils, check out this post Can Essential Oils Be Ingested

Essential Oils and Infants

Where to even begin? This is one I personally struggle with. I will admit I have used essential oils on my young children. Never on my newborns, I have never felt like there was a need. I am on not one to use essential oils just because I have them. I use them when I NEED them. I have seen them help my children sleep, ease tummy aches, help with tension in the head, when congested so my children and I can breathe, make stinky shoes smell better, and so many more things!

If you choose to use essential oils on children under 2, make sure you DILUTE them EXTREMELY well. We recommend you follow the maximum dilution guidelines found on this chart.

The best way to use essential oils with children under the age of 2, is for the mother to properly dilute KidSafe® only oils and apply them topically on herself. That way the baby can benefit from the inhalation of the essential oils without having to use them topically. AND always remember to use only KidSafe® oils with children. 


Essential Oils and Pregnancy

HERE and HERE are a couple of posts on Essential Oils and Pregnancy. To some it up there are some essential oils that you can used while pregnant. Do some research and find out what ones will be best for you. Also remember to dilute the essential oils more than you normally would. I would recommend the dilution of 1 drop of essential oil to 1 TBSP of carrier oil. This is at least a good starting point.

Check out our pregnancy safe chart HERE.

**I would like to thank Sylla for looking over this post on Safety and correcting some things! Sylla has almost 40 years experience under her belt!!! Learn more about Sylla HERE.

96 thoughts on “Essential Oil Safety 101 (Don’t Miss This)”

  1. I have a question. I have been ingesting one to three sprays of thieves spray almost daily for several months. I have had horrible allergy problems and thieves is the only thing that has given me relief. I recently discovered your blog and stopped ingesting the oil. I have also recently had some back pain that seems to be kidney related. That’s my only symptom. In your experience and from your studies, could I have poisoned myself? Is there anything to “detox” and remove what I have ingested? Thank you!

    1. I think this is an area that you may want to seek the one on one expertise of a clinical aromatherapist local to you. Complicated medical scenarios are best addressed in this manner. I hope you feel better!

  2. Excellent EO coverage. I’m new to EOs and I recently started using them because I’m kind of fed up with Big Pharmacy pushing meds. I figure there has to be alternative therapy to healing. I experienced some good results from the oils I’m using. I use recipes and never straight from the bottle. I also use recipes from Doctors that make them accessible to their clients. I don’t rely on my own. I have signed up for your Blog and Newsletter and have learned to trust Plant Therapy in a Short time, but I feel that what I’m seeing is Trustworthy and many have stated that in their reviews. I chose carefully who I bought my oils from. I’m very happy with Plant Therapy. I really appreciated your blog on safety. I have to admit there was a lot I didn’t know and alot I’m still learning and to be honest, I think Plant Therapy could go on eternally with ever plant we have out there with the exception of the plants in the Rain Forest that are being depleted drastically and too bad, there no doubt could be a ton of plants we could be using to help us and we will never know. This is a simple one no doubt for you folks. I really believe I have RA or Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’m 56 going on 100, feels that way. I can’t get over how quickly my joints have become achey and I’m certainly going to invest in the topical benefits of using essential oils for this malady plus I heard peppermint could be used as a bug repellent. These are my projects I’m looking into. Please share if you know of some that could help. I do use the muscle aloe jelly and was surprised it worked so well. Someone said it was a lot like Biofreeze and it is. Doesn’t knock me over with the smell like Biofreeze and that is nice. Works well and I’m sure is much safer to use on my skin. Love Plant Therapy and totally agree that any company that tells you to use less is more interested in it’s buyers and not to line pockets. I also too saw somewhere about putting on feet as therapy. Well I will be sure to double check on that one. I think I saw that on Amazon. I do buy lots of things on Amazon. I also see it is a Great place to buy the ingredients that are used in recipes you have on the site. Really thankful for the link to Amazon to purchase. Makes it so much easier. I’m really happy I’m getting my oils here and happy that I signed up for the newsletter and joinned the blog, not that my contribution is anything at this point, but I love learning and totally am a sharing and giving person so maybe in time I can give too. Just an awesome review. I guess I went on an awful lot. Keep posting articles like these for safety and trust. It certainly builds a buyers confidence in the product when you do. Thanks so much. Denise

  3. what can I diffuse in my home to help kill viruses lingering in the air from kids being sick? Also I heard their is an oil you can use on the bottom of kids feet to help get over sickness quicker like colds, flu. What oil blend is that one? Is there an oil that can help get over strep throat faster?
    One more question, what is the synergy blend that helps with depression/anxiety?

  4. “There are some essential oils that can sometimes be used pretty safely without diluting.”

    Do you mind mentioning which EO’s can be used safely without diluting?

    1. In rare instances, using lavender, roman chamomile or even tea tree without diluting can be acceptable – however this should be a rare occurrence!! It’s best practice to always dilute essential oils when applying to the skin.

      1. Thank you! I used to use oils neat, now that I know more I only use lavender sparingly. just wanted to make sure!

  5. Thank you so much for this great information!! I was recently told about essential oils by a dear friend in another city, who was told by a friend local to her. My friend and I both signed up, her to use the oils and me to use and possibly make a little extra money. Well, it was a mlm. After speaking to the upline person, who encouraged me to do research, I did. And what I found out led both myself and my friend to eventually return the packages unopened and continue to learn. It is very easy to misunderstand the correct usage of essential oils. When I began to question the safety and the purity of the oils, I was really put off by the encouragement from the upper upline person to use their oils topically and to ingest them liberally, while at the same time being told how pure their oils were! It just didn’t add up that you would need to use so much of such a pure product! I’m so happy that I questioned the upper upline person and that she was NOT unable to satisfy my concerns. Essential oils can be very helpful if used safely and also very dangerous if used incorrectly! I wish the company person would have been open to researching my questions/concens objectively, instead of getting all of her information from the company, but I did my best to persuade her to educate herself on safe usage. I deeply appreciate Plant Therapy and others who openly and generously shared their knowledge and expertise! Thank you, again, for this post and so many others.

  6. I am not positive where you stand obtaining your details, however very good issue.. Carol Tuttle reiki classes My spouse and i would need to spend an afternoon knowing much more or maybe realizing a lot more. Appreciation for superb information I became in search of this info in my assignment.

  7. Thank you for your post. You included two charts for dilution, but the numbers are different. For instance, for 2% dilution for 10 ml one chart says 6 drops and the other says 4. Which one is correct? Thanks.

  8. I have a question. Being new to essential oils I have read quite a bit, only to find out that I still don’t know much at all! When reading about all the ailments EOS can help with, I’m like “I need all of this”! So, how safe is it to use multiple oils for multiple things, i.e. anxiety, depression, face, weight loss? I see each oil can be used for multiple conditions, but when making a blend for say, mood and face, and some of the same oils are in each blend, then you use another blend for weight loss, again with some of the same oils–how much is too much!

  9. I’ve researched the topic for hours but I still haven’t found the answer to my question. I understand that the percentage of dilution is important to avoid skin irritation but to stay clear of overdose or to be able to have a big enough dose to see an effect, isn’t that the total amount of essential oil used that is important? I don’t know if I’m being clear. For example, if I use a 1% solution like you say is best, I will have a different dose if I apply 1mL or 5mL to my skin, no? The difference between 1 drop and 1/5 of a drop of undiluted oil.

    Also, every dosage chart and advice possible always state the percentage of dilution but not the quantities that should be used of the diluted oil. Am I missing something obvious here? And I thought I was a decent scientist…

    1. Let me make sure I understand clearly. You’re saying you have a bottle that is a 2% dilution and you want to know how much of that to use on the skin?

      1. Exactly!

        I’m pretty certain it depends on what oil and what it is used for but every warning about the dangers of essential oils only talks about dilution. I don’t see how I can avoid the dangers if I don’t know about maximum doses. I don’t want to be too scared to use them. I want to know when I should stop increasing the dose in the hope of having an effect. I know that not all oils will work for me.

        “Between 1 and 3%” Is totally unhelpful to me. Maybe I just didn’t googled the right terms, English is not my native language.

        Thank you for taking the time to answer me!

  10. Thanks for the post and important information. I recently received some expensive essential oils from an MML. I use the oils as suggested by the company and consultants – often neat, internally, numerous daily doses of some, large amounts and unusual uses. I was overall pleased with the results, but began to wonder if these amounts were necessary and safe and the high cost of the oils. Also, I was overwhelmed with the information and contact from the reps who wanted to help me by selling me more essential oils. While researching, I came across your article that gave voice and answers to my vague concerns. I realized that a good bit of the expensive essential oils were wasted in evaporation by using them neat and perhaps in uncovered water glasses and diffusers and using much more than needed. I have not had any side effects, except sleeping for 12 – 14+ hours a day. I love your thoughts on “less is usually more”.

  11. Reblogged this on Salon n Stuff and commented:
    As I continue to try and find relief from pain, it’s always my suggestion to follow safe guidelines concerning essential oils. This is a great article that explains why.

  12. Doterra’s DDR Prime burned my esophagus and now I have to be on the highest amount of prescription acid reducers and need surgery to repair where my esophagus won’t close properly. People need to know how dangerous the oils can be if ingested. I have been through hell because of these oils and the damage they did. I’m only 28 years old.

    1. Can you explain a little more? How long did you take them and at what amount? I am having esophagus issues and am in a similar situation from Thieves and LLP capsules. Thank you so much

  13. What happens if an essential oil is diluted but not diluted enough? i just applied some hair oil and while I did use a carrier I didn’t use NEARLY enough (I would say 1/4 tsp. coconut oil:1 drop essential oil) and now parts of my scalp and forehead are itchy. I’m starting to get worried.

  14. Do you have any suggestions for how much EO to put in a body butter for healing purposes? I want to use EO of German Chamomile, Calendula, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Geranium, Rose and Arnica but i don’t know how much is too much. Lets say I’m using 1 Cup of oil/butter how many drops of Essential oil total can i use?

  15. My daughter has allergies. I was told to add 1-2 drops of lemon, lavender, and peppermint to 3 oz of water. Swish in mouth and spit out or she could just drink it. After a few days her lips hurting. I assumed from peppermint oils. Could she have any stomach or throat damage?

    1. I would think it was the peppermint as well. A better option may be to use a personal inhaler for her allergies!

    2. Roman chamomile or blue tansy might help too. Like a drop on her shirt collar. I wouldn’t reccomend internal use of e. Oils for kids at all. Also, the supplement quercetin helps with allergies.

    1. You can’t. You would just have to do a large amount of carrier oil so you could do the one drop and still get the same percentage. The chart just shows the calculation for the percentages. It also shows how important it is to dilute well for young children.

  16. I am using a 10 ml roller bottle and would like to make a roller bottle of doTERRA OnGuard diluted with carrier oil. Would 20 Drops of OnGuard and 40 drops of carrier oil be a safe dilution? Please let me know what you think 🙂

  17. Am not understanding the chart above…can i dilute theives oil in carrier oil in a glass dropper bottle to make 2 oz?..This will be to ward off colds ect.Do we have to use 1 teas daily on our feel or are a couple drops enough?Thank you!

    1. It sounds as though this is something that requires some speech therapist intervention. I do not believe that essential oils can promote speech.

  18. I have a question. When something says to use 2 drops of (fill in the blank) oil, does it mean 2 drops of the diluted oil, or 2 drops of undiluted oil and add it to a carrier and use that whole amount? Thanks for your help.

  19. If the oils are used diluted instead of neat, do we get the same benefit? Or do we have to apply more often? It seems since the concentration is so much lower when diluted that it wouldn’t have the same effect. Thanks for your time.

    1. Susan, diluting can actually make oils more beneficial as the carrier oil will prevent the volatile oil from evaporating. Some oils I don’t dilute, even on my kids (lavender, myrrh, frankincense) but some oils can burn your skin if not properly diluted (cinnamon, oregano, clove).

  20. I’m a little confused. I don’t understand how using the oils neat is both dangerous and less effective. If the oils evaporate quickly and you don’t actually get much benefit from using them that way, how is it also dangerous? It sounds like using them with a carrier oil prevents the evaporation and allows more of the oil’s benefits to penetrate the body which would actually make it more potent. Please clarify.

    1. It is true that the therapeutic properties would be more potent but most all concerns with essential oils being used neat is a reaction with the skin. When the oil is diluted there is less of a chance for that reaction. Sometimes it’s a sensitivity reaction. Sometimes an allergic reaction. Sometimes the oil is simply just hot and will burn the skin. These are just a few things that can happen on the skin if the oil is used neat. Like I said, when the oil is diluted there is less of a chance these issues will occur. This doesn’t always happen and often doesn’t happen but when it does it can be painful and sad. We want to educate everyone on all the possible concerns so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their family.

  21. I have been a consultant with one of the MLM companies. I was introduced to essential oils back in 2010. I have used most of them neat and in water and just have opened my mouth and dropped several drops on my tongue per the instructions from the classes I’ve taken. I don’t know that I have had any issues, but reading your post has opened my eyes. The only research I have done up until recently is through their information, because I was told they knew what they are doing with oils and theirs are third party tested, etc. My income has dropped this year and I am unable to afford those oils so I was looking for an alternative to purchase. I have done real research after I came across Plant Therapy in a blog post. I wish I had done more research outside the MLM and had not just taken their word for things and joined because a friend shared them with me, before literally putting hundreds of dollars toward their pure oils. I am blessed to have discovered Plant Therapy and will purchase your oils. This article was great. In the classes I went to I was told to always use them neat with the exception of the hot oils like Oregano, cinnamon, etc. The thing that really struck me was when you wrote that less is usually more. That’s wasn’t what I was told to do. It was the opposite.
    I so appreciate this post. Thank you. What you have written in this post is what I have seen on most oil company sites other than the MLM I’m affiliated with.

    1. Thank you for those kind words Jeannie. I am glad you want to educate yourself and are doing more research. You will learn a lot and feel more and more comfortable using essential oils the more you learn! If you ever have any questions, please email one of Plant Therapy’s certified aromatherapists at [email protected]. Thanks!

  22. I have recently come into the Aromatherapy world via my Massage School and become very interested in learning as much as I can. The searches I’ve done online have availed me a better education mostly from Plant Therapy. While some of my classmates have insisted one brand is better than all others because they ingest them or whatever their reasoning is none have encouraged me to do my own research or offered any type of “be careful” or a warning, so to say. In all, I have found alot of knowledge & information via Plant Therapy’s website and general searches online usually pop PT up. Thank you for sharing so we might learn & become better equipped.

    Most grateful,
    Sandra 🙂

  23. I ingest the oils everyday. I also use topically neat without diluting. For you to have had an experience where you ingested an oil with no instruction not knowing how much to use is negligent on your part. You should never ingest ANYTHING that you don’t know how much to take. You overdosed yourself which can be done with anything. You can drink too much water too fast and throw up. I teach essential oil classes and I would never encourage people to ingest if they did not know how much to use or how frequently to use it. Oregano is a really hot oil and I take it frequently but no more than 5 drops ever in a capsule. I understand that you keep saying that you need to be trained in Aromatherapy in order to understand the oils. This is where there is the misunderstanding about ingesting the oils. Aromatherapist are taught to diffuse the oils. They are not taught topical or internal uses of oils and that is fine. BUT just because that is not where the training is focused does not mean that that type of use is harmful or unsafe. There is tons of research out there on the internal use of oils including the use of Frankincense for cancer patients and for Alzheimer’s. This is natures medicine. This is what we were using before western medicine started putting fillers and crap with herbs and plants so they could patent them and make a ton of money making us sicker from side effects. I work with holistic health practicioners, chiropractors, MD’s, Psychiatrists, and acupuncturist who all use, recommend, and prescribe the oils to be used internally and topically. So for you to state that anyone who tells you to take the oils neat without diluting is just trying to sell you oils is completely not factual. I don’t have any desire to purchase more oils for myself or sell anymore than someone needs. I also would never recommend anything that I didn’t know was safe. I use it everyday and I use it on my 20 month old since he was a year old. We use NO over the counter meds not even Tylenol. I know that I don’t have to take the medication that I had been taking for 20 years now, and I don’t have any more health issues. Just frustrates me when people have a bad experience because of their own negligence and then assume that it was the oils that caused the problem. I do encourage people to do their own research on reputable sites like,, etc and not just depend on blogs and aromatherapists.

    1. Jenna,

      I agree with most everything you said. Plant Therapy states over and over again that essential oils should not be taken internally unless under the direction of someone who is qualified (not just aromatherapist either). I do believe essential oils can be taken internally. Since that experience, I have taken essential oils multiple times with great success. It has been under the direction of a doctor who is qualified in aromatherapy though.

      What concerns me is that there are a lot of reps from companies who have gone to a few classes, taught by those companies, who now believe they can tell people how to take oils internally. I get sooooo many emails every day with people absolutely confused. And so many people are seeing side effects from using essential oils incorrectly. Plant Therapy believes it is safer to say not to take them internally unless supervised instead of saying you can take them internally and risk someone hurting themselves just like I did. By the way, I was told how much Oregano to take. The problem was that person, who thought they were qualified, really had just learned from someone else who wasn’t qualified.

      I am just finishing up my degree to be certified in aromatherapy and know a lot of people, including a very well known essential oil expert, that teaches about inhalation and topical use. I honestly have never met someone that encourages the every day internal use of essential oils that has not come from a MLM company or has studies that come from these companies. That is what concerns me the most. Not that oils can’t be taken internally, but that often it is done incorrectly. My belief, from all the studies and professionals I have talked to, is that essential oils are over used. There are so many experts that are really concerned for people because they are overusing essential oils and have seen harm come because of it.

      That is the reason for this post. I know a lot of people, who are very close to me and buy from companies that recommend and encourage internal and the neat use of essential oils, that over use essential oils because it is what is being taught in classes by people who have no education on the use of essential oils. I don’t believe education is end-all-be-all. I just would rather listen to someone who is educated and not just selling the products. That is why even though I wrote this post, I still strongly recommend people do their own research.

      I hope this answers some questions and makes more sense I why I wrote this post in the first place and why I truly believe it is very important for people to know how powerful essential oils are. Thank you for your comment!

  24. I was looking forward to this article. I want to share it with my best friend. She is very into the ingestion of EOs. If the author will go back, or the editting team, & correct the errors, I will gladly share it. The word severe is misspelled & there are extra words, as though the author started to write one thing but changed her mind. Good article though.

  25. Thank you for being the first company to sensibly write about essential oil use!! This is refreshing and I love your products!!

  26. Common sense, you will get sick from anything if use too much of it. Oregano works great, however, all you need is 1-2 drops, (with 2 drops of Lemon) and not the whole capsule-full. I’ve taken essential oils internally, in moderation of course, and found them to be very effective. Only take essential oils internally if the labels says it is safe to do so. The companies that say that their oils can be ingested, dedicate enormous amount of time and money to the research that proves the fact that the oils can safely be taken internally. The companies that, don’t have the research and analysis performed in regards to the internal use of their essential oils, know that it would not be very smart to say (on the label) that their essential oils are safe for internal use, due to the high possibilities of facing some serious law suits, and other problems. Saying that they “don’t recommended the ingestion of the essential oils” is a safe route for a company, but it doesn’t mean that applies to all essential oils.

    It is also important for people to get their research from credible sources. Wikipedia, for example, is not the best place to get your research from. Same applies, to mommy bloggers who base their “research” mainly on personal opinion rather than scientific evidence.

    Here are a few credible resources that I have found: and pubmed.

    Thank you for bringing attention to this important topic.

    Best wishes.

  27. Thanks for the great post! One thing – and hopefully this isn’t a silly question. 🙂 I use essential oils to make homemade bath salts. I add the essential oils undiluted right into the bath salts. Is this okay? It seems to mix well with the salts.

  28. What a great post! I have been doing a lot of my own research with how to safely use essential oils. I am really happy to see a company that encourages the consumer to do their own research and not to rely only on what any sales reps is telling them. I have learned so much by doing my own research. I think you are correct, there are MANY companies that sell 100% pure oils, not just one ore two.

  29. I, for one, am a faithful user of doterra essential oils, which are pure, steam-distilled, terrific oils. Each bottle lets you know whether it can be ingested, infused or topically applied (whether neat or diluted). I use a drop or two of lemon, lime or orange in my water. One drop of melaleuca taken on my tongue cured my esophageal thrush. I use melaleuca neat all the time for cuts, poison ivy, insect bites. They have a combination oil called Breathe which is wonderful to clear the stuffy sinuses. Do not condemn other companies until you have tried their products. One drop of their oils go a long way.

    1. Theresa, they weren’t ‘condemning’ other companies at all. You should do research on Doterra that isn’t biased. For instance, I’ve read that they use complete distills as opposed to the first (and highest quality) distill, at least for their peppermint oil. But their prices are very high compared to other companies. There are MANY (I’ve done a lot of research) companies that sell very high quality oils at reasonable rates. If a company is making claims of exclusivity and claiming they are the only ones with quality oils, I would be extremely skeptical. MLM usually have to resort to making such claims to justify their exorbitant prices and foster costumer loyalty.

      1. DoTERRA does do a great job in getting the word out about the many uses of essential oils. As a smaller company we are truly grateful for that. Like you said, it is important to do a lot of research on your own and not just always listen to those who sell the products. Thank you for your comment Sierra.

    2. Theresa, this post was not meant to condemn other companies, it was simply to get the word out on the importance of knowing the basics when using essential oils. There are a lot of companies that sell 100% pure, steam distilled essential oils, including doTERRA. But it is important to remember that not everybody will react the same way and there are precautions that need to be used when starting out. If you have any questions or would like to talk more about this, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you for your comment!

  30. Lisa, open this and read it all when you have time. It has some good info. I can’t say it’s all true, but it is interesting. Pam

    1. Pam is there something specific you had some questions about? Like i said everyone needs to do their own research. This is the information I have learned and it was looked over, and some corrected, by a Certified Aromatherapist who has A LOT of experience. She is unbiased, I don’t even know what company she purchases her oils from, and just wants to make sure everyone is safe when using essential oils.

  31. Sounds like what my company says about our oils! All come with warnings and instructions. It’s just like anything you’re going to put on or in your body…read up on it first.

    1. Maryann I have done a drop of lemon in a large glass of water when I am sick but it is not the safest way to do it. You would be better off mixing it with an edible carrier oil, olive oil or coconut oil, and drinking it that way. You could also put a drop in a capsule to take it internally.

        1. I think ingesting oils can be safe if done correctly and under the supervision of a medical doctor. I was under the supervision of a medical doctor but have since stopped doing it with water and I no longer ingest essential oils. I will hopefully be writing another post specific to ingesting essential oils. This is very confusing and I think it need to be talked about more. Thank you for your comment!

  32. It would have been much more professional looking without all the exclamation points, bolding, smiley faces, etc…You are a professional company?

    1. Thank you for your criticism Rebecca. This is a post I am extremely passionate about and that is how I can show how passionate I really am. This blog is geared toward teaching people about the uses of essential oils. It is backed by Plant Therapy but written by many different users. Thank you!

    2. I thought the enthusiasm truly showed character and engaged me. I felt the passion and it was nice to be reading from a REAL person, that I felt like I could relate to and understand…not a company trying to be “professional”. Maybe you should do a little research into what a BLOG truly is, Rebecca.

      1. Alyssa, thank you for your comment. I do however enjoy criticism. It is how we become better at what we do. Like you said I am very enthusiastic about this topic. I think it is very important for everyone to understand when using essential oils. No matter what company you purchase from.

  33. I got a calming blend of essentials oils for our three year old grandson and I got grapeseed oil to use as a carrier oil. I used ten drops of calming oil to one fifteen ml rollerball container full of grapeseed oil. I also made a diffuser spray for him. Does this seem prudent to you? It seems to be working. No adverse effects so far. We apply it to his back and soles of his feet.

    1. You could try only using 6-8 drops of essential oils in the 15 ml bottle. If it works at this dilution then GREAT!!! If it doesn’t then add more drops. If essential oils work at a higher dilution why not do it? It can save a lot of money. If you need to add more than you need to add more but always start with less.

  34. Excellent post. I have been using essential oils for therapeutic and aromatherapy purposes for over 20 years. Another thing that has amazed me and could be dangerous is the amount of essential oil that is being used. Essential oils should be used in drops, depending on the amount of carrier oils used and the percentage of dilution need for whatever particular purpose it is being used for. Keep up the good work!

  35. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say that enough! I started my journey with essential oils just this past January. At the time I got “sucked in” to believing that only the “other brands” sold by distributors were the best so I followed suit and joined in. Immediately upon receiving my packet of goodies, I had a very uneasy feeling and began researching essential oils on my own. That’s when I found Plant Therapy. I began researching websites and blogs written by aromatherapists. Your blog post above confirms all my findings from research. I’m so glad I found you all and a company I can fully trust. Also, have you ever done muscle testing? I muscle tested Plant Therapy oils along with one of those “other brands” and Plant Therapy was much stronger.

    I do have one question that I haven’t figured out. If the oils evaporate quickly, then why is it okay to add them to water to put into a diffuser? Wouldn’t they just evaporate quickly into the air? Oil and water don’t mix so I’m a little confused on that one. Can you explain?

    1. That is a good question. I have never thought of it like that. My understanding was that the small particles in the water, which I why you aren’t supposed to use distilled or purified water, will hang on to the essential oils which is how they are diffused. I will ask around and see what I can find out for sure though. Thank you for this question!!!!

      1. Just a side note… My understanding is that essential oils are not “true” oil. They’re the true liquid essence of the plant. This is why they evaporate so quickly. True oil (such as olive, coconut, almond etc…) does not evaporate. And this is also why when you put them on, your skin doesn’t stay oily. If an EO stays oily on your skin, or leaves an oil mark on paper, then it’s diluted in a carrier oil, & that carrier oil is what’s leaving the residue/oiliness.

        As far as the diffuser thing goes, it reminds me of a pool. Not sure if many people know this – but if you wet your body before getting into the pool, the water clings to the chlorine/chemicals in the pool & holds on to them instead of letting them soak in to your skin as much as it would, if you were dry. Possibly the same concept. It just clings to it. Makes sense to me 🙂

  36. Thanks for posting this. It answered some of my questions!

    This is just another reason why I love Plant Therapy over other essential oil providers out there. Any company that will tell you how to use their product in a way that will save money is a good one. A rep from another company recently encouraged me NOT to dilute to get a “better effect” from the oil I was asking about. Nope! I think I’ll stick with your advice. Thanks!

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