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Are You a Coffee Addict?

By: Retha Nesmith, Certified Aromatherapist

After two full days in meetings with Plant Therapy’s expert, I have learned something about our expert that I didn’t know before. One of our experts most favorite essential oils is Coffee!

Coffee! Coffee!

Essential Oil Coffee

I learned some things about Coffee essential oil that I didn’t know before. Did you know that Coffee is great for helping with hair growth? Coffee is one of the most powerful tools to fight hair loss. Add to your shampoo or hair mask to help stimulate hair growth.  Use your coffee grounds to help give you perkier less tired looking eyes with this DIY serum.

How else can you use Coffee essential oil?

Our expert recommends you diffuse it in the morning to give you a boost of energy. What’s a better way to start your day, than to wake up to the wonderful aroma of Coffee? It will also help deodorize any room! You can also add a couple drops to your shower or bath in the morning for that burst of energy. Not only will Coffee give you energy, deodorize a room, but it will also help lift your mood.

Do you like Lattes? How about mixing Coffee, Helichrysum and Vanilla for a wonderful and uplifting Latte Aroma. Who knew that you could have your favorite morning scent and be getting some amazing therapeutic properties all at the same time?

Essential Oil for Coffee Addict Latte Ingredients

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! How do you start your mornings?

Essential Oil Coffee Product


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