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Using Essential Oils for restless leg syndrome

Essential Oils for Restless Legs

By: Retha Nesmith, Certified Aromatherapist

Using Essential Oils for Restless Leg Syndrome


Essential Oils for Restless Legs

Here are my top 4 favorites:

1.  Add all ingredients together. Add 3 drops to a warm bath or apply topically to your legs 1-2 times a day.

2. Apply topically to your legs as often as needed.

3. Add all ingredients together and gently massage on your legs 1-2 times a day.

4. Magnesium Body Pudding




16 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Restless Legs”

  1. I’m looking for a restless leg blend? My friend is overweight ( she’s active on a daily basis) and her thighs hurt so bad that she uses heating pad, rocks her legs, bounces them etc. It keeps her awake at night. Any recommendation?

    1. Samantha, you can use one of the blends listed here on the blog, or try our blend Vein Aid. It provides warmth and circulation, making it perfect to provide some restless leg relief 🙂

  2. What can you use for this instead of peppermint? Interested in trying for my daughters growing pains but know peppermint isn’t kid safe.

  3. My sister has RLS so bad she has to be medicated for it. I have made a blend with most of these oils. She rubs it on her legs after she sits in a warm bath and then rubs it into her feet when she goes to bed. I think she would be lost without it now.

  4. Can you give a brief description of what each combo is expected to do (ie increase circulation, calm nerves, relax muscles, etc.) ?

  5. I was wondering about a treatment for leg cramps.  I have a friend who suffers a lot from them. LynneNinas

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  6. I see unscented cream listed in lots of recipes, but where do you find it? Does this just mean any unscented lotion?

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