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The Art of a Steam (Part 2)

By: Christina Smith, Certified AromatherapistThe Art of a Steam (Part 2) Plant Therapy Skin Care

Beautiful skin! It’s every girls dream! Here is a great tutorial that you can use at home to give yourself glowing skin!

This is a follow up to a prior post about steam blends. The last one dealt with health issues, if you missed it check it out here The Art of a Steam (Part 1).

Now let’s tackle those beauty treatments! Steam is so good for your skin. It opens the pores, allowing dirt and environmental contaminates out. This is why sitting in the sauna is so good for you! Add a few essential oils to your steams and boost the benefits!

Let’s review the steps for a steam:

1. Grab a medium glass bowl, bath towel and your chosen essential oils or stock bottle.

2. In a pot or kettle, bring water to just before the boiling point. If you reach the boiling point, remove from heat and allow to cool a few minutes before proceeding.

3. Place your bowl on a sturdy table or countertop. Pour your hot water into the bowl then drop 1-2 drops of essential oil into the water.

4. Keeping your eyes closed, move your head over the bowl and cover with a towel. Don’t open your eyes during the steam process, you don’t want the vapors in them!

5. Breathe quietly for a few minutes, it doesn’t take long. Since this steam isn’t used to open up breathing – you can just breath regularly.

Once you’re finished with your steam, simply pour out your water and use your towel to gently wipe off your skin. Your skin should feel smooth and refreshed. Follow up with a good moisturizer or serum. Don’t have a good serum? Check out this post {Facial Serum} for a few great ideas!

Here are a few fantastic recipes for skin care steams!

Dry or Sensitive Skin Blend (please blend into a 5 mL bottle, using 1-2 drops per steam)

Mature or Sun-Damaged Skin Blend (please blend into a 5ml bottle, using 1-2 drops per steam)

Acne-prone Skin Blend (please blend into a 5 mL bottle, using 1-2 drops per steam)

These steams can be used 1 – 2 times per week. Enjoy the time and relax! Pampering your skin now will lead to flawless skin before you know it! Please let us know how this works for you!


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