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Robert Tisserand & Plant Therapy

By: Christina Smith, Certified Aromatherapist

We are pleased to announce Robert Tisserand has agreed to consult for Plant Therapy-Official Announcement-

Robert Tisserand engaged by Plant Therapy as Essential Oil Consultant

Robert Tisserand has spent his life advancing aromatherapy and the understanding of essential oils, their benefits and safe use. This has included working with aromatherapy and essential oil product companies on many consulting projects over several decades.

When Plant Therapy approached him to help review and expand their essential oils product line, including work to formulate a child-safe line of essential oil products, he saw an opportunity to work with a company genuinely committed to better quality, safe, essential oils – and an opportunity to advance the work of aromatherapy in the world.

Plant Therapy and Robert Tisserand are delighted to announce a consultation agreement! During this time, Robert will be reviewing and auditing essential oil quality and working on new products lines. He will be attending some product launches and other Plant Therapy events too, so be sure to subscribe to the Plant Therapy newsletter for news on these events.

To learn more about Robert and his available writings, including the new edition of Essential Oil Safety, please see


9 thoughts on “Robert Tisserand & Plant Therapy”

  • After looking at the EWG approved list of fabric fresheners, I decided to pursue looking for recipes and quality essentials to make my own. First, I found a recipe on Tisserand’s Institute website. His explanation about using a specific strength of vodka made sense. After much research, I decided Plant Therapy offered quality eos and soon became a customer. At that time, I didn’t realize that Tisserand had referenced PT eo when I looked at the recipe. I am pleased to read that Robert Tisserand has agreed to consult with PT. Seeing this blog is older, I hope this consultation agreement is continuing.

  • Can you tell me what oils will exacerbate reflux? I know.peppermint will and have been told eucalyptus will also. Are there.others? I only use oils topically or for inhalation.

    1. I read through Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and his only warnings for exacerbating reflux were for internal use. In this book, he does not caution against any issues being caused by using oils topically or through inhalation that may cause issues with reflux. I hope this helps!

  • Thank you so much for producing affordable, high quality products that I am 100% confident in purchasing. I no longer have to rely on a high-priced MLM to ensure that my oil purchases are of the best quality! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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