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Room Fresheners

By: Christina Smith, Certified Aromatherapist

Space Refresher Ingredients

I can’t tell you how many people ask me about helping rooms smell better! Typical rooms are laundry rooms and bathrooms and boy rooms (hehe). You can try these Gel Air fresheners.  These handy and easy to make baking soda air fresheners are the answer!! Join me in making one:

What you’ll need:


What you’ll do:
  • Depending on how many you want to make, measure out your baking soda.
  • You’ll use 1/2 cup of baking soda per jar and 20-30 drops of oil per 1/2 cup.
  • Place baking soda and essential oils into a glass bowl and stir well to combine.
  • Scoop baking soda into your jar, place filter on top and screw on lid.

That’s it! Now go place that jar in where you need some refreshing! Shake every few days to renew scent. The baking soda works to pull odors from the air, while the essential oils release a fresh scent! In time, your baking soda can be refreshed with new essential oils. You can reuse this 2-3 times before discarding the baking soda.


33 thoughts on “Room Fresheners”

  • Thank you for this blog! Can I use pink hymalaian salt instead of baking soda? We can only buy little sachets with baking soda here!

    1. Hi Imra! You can use Himalayan sea salt as a DIY essential oil diffuser on its own. Just pour a little bit of salt into a small bowl, mix in 2-3 drops of oil and stir.

  • Made this today but used Cheese Cloth in place of the Coffee Filters. So far very pleased with how they turned out.

  • I used this recipe after leaving my car window cracked during a bad storm. My car was so gross and stunk so bad. I made this up in a short mason jar so that it had less chance of flipping over. It pulled out the smell and moisture. I swear by this and keep a jar in my car at all times for the scent now.

    1. I’m sorry for the trouble with smelling the scent Cheryl. You can add a few more drops if needed or try using a different essential oil or blend. I hope this helps!

  • Hey!

    It is a wonderful blog thanks for sharing it with us.
    I’m using one of the branded room air fresheners, but after reading this article I’ll try this beautiful DIY room fresheners. I love reading content on handmade diffusers & sprays, please update some blogs on the same.

    1. Sunita, thank you so much for your imput and positive comment. We are looking at some blogs currently to update and hopefully will begin that soon…

  • Has anyone tried this with activated charcoal instead of baking soda? I understand that it’s supposed to be great for absorbing odors (better than baking soda), and that you can sit it out in the sun to “recharge” as needed. Just curious!

  • I made this this morning and followed the instructions exactly. I have it in a small bathroom. I used Germ Fighter oil. Even after a full day, I can’t smell it at all. Wondering why it’s not working for me ?

  • Just had a thought… instead of discarding, add it into a bath as a water softener (and maybe with a handful of epsom salts too!)

    1. We’ve had people use it as a “soft scrub” to scour the tub or sink. However, I think using it in the bath may not be the best choice. Since it has absorbed odors, etc from the air!

  • we don’t use coffee filters…. what would be a reasonable substitute – perhaps a paper towel? cheesecloth (too porous?)

    1. Once the scent has gone, you can add more essential oils a few more (2-3) times and reuse the existing baking soda. After that I’d replace the baking soda.

  • Can these be used in a house with a 4 month old baby? I saw your post that you can’t use essential oils on children under a certain age but is it okay for it to be in the air?? Also, if I make my own laundry detergent and add the oils to the detergent, is it okay to use it to wash my sons clothes? Thanks!

    1. Shawna most aromatherapists don’t recommend using essential oils around children under the age of six months at all and very limited on children between the ages of six months to two years. My personal opinion is that it will be completely fine to wash his clothes with essential oils though since very little will actually be left on the clothes after the wash.

  • Is this a better option over diffusing for households with cats? Or is an EO air refresher still a no-no for cats?

  • why do you put the coffiee filter on top of the whole thing then screw it? I am lost on what the coffee filter does, please explain.

    1. The coffee filter allows for air flow, while containing the baking soda from spilling out if tipped.

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