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That new car smell…


This really isn’t post about capturing that smell, but it is nice to  have fresh smelling car! It makes the morning commute so much nicer. On long road trips, it’s nice to have a soothing scent to keep the kiddos in check. On the way home from work, it’s a great idea to have something soothing, but invigorating. There are so many great options for using aromatherapy in your vehicle. Here’s how I keep my car smelling fresh!


What you’ll need:

Good choices for in the car are uplifting, bright oils to keep you focused on the drive. Examples are any citrus oil, Spearmint, Rosemary, or Invigor Aid synergy. Always keep in mind who is in the car with you and choose your oils wisely if you have kids riding along! Click here to see our kid safe chart.

I would avoid the use of calming or sedating oils while operating a vehicle.

What you’ll do:
  1.  Cut your felt into a 4-5 inch circle, and make a hole near the top
  2. Run your thread or string through this hole and create a loop for it to hang from your rearview mirror
  3. Drop 3-4 drops of your desired oil or synergy onto your felt circle
  4. Hang this in your car & refresh as needed


I hope your car becomes a more pleasant place after you hang your car scent disk! I really enjoy mine & look forward to driving with a pleasant atmosphere! If you have questions, concerns or comments please email us at [email protected] and hop on over to our Facebook page – Safe Essential Oil Recipes.



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