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Feature Friday: Which Frankincense should I choose?

Last week there was a brief discussion on how to two types of Frankincense Essential Oil are different. If you missed it, check it out our Frankincense discussion. Today, we’ll look at the profiles of each type of Frankincense, and below you’ll find some ideas to put your frankincense to use.

So, which Frankincense should you choose?

Frankincense Carteri CO2 Information

Here’s a couple of ways you can incorporate Frankincense Essential Oil into your routines! Remember, our goal is to make the most of your essential oils collection! If you don’t have this awesome oil, you should  consider adding it to your arsenal!

  • Diffuse Frankincense during your yoga, meditation or prayer time each morning. This is a relaxing and amazing way to deepen your practice.
  • Add a few drops of Frankincense to your favorite facial cream/lotion. This is a wonderful way to reap the benefits without having to make your own!

We hope this helps distinguish one species from another. By properly identifying the essential oil you’re using, you can customize the way you use Frankincense to suit your needs.

It’s not important to have one of every kind of oil, but just understand that essential oils have many therapeutic properties, and as you learn more you can make your own blends!

You can try out our DIY Frankincense Serrata Yoga Mat Spray, or our recipe for DIY Frankincense Carteri Muscle and Joint Rub to get started!

Try our Frankincense Serrata or Carteri today!

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13 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Which Frankincense should I choose?”

  • hi! i usually order frank of yl in a red bottle and now i wanna know the equivalent frank of plant therapy to that. thank you!

  • Thank you for this blog! Frankincense is probably my favorite essential oil and am always happy to learn about different ways to use it. I also appreciate reading up on the differences between the various types of frankincense essential oil. I’ve tried both Carter and serrata and really enjoyed them both.

  • Thank you for this informative post. It helped me choose just the right version for my roller bottle projects.

  • I currently have testicular cancer .My Dr told me to look into Frankincense oil that I could drop under my tongue and put on my skin.To many to choose from I need some help.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. We don’t generally recommend using essential oils internally unless you’re under the care of an aromatherapist properly trained in that specific area. Please feel free to email us for a more in depth conversation. [email protected]

  • I’m a bit confused. I checked out the Frankincense discussion link above, and it seems that the uses for each are mixed up. On the other page, it says B carteri is good for cancer and is anti-microbial while B serrata is anti-inflammatory. However, this page has the uses reversed, so now I’m confused as to which is which. Is this page the correct info or the other? Thanks

  • I had a question. But I can see you don’t bother answering anyone. Why bother having a blog if you aren’t going to reply to any questions?

  • Which one do you recommend adding to face lotion? And what are the benefits of this? I must have missed this part of the discussion along the way. Thank you.

  • I have read that frank can be helpful with skin cancer but the studies I have seen have used boswella sacra how does it differ to the two that Plant therapy sells. I do not have cancer and I am not looking for information on how to use frank for this purpose just want to learn as much as I can.

  • I’m starting to pick up all kinds of OTC products and read the ingredient lists for fun. I found some pain salve that had Boswella Carteri extract. I was excited I knew it meant Frankincense. Thank you for being great teachers!

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