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Feature Friday: Orange Sweet Essential Oil

Orange Sweet essential oil is wonderful all year long. In the spring it reminds us of fresh new beginnings. In the summer, it is the quintessential sunshine scent. By fall, combined with Cinnamon and Clove Bud, it reminds us of the holidays. Finally in the winter, it can be a bright spot during cold evenings.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil Product Information

My all-time favorite way to use Orange Sweet is to combine it with Vanilla and use it in the bath. This smells JUST like a creamsicle and is the yummiest smelling bath! Try it and hope you feel emotionally uplifted and completely chill when you get out of the tub!

Now, instead of ME giving YOU lots recipe ideas this week, please comment below with YOUR favorite way to use Orange Sweet!! I am so excited to see all the ways you guys make use of Orange Sweet!!

Plant Therapy Orange Sweet Essential Oil

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16 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Orange Sweet Essential Oil”

    1. Not much difference in scent – although those with a “trained” nose can be more adept at picking out differences. Slight differences in therapeutic action, like all citruses – they are both uplifting and brightening.

    1. Use caution when putting essential oils in your food. Small amounts only & hot cocoa is a good choice, since the milk contains fat and will help the oils “mix in”

  1. I love mixing clove and sweet orange and dropping it onto my fabric flower earrings. It smells like Christmas cookies, when as a kid, poking whole cloves through the rind of an orange!

  2. I still buy laundry soap, but I buy no smells, then I add orange oils to te jug shake it up and it makes the laundry room and clothes smell perfect!!

  3. My favorite way to use it, is diffusing it with “heavier” EOs because it is both warm AND bright! The way I use it most is for my counter top cleaner……as the degreaser. I also use it to remove label residue and glue from jars.

  4. I use sweet orange for my son who has Cerebral Palsy. It really helps when he has muscle spasms. I diffuse it and it takes away my stress because he has spasms! Plus, it smell wonderful.

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