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Luscious Body Butter

Here is a fun little project that you can make for a stocking stuffer or to fill a relaxing gift basket for your favorite people! This butter is so moisturizing, a little goes a long way! Perfect in small containers for a teachers gift or gift for your neighbor! Join me in making this Luscious Body Butter:

Luscious Body Butter Holiday Gift Idea

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. Warm a pan of water on the stove
  2. Add butters and oils to medium glass bowl
  3. Place over simmering water and heat until melted
  4. Remove from heat and place in refrigerator for about 30 minutes until it begin to firm on the edges
  5. Whip with hand mixer until frothy
  6. Return to refrigerator for about 30 minutes, until solid
  7. Whip again, adding essential oils
  8. Scoop into container of your choice

Recipe ideas:

Stay tuned for another exciting project, tomorrow, as we continue our 25 Days of Christmas sales and DIY specials! Please contact us if you have any questions. [email protected]


40 thoughts on “Luscious Body Butter”

  • Can I use this on my face but with different oils? I am thinking of using Frankincense, lavander and geranium. If you have any essential oil suggestions for skin, for this recipe, I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Those are all great essential oils to use on your face! Whether or not you’d want to use the body butter on your face would depend on your skin type. Because Shea Butter and Mango Butter are heavier, it would work for dry skin. But if you’re looking for something lighter, you might try a carrier oil like Grapeseed or Jojoba.

      1. I have extremely dry skin, even after I do an oil cleanse. I have been using equal amounts of whipped sunflower and Shea butter and have considered making a new batch with 1/2 Shea butter and 1/2 Near Perfection Oil blend. Any thoughts?

        1. A blend of Shea butter and Near Perfection sounds like it would be great for dry skin! You could always try adding some essential oils like Lavender, Frankincense or Helichrysum.

  • I made this body butter this week. I used all shea butter instead of adding the mango butter. I didn’t have an electric mixer, so I used a wisk. This turned out so soft and buttery! I’ve been sharing this recipe with anyone interested. I’ll be making this again!

  • Thanks for this recipe! I will be using this to make myself a pregnancy belly butter! Thinking of adding Geranium, Lavender and Frankincense. Can’t wait! I’m sure I will love it and end up making it for baby shower gifts as well.

  • This sounds awesome! I will definitely try this. I have been having issues with my body butter turning out too hard and this looks like the fix for that!

    1. Paula, adding muscle aloe jelly would create an entirely different product, not just because of the essential oils, but also due to the Aloe. If this is something you’re interested in experimenting with, let us know how it turns out! 🙂

  • I did my body butter a bit different with half shea and half mango butter since I am not a fan of the overpowering smell of shea butter ( It ends up being 6 tbl each 😉 ). It was very fluffy at first and then after sitting overnight hardened up a bit, but not too much. I made it as a present, and I can’t wait to make some up for myself 🙂

  • This was my first DIY recipe I tried and it worked out nicely! I didn’t have shea so used all mango butter (refined) and the scent was very nice. It whipped perfectly but I did find it a little greasy for everyday use. Was absolutely perfect as a massage oil!

  • If I was to use copaiba in this body butter how many drops woul you suggest. Most likely would be a body butter used daily on sore muscles and hips of my grandma. I’d probably add lavender or something to make it smell pretty.

    1. You could use a 1% dilution for the Copaiba in this Body Butter (9 drops per oz of carrier + butter). If you would like to use Lavender and Copaiba together, you would just split those drops however works best for you.

  • This is my favorite recipe for body butter, can’t stand using any other type of lotion/cream since I started using this!

    1. That’s great 🙂 We are glad that you are enjoying it. You deserve a little pampering and this wonderful Body Butter should provide..

    1. Hi Kaarina,

      This particular recipe uses Refined Shea Butter and makes 8 ounces of body butter. I hope this helps!

  • It is mentioned that cocoa butter is used instead of shea. I do not have mango. Assuming that cocoa can be used instead of mango?

    1. Mango is quite a bit softer so I would recommend using a bit less cocoa or the body butter will be harder.

  • I’m just wondering where you got the number 72 drops. Is that 1.5% dilution? If I’m using Silky Soft, the bottle recommends 3% dilution. Do you think that’s too much?

    1. Not an expert, but I believe using the lower % dilution makes it safer for daily use/all over the body, where as the %dilution labeled on the bottle is a max dilution for spot treatment/irregular use. But that’s just me thinking out loud.

      1. That’s a great way to put it, Ariel! Really, you want to use the lowest amount possible to avoid sensitization of the oil and just so you’re not wasting it. Depending on the person and concern though, you may benefit more from a 5% dilution than a 1%. Our maximum recommendation is what we highly recommend not to go over, as it may cause safety concerns. For anyone interested, we have this blog that goes over dilution:

  • I haven’t started making lotions, body butters, lotion bars yet and this looks like a recipe I could handle. I live in S. Florida and the temps in our house can get up to the upper 70’s. Would I need keep this in the fridge at all times or if I kept a small amount outside of the fridge do you think it would stay the same consistency or would I need to alter the recipe a bit for the warmer temperature.

    1. this just means I used 2 oils, to TOTAL 1/4 cup. Some people enjoy using various carriers in their products. You need 1/4 c total carrier oils (you choose the ones you’d like to use)

  • When I make this is there a particular oil that is better for eczema (I know avocado oil is good, but it there something better?) and in light of the eczema, other than calendula, any suggestions for infusing the oil? Thank you!

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