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Packaging ideas Part 1

One of my favorite things to do is to make a pretty package for the holidays. This year I thought I would put my thinking cap on and come up with ways to use things I already have on hand! I have a toddler and watch my toddler nephew during the week – we generate A LOT of scribbled artwork! I hate throwing it away, but haven’t come up with a solution for what to do with it. Then one day a light bulb went off. Shred that paper, keep in in a garbage bag and use it as filler for my shabby chic Christmas theme (I love themes!). I took it one step further by adding a few cotton balls soaked in essential oils – wait for it- to SCENT the paper! Eeek! My gift bags are going to be gorgeous AND smell awesome.

If you don’t like to use shredded paper in your gift bags, I got to thinking about toppers. You know, those little things you add with the ribbons and bows as an extra. They make the package so pretty and are just fun to have attached on top! I have seen an abundance of fun clay pendants and immediately knew I could use them as packaging embellishments. PLUS, you can add a drop or two of essential oil to the clay and make your package smell as beautiful as it looks. Let me show you how you can make both of these packaging ideas:


What you’ll need:

for the scented paper

  • any paper, shredded
  • several cotton balls or tissues
  • a gallon zip top bag or plastic garbage bag
  • essential oils of your choice (I chose holidays scents)


for the gift toppers

  • air dry clay
  • cookie cutters, a rolling pin, glitter – perhaps
  • a bamboo skewer or toothpick
  • twine, ribbon or string
  • essential oils of your choice (I chose holidays scents)
What you’ll do:

 for the scented paper

  1. Shred your paper with your paper shredder, or by hand if you don’t have one. Ps. toddlers love tearing stuff up!!
  2. Add shredded paper to garbage bag
  3. Drop 10-15 drops of essential oil onto each of several cotton ball. I used a tissue with 10 drops total.
  4. Place in the garbage bag.
  5. Allow to sit for about a week
  6. Use to fill your gift bags and baskets!


For the gift toppers

  1.  Roll out your clay, cut out with cookie cutters
  2. Add a sprinkle of glitter, if desired
  3. Use skewer or toothpick to form a hole near the top. Don’t get too close to the edge!
  4. Allow to dry, as directed on package
  5. Tie a ribbon or string through the hole
  6. When you’re ready to wrap, add your topper to your package and drop 2-3 drops of your chosen oil on the clay!


I hope you enjoy wrapping your gifts as much as I do! Each year I pick a theme. Last year was elegant victorian theme. This year – I went with up-cycled, shabby chic! Do you do themes for your holiday celebration? Share with me some of your packaging ideas!! [email protected]

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