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Welcoming Diffuser Blends

I am always looking for fun, new diffuser blends when I am having company. I hope some of these will set the “winter” mood in your home! Remember – you can run your diffuser for 60 minutes, then shut it off for 60 minutes. Even better, if your diffuser has interval settings – go ahead and set it for 15 seconds on/15 seconds off and allow it to run for longer periods of time! Diffusers are truly one of my favorite aromatherapy tools & the whole family can benefit! When choosing a diffuser blend, be sure that it’s right for all members of your family (even the little ones and pets!)

Plant Therapy Diffuser Blends


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Diffuser Blends”

    1. We actually have a great synergy that is kidsafe called, “Immune Boom” that parents find helpful! It was formulated just for this reason..Some other good single oils that you might like that are supportive to the Immune system; Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Tea Tree and Patchouli. Any of these can be diffused to help during seasonal threats…Thanks!

    1. I apologize, was there a question from you that I missed? We really do try to respond to each question. A couple of other great resources to pose questions are on the facebook group Safe Essential Oil Recipes or you can always email us at [email protected]. Thanks and have a wonderful evening.

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