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Spectacular Shower Disks

I have seen a lot of these shower disks. Many times you add the scent prior to packaging them up. I wanted to easily be able to customize scents or purposes when I wanted. So I left out the essential oils in the beginning and only dropped it on the disk when I was ready to use it! Now, when someone isn’t feeling well we can use essential oils geared toward that! Need a bit of energy or a good realizing shower before bed? Again – easy to customize and these make great gifts with your own essential oil blends in small containers like these 2 mL sample bottles. Ok, let’s make this fun project…


What you’ll need:

  • 1 1/3 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup water
  • you won’t add essential oils until you’re ready to use them, after baking

What you’ll do:

  1. Mix baking soda and water to form a thick paste
  2. Press into silicon mold of your choice
  3. Bake at 200 degree for 30 minutes
  4. Shut off oven, allow to cool
  5. Then move to counter and allow mold to sit overnight
  6. Un-mold after 24 hours
  7. Store in airtight container


To use, place on the back of the shower floor, not directly under water spray but close enough that some water hits it. Note that these are PLAIN and you can customize them by adding 5-8 drops of the essential oil of your choice (Energy for the morning, Sniffle Stopper for a younger child with a cold, etc) They are pretty and functional!


35 thoughts on “Spectacular Shower Disks”

  • Is it possible to paint these with something (not sure what) so they would be pretty for gift giving? I’m using heart-shaped silicone molds.

    1. We’ve never tried painting them, so there’s not a specific recommendation we can offer. Some people use mica to add color to bath bombs, but without Polysorbate 80, the color can stick to the tub. You might try soap coloring either in the mixture or diluted as paints? If you find something that works, be sure to let us know!

  • Going to try these this week. I tried the one in the kid safe recipes and it was a flop! I thought flour was an odd ingredient, but ‍♀️ Here’s hoping this one works!

  • I just made these this week. Awesome recipe. I had the baking soda on hand. Only one ingredient is my kind of recipe! They worked great. My favorite essential oiloin them is lemon eucalyptus.

  • Awesome! We do not take baths, but just do showers, so this will be perfect. Then we can have the benefits of essential oils if needed 🙂

  • I needed a simple and quick recipe! I try to do my DIY when kids are napping so i dont have much time. i will be making these tomorrow! Thank you PT for this awesome recipe

  • I just made these for the first time this week. They are great! So easy. The mistake I made is that it was too close to the stream and it didn’t last but 3 minutes. I will move it further away next time. I love that I can use a different scent every time

  • I made some “mini” ones for a Coworker who has struggled with getting over illness after illness for months. I made 3 different scents: immune boom with sd lemon, germ destroyer, and rosemary with clove. I know the recipe says to add eo right before use, but didn’t have any extra tubes/bottles for her. She said they were wonderful! Even after 2 weeks they still smelled quite nicely.

    1. Tonya, how many you make depends on the mold you choose to use. Their size is really up to you! You can use anything from cupcake liners to nice silicone molds. When you make this recipe you’ll be able to see how much you substance you have to work with and can decide how big or small you’d like to make your disks 🙂

  • These are the BEST shower discs. I made a huge batch of them several months ago and put them in an air tight container. I’m still using them. I love how I can add the oils right before my shower to customize each time.

  • I have made these so many times, exactly as the recipe states. They work very well and I love being able to easily customize them for each shower.

  • I wanted to make some to give as gifts. Can I add the essential oils before storing them so they’re ready to give to people? Otherwise, I have to give away bottles of essential oils as well, and that could get expensive!

    1. Hi Mary,
      You can add the essential oils before giving them as gifts. Just keep in mind that essential oils tend to evaporate so it would be best to add the oil only a day or two before you gift them.

  • I’d like to make them as Christmas gifts…can I add oils after the bake and then wrap in plastic wrap to store in a glass jar? I’d like to put a few aromas in one gift so I need work to keep them separate. Will plastic wrap be ok?

    1. Hi Kim! It’s best to add the oils before baking. You can separate the mixture into smaller balls and add the oil(s) of choice. Then press into the molds. IF you use plastic wrap, you will still to store them in an airtight container.

    1. Absolutely, you should just be able to flip it over and tap them out of the muffin pan.

    1. They may get too “brown” on top – but you can try. I am sorry I can’t be more helpful. The point is to just dry them out – not “cook” them. Make sense?

  • OH NO! I left them in the oven…(Made them early this a.m.)which was ok…but forgot they where in there and asked my son to preheat the oven for me to 375 and when I went to put some rolls in there I found my shower disks…Ugh..will they survive this?

    1. Yes, you add the essential oil when you go to use them. So you store them “plain” 🙂
      This way you can customize the scent to the situation you need them for in the moment!

  • Had been looking for a nice shower disc “recipe,” so thank you!

    But this sale seems to be incorrect. It is the same one from a few days ago. Thank you for posting the sales each day- I have taken advantage of a couple already. 🙂

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