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So now you have an essential oil collection…

If you took part in our 25 Days of Christmas sale – you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of essential oils. Now the problem is – what in the world to do with all of them? Aside from storing them properly, as we discussed in Proper Essential Oil Storage, you want to have them neat and organized. Here’s a few quick points from that blog post:

  • Keep bottles tightly capped, with original reducer & cap in place.
  • Store bottles in a cool, dark place (ideally refrigerator) to prolong shelf life
  • Keep all bottles standing up right
If you have questions about the shelf life of each oil. I encourage you to check out a few other posts:
  1. Essential Oil Shelf Life – with chart
  2. Lemon on the Rocks – By Robert Tisserand

One benefit to buying from Plant Therapy – the awesome labels on the top of each bottle! This way, if you store them in a box-type container, you can see what you’re looking for without taking out each bottle! Want a helpful hint? If you have oils from other companies, you can use a 1/2″ round hold punch and the blank space on the sticker receipt from Plant Therapy to punch your OWN lid labels!

My personal favorite storage item is this carrying case. It’s sleek, easy to zip closed and stores in a minimal amount of space. However, it’s totally up to you how to want to store your essential oils. Grouped by therapeutic property? Alphabetically? By Color? The possibilities are endless, what matters is they are stored properly, safely, and in a manner in which you will know where they are when you need them!

How do you store your essential oils? Share your photos and give others inspiration to organize their essential oils! Doe have other questions? Email our Aromatherapists at [email protected], or join our Facebook group: Safe Essential Oil Recipes!

7 thoughts on “So now you have an essential oil collection…”

  1. I’m a new customer…a gift from my wonderful daughter-in-law. Just starting with a few oils…love, love them and want more. Also just subscribed to the EO blog. I have a question but not sure where to post. Would like to know more about the monthly sales/coupons, etc. Sorry I just missed the January offer. It sounded great. What is the best way to buy products?


  2. For the oils I use topically, I make up a roller bottle with the proper dilution ratio (fractionated coconut oil) and keep it in my small storage case so it is even that much easier to use. My 10 year old now thinks he ‘needs’ his own roller bottle of a few of his favorites! I won’t let him have his own just yet, but I do feel safe allowing him to use the ones I tell him he can use. It keeps our morning routine flowing more smoothly so I am not waiting on him when I am ready to apply the oils.

  3. actually, I just realized I bought the 64 case. This one is 32. I would prefer the bands to go in the direction like the 32.


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  4. i was not able to leave a comment although I am subscribed. I actually bought the case you referenced. However, the elastic bands are in a different direction than pictured. I would prefer as pictured in your link.


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