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Blending 101 (part 1)

Plant Therapy the Basics of Blending

Want to know what people ask me about the most? It’s how to create stock blends. Everyone wants to do it, but not everyone feels confident enough to start. As with anything, baby steps are important. Once you create your first blend, all on your own, you’ll wonder why you thought it was so hard!

When I first started making my own blends, I approached it like I do cooking/baking – with a basic framework of what I wanted to end up with but I let instinct and creativity reign.

Here are a few basic steps:
  1. Decide what the purpose of your blend will be. {Is it for pain? if so, is it chronic pain or just a one time thing? Is it for mood? Or focus? You get the idea!}
  2. Once you have a purpose, decide on essential oils. {For pain, you may want an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic to soothe or numb the pain. For mood you may want a grounding oil or an uplifting one}
  3. Grab a pencil and paper, your oils, a dilution chart {found below} and a small bottle in which to blend.
  4. Create a grid on your paper with a space for each oil {see photo}
  5. As you add one drop of each to the bottle, make a small mark
  6. Continue in this manner until your confident that your blend meets your stated purpose OR it smells like you’d want it to.
  7. Cap and allow to muddle together a bit. Sometimes the scent gets better {rarely, worse} with time.
  8. Use the blends for your stated  purpose. Does it accomplish what you intended?
  9. If you have to tweak it, keep good notes! Now you can replicate your blend in the future.
  10. Remember, there are NO hard and fast rules with one exception – please follow stated dilution guidelines if you are applying your blend topically. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

Basics of Blending Proper Dilution


Basics of Blending Dilution Chart


Helpful to blending are these profiles, published & printable: Feature Fridays and Explore your Essential Oils!


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