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Hydrosol Profiles: Lavender

Plant Therapy Lavender Hydrosol Spotlight

Everyone has enjoyed the profiles we have been doing on essential oils. I figured it was time to learn more about our hydrosols. Every few weeks we will feature a different hydrosol, show you more about that specific one, and then give a few ways you can consider using it in your home or with your family or pets.

First up, Lavender.

Plant Therapy Lavender Hydrosol Spotlight Information

Lavender hydrosol is great for any skin type and is soft & gentle on the skin. You might expect this hydrosol to smell strongly of lavender. Don’t be fooled when you open it and it doesn’t. The scent is lighter and earthier than lavender essential oil you might be used to. Take a look at this profile and then check out the ideas for use below the graphic! This is printable {click the one at the bottom to print}, so go ahead and start a new notebook or folder of hydrosols for your reference collection!


Suggestions for use:

  1.  When dusting furniture, spray your dust rag (lightly) with Lavender hydrosol and wipe surfaces. You’ll leave a wonderful scent behind and find the chore a bit less mundane.
  2. Freshen your pets’ coat by spritzing with a 50/50 dilution of Lavender hydrosol with distilled water as you groom. Not only will this reduce static & unease with grooming, but also leave your pets fur refreshed.
  3. Mist bed linens, freshly laundered clothes or pet beds with Lavender hydrosol, for a calm relaxing environment in every area of your home.

If you have questions, comments or other concerns please contact our aromatherapists at [email protected]. Also, please join us on Facebook in our Safe Essential Oil Recipe Group.


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