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Is There Anything Essential Oils Can’t Do?

Essential oils are so amazing, and in recent years have caused quite the trend in natural personal care. Empowering families and allowing some to avoid visits to the doctor, take care of minor injuries and calm or uplift spirits. We think it’s safe to assume that essential oils are amazing tools however, there are some things it cannot cure. At Plant Therapy, we strive for transparency and the education of our customers. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few things that essential oils do not do.

Diseases or Severe Illnesses

First, essential oils do not cure diseases. Instead, essential oils help support functions, like immune response, that allow the body to do its job more efficiently. This is why we recommend you do not use essential oils daily, as a preventative, but rather when needed for illnesses. We don’t use antibiotics before we become ill, so why use essential oils in the same way? For injuries, this means helping increase blood flow or reducing swelling, allowing the body to do the work of healing. Essential oils do not “heal” the injury. In the case of an injury, it’s best to use essential oils for the shortest time possible, then either rotate it with something else or discontinue use.


Essential oils do not replace medication. It’s important to remember that we have come so far in the medical world. Physicians attend years of schooling in order to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat illnesses and other concerns. For emotional support or to help manage minor pain — essential oils can be an amazing tool. There is a time and place for modern medicine, so we don’t recommend replacing your prescription medication without first consulting with your family doctor.

Line up of Plant Therapy's KidSafe essential oils and KidSafe products

KidSafe Oils and Other Recommendations

There is a time and place for essential oil use. Essential oils shouldn’t be your go-to for every situation. Essential oils aren’t for everyone or all situations. We don’t recommend using essential oils in or near the eyes for pink eye. Also, we don’t recommend using essential oils in or around the genital area. We don’t recommend some essential oils for use on children (especially those under 2 years old). For a list of KidSafe essential oils and blends, check out our chart. Also, please remember there are oils to avoid if you take certain medications or have certain health concerns, like diabetes or a blood clotting disorder.

Essential Oil Shelf Life

Unfortunately, essential oils don’t last forever. Essential oils do have a shelf life, which is important for customers to be aware of when utilizing essential oils. Although they don’t expire like food, once they oxidize, they can cause irritation to the skin or mucus membranes. For a refresher, check out our Shelf Life Chart.

Our Goal

The purpose of this post isn’t to scare you off of ever trying or using essential oils. Rather, it’s to set reasonable expectations of what you can expect if you do choose to use them. Our main priority at Plant Therapy is to provide knowledge and education when it comes to leading a natural way of living. Using tools, like essential oils, herbs, supplements, and even prescription medications can give us a better quality of life.

For any questions you may have regarding this or other information you see on this blog, please contact one of our Certified Aromatherapists by email at [email protected]


18 thoughts on “Is There Anything Essential Oils Can’t Do?”

  • Thanks for the explanation.
    I’ve a query though…… one of my friend, using MLM oil is suggesting that it is ok to put a drop of tea tree oil on the ‘underwear’ . Is this a safe way?

    1. Putting undiluted essential oils that close to the skin has the potential to be a skin irritant. Given that it’s such a sensitive area, we would not recommend this practice.

  • Thanks for being straight up about this information. I think anyone who say something(s) will cure everything is doing everyone a disservice, and actually giving the product a bad reputation when people don’t get the results expected. One of the reasons I like PT is y’all are willing to say “go see a doctor when needed, or taking medications that you need are fine.” Thanks!

  • 3.Essential oils should NOT be your go-to for every situation. Really, why not? They are my go to for almost EVERY situation. If they do not work or the situation calls for something else, then I find an alternative. Really, EO are the first place I start! Have had phenomenal results using them everyday! I also diffuse in my office for a few hours everyday. I also diffuse at home. Never had a problem.

    1. There is a whole wonderful world of herbs, real food and other ways to assist your body in proper function. Essential oils ARE amazing – but they certainly aren’t the answer for every single problem we may encounter. This wasn’t meant to dissuade anyone from using them, but rather to put into proper perspective the place they may have and the times it may be wise to seek another option.

  • What a great post – thank you for this info! It does bring me to two questions: 1. When you say not to use them daily, do you mean both topically and aromatically? I diffuse for myself and my kids every day. 2. Along the same line, I use the anti-cellulite synergy and it recommends to use it 2 to 3 times daily. Is that ok?

    1. We mean don’t diffuse all day, everyday. Diffusing for 30-60 minutes once a day is plenty! 😉 Additionally, when using a particular essential oil (or blend) daily, it’s best to keep the dilution as LOW as possible!

  • One question. Should I not use the Germ Fighter everyday, then? I am still unlearning what I learned using the MLM brand oils and they said to use them twice daily, at least.

  • I enjoyed your honest post today. I am fairly new to the world of oils and also believe in using them while I use my prescribed medicine. I find that some believe that drs should be avoided. I have enjoyed my home made deodorant with essential oils!

  • It is just this very reasonable and rational approach to Essential Oils that keeps bringing me back to Plant Therapy. I get weary of “we’ve got an oil for that!” mentality, no matter what the situation or problem is. While so many times, there really IS an oil for that, it is so important to use them with care, with attention, and with a reasonable outlook. Thank you!

  • Reblogged this on Holistic Essentials and commented:
    Plany Therapy is where we buy all our oils from. We love what they represent, the quality of oils, customer servie, free shipping, and more.
    I have to say my dream would be to work as an aromatherapaist for them.
    I love making all natural essential oil products. I love even more educating people on essential oils and uses, but sometimes there is no need to write a post when someone else has already done it and done it well. What’s the saying… If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. This post by Christina Smith, is not broken! Check it out.

  • Great post, I agree! Does this also apply to diffusing on a daily basis, or mainly topical use? We only use oils topically for a specific reason and a short duration. But I diffuse daily, sometimes three times a day for an hour each time (morning, afternoon, and bedtime).

    Thanks so much for all the effort you put into properly educating your customers!

  • Christina, this is an excellent post. Thank you! I love when a company wants what is right for their customer not just the companies wallet. You guys are great!

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