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Rose Hydrosol Spotlight

Hydrosol Profiles: Rose

To continue with our monthly feature of a new hydrosol, here is Rose!

This lovely hydrosol is fantastic for the skin and wonderful for the mood! Get to know Rose a bit more:

Plant Therapy Rose Hydrosol Spotlight

Need some other ideas for your Rose Hydrosol? Check out these creative uses:

  • Generously mist your guest linens prior to visitors arriving. This creates a welcoming scent in the guest room & makes your guests feel extra special!
  • Use 1/4 cup Rose Hydrosol in about a cup of steaming hot water, place in a bowl and steam your face for a relaxing facial!

Go grab your Rose Hydrosol and get started benefiting from all it’s amazing properties! If you have any questions regarding these or any other recipes you find on our blog, please be in touch by emailing us at [email protected] We look forward to helping you in any way that we can.


15 thoughts on “Hydrosol Profiles: Rose”

  • Ever since I found this Rose Hydrosol, I haven’t needed any other products on my long, kinky curly hair. I also love, love, love how it dentangles my hair to where it doesn’t hurt to brush it after showering. Now, my mousse and “curl kinker” cream is just sitting under my bathroom cabinet just collecting dust. I am bummed there is now a wait list on this Hydrosol. Any ideas when it will be restocked?

  • The scent of Rose Hydrosol last a very long time. I’m using it with frankincense oil over my body and face. It makes me feel so happy during the day. I actually just bought another bottle!

  • I have been loving just misting myself down with rose hydrosol in the summer. I keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and cool and then mist-mist-mist. Cooling and smells wonderful.

  • Is this the same as, or interchangeable with, what is known as “rosewater”? I have a recipe for a facial toning mist that uses rosewater that I’ve been wanting to try. I can find it for sale elsewhere, but if this is the same thing I’d rather buy from PT because I know I’ll be getting a quality product! Also, regarding refrigeration: Are there any natural preservative ingredients that could be added to a homemade product using this (or any other hydrosols) that would eliminate the need to keep it refrigerated? Thanks!

  • Christina, I infused fresh Rosemary from my garden in olive oil and let it rest for four weeks. It had mold on it! I was so shocked, could not believe this solution would mold. Have you ever experienced this? Thanks, Gail

    1. Yes, when you want to infuse herbs into oil – they should be dried first. Any introduction of water will cause an issue with mold.

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