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Ambient Diffusion

Ambient Diffusion

Plant Therapy Ambient Diffusion
We often talk about diffusers and how to use them. However, what if you don’t have one? Ambient diffusion is your answer – this simply means allowing the essential oils to scent the air without any mechanical means or through the use of heat.

Remember those bags of potpourri that line the shelves of craft stores in the fall & winter? That is an excellent example of passive or ambient diffusion. There are a few other ways you can accomplish this outlined below.

Aromastones can be handmade by you using a porous clay and simply rolling to into small shapes. You can decorate them if you wish, but don’t use paint of any kind – this won’t allow the essential oil to absorb. Clay decorations are another fun way to passively diffuse essential oils. These shapes can be round or even cut outs. Think fun cookie cutters! Get your kids involved, this is one where they can express their creativity too.

Dried fruit, pinecones and other items from nature. Go on a scavenger hunt with your kids and gather up small twigs, pinecones, leaves and other fun organic items. Bring them in (be sure to check them for hitchhiking bug, then shoo those outside) and place them in a pretty bowl. Now, add a sprinkle of your favorite scent and leave it sit on your hall table or bathroom vanity!

As always, we want to hear from you! Contact us by emailing [email protected] for any questions, concerns or comments you may have. You can join our Facebook group Safe Essential Oil Recipes and participate in lively conversation with other essential oils users. We have your safety in mind – so come hang out with us to learn even more! We look forward to seeing you there!


10 thoughts on “Ambient Diffusion”

  • Did anyone try ambient diffusing using water beads? any tips in doing this?
    My child had a lot of water beads and I though I make good use of it instead of throwing it out.

  • Unfortunately, I have a negative reaction to ordinary diffusers. It took some research and experimenting to confirm that VOCs (volatile organic compounds) diffused the “ordinary way” give me violent headaches. It’s not an unusual thing but I had never heard of it. It is quite bizarre because I can sniff the oils straight from the bottles and apply them with carriers directly on my body, but being in the room with a diffuser gives me horrible headaches. I still use my oils daily, but perhaps someone else has diffusing limitations out there too.

    1. I believe that at a certain point that is true. However I typically use ambient diffusion when my main purpose is the scent.

        1. I don’t know of any way to actually make clay, as it’s typically naturally occurring, but you can purchase it from any craft store. 🙂

  • i use a paper mache’ figure in my DD’s room. for myself, i have clay medallions i made and put on a cord- i can wear them or hang them nearby 🙂

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