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Earth Day DIY’s


Happy Earth Day – To celebrate we wanted to bring you something fun, fresh, and a bit outside the box (pun intended)! I am a big fan of reusable options for lunches, leftovers and food prep in general. Several years ago, I ditched plastic sandwich bags in favor of some zippered, reusable pouches. They were so cute! The downside is kids – they LOSE everything. So I started to think about what else I could use and recalled seeing beeswax-coated-fabric as an option.

I love that we offer beeswax in a handy pellet form. So simple to use & you can choose from organic or traditional. Beeswax is an amazing thing. It’s melting point is 144 – 147 degrees, so you don’t need super high heat to complete this project. That’s a good thing since it can change color or get stinky if it gets too hot! Our Beeswax Pearls have a lovely scent that just reminds you of being outside in the summer. I like that it’s food safe, too – so I have no qualms about using it in my beauty products as well. For now, though, let’s check out how to make some really cool Beeswax wraps & covers.

Beeswax wraps & Covers

What you’ll need:

  • Muslin, or other lightweight cotton fabric
  • Beeswax Pearls
  • Aluminum foil (or shallow foil pan)
  • Old paint brush (optional)
  • Oven pre-heated to 200 degrees

What you’ll do:

  1. Cut muslin to the desired size (make sure it fits on your pan in a single layer)
  2. Cover baking sheet with foil (shiny side up) or use disposable foil pan
  3. Lay muslin onto foil
  4. Place a few pellets (I used approximately 30-40 pellets) of beeswax on fabric
  5. Place in oven to melt, about 4-5  minutes
  6. Remove from oven and hold up to a window (or other light source). Do you see “un-waxed spots? If so, add more pellets and repeat steps 4 and 5. Continue repeating until all fabric is covered by melted wax. It took 3 cycles of this for my fabric to be covered.
  7. {OPTIONAL} Once beeswax has melted, brush into fabric making sure it’s all covered OR remove from oven, flip over and place back in the oven for a minute.
  8. Remove from oven and hold up by the end for approximately a minute, too cool & harden.
  9. You’re ready to use your new beeswax covered fabric

To use: the warmth of your hands is all it takes to gently mold this around bowls, pans, and other dishes. To wash, please use COOL/COLD water to gently dislodge any food. Don’t  use for soupy or really “wet” foods, best used to cover salads, leftover fruit, etc. You can even use this new fabric you’ve created to sew your own pouch for sandwiches or other snacks. After cleansing, allow to air dry.

Beeswax pellets placed onto muslin ready for melting in the oven
Beeswax pellets placed onto muslin ready for melting in the oven
Beeswax melting into muslin while in the oven

In case you wondered, our beeswax began to melt into the fabric about 1 minute 30 seconds after placing it in the oven and finished melting in less than 5 minutes.  My 4-year-old had a lot of fun helping me with this project and was fascinated by the pellets melting in the oven.  She also enjoyed placing the pellets on the fabric for melting. Later, she was awe-struck when I molded it with just my hands “like magic, mama” and it kept its shape!

I certainly hope you enjoy this fun, new project. What other “outside the box” things do you use some of your aromatherapy supplies for? We’d love to hear your story! Share with us here, via email at [email protected] OR on our really fun (and amazing) Facebook Group. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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