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DIY Lotion Spray

By: Kimberly Daun, Certified Aromatherapist


I initially wanted to make this for day trips to the beach since the salt water dries my skin out so much.  However, after using it twice it’s now my go-to lotion for all over my body!  It isn’t greasy yet it’s very hydrating and simple to apply.  Spray, swipe your hand across it, done!  I do prefer to store mine in the fridge because I like how refreshing it feels going on my skin cool.

DIY Lotion Spray

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. Measure and add all ingredients to spray bottle.
  2. Shake and spray (shake well before each use to avoid the need for an emulsifier).


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15 thoughts on “DIY Lotion Spray”

  • Dear kim, may i know why you using optiphen plus 1/2 tbsp ? The dosage 0.75-1% from what? Thank youl

    1. Hi Liza, it looks like there was a bit of a mixup. Based on a 4-ounce recipe, only 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Optiphen would be necessary.

  • I bet this would be good to make with anti-itch benefits. I would use different essential oils and try to incorporate aloe vera into it somehow.

  • I have been using the helichrysum hydrosol in a toner spray for my face and would love to try this lotion spray. Thanks for the tip.

  • I love thast I came across this recipe. I have a spray lotion that I purchased and would love to make my own. Can I use polysorbate instead of optiphen?

    1. Ellen, we use Optiphen in this recipe because it calls for a hydrosol, which is water-based. Polysorbate, on the other hand, is actually an emulsifier and will unfortunately not work the same way as a preservative.

  • Аmazing! This blog looks exacly ⅼike my olɗ one!

    It’s on a completely different topic but іt has pretty much the same layoսt and design. Outstanding choie of colors!

  • This sounds lovely. I am looking into ordering Optiphen Plus, but am wondering if/what the shelf life of this preservative is. I have seen 2oz bottles and 4oz bottles. Will order a larger one, if it will be good for a while. Can someone tell me if there is an expiration date or use by date stamped on the bottle ? thanks so much.

    1. My bottle said that it lasts “24 months when properly stored in tightly closed cool, dry environment & protected from direct sunlight”.

  • lavender hydrosol is sold out… can I replace with lavender EO and distilled water? or something else? thanks

      1. thanks! so excited to use this! my skin is so dry and I’m always looking for something good and portable

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