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Essential Oil Safety with Children

At Plant Therapy, we are committed to making sure that you have the ability to choose essential oils that are safe to use with your children. First, let’s explore WHY certain oils aren’t recommended for use on or near young ones.

There are a few constituents, listed below, that you’ll want to avoid or limit using on children under the age 10.

A child’s skin is thinner than an adult’s – thus the essential oils may absorb more quickly. There also may be concerns about redness, irritation, or other skin issues with certain essential oils. When it comes to diffusing oils  or using personal inhalers, many children do not like strong scents, and keep in mind that some essential oils may cause breathing concerns.  Listed below are additional reasons you’d want to avoid some essential oils with your kids:

  1. Menthol. High menthol content in an essential oil, as found in  Peppermint, can slow breathing in very young children.
  2. 1,8-Cineole. In excess of 40%, this is another constituent that can slow breathing in young children as previously mentioned. Found in Eucalyptus.
  3. Methyl salicylate. Some people have sensitivity to this aspirin-like compound and it’s believed this link may cause issues for kids who have symptoms of ADHD. Also , use of wintergreen oil  should be avoided  in children because of the possibility of contracting Reye’s Syndrome.

Because of these reasons, we like to offer our customers the KidSafe® choice. You can see this at a glance with our KidSafe® stamp on each bottle of essential oil that we deem to be safe for use with children. When you see the KidSafe® stamp on the bottle label, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re making a safe choice for your child. To learn more about our KidSafe® line, check out this blog post What does KidSafe® REALLY mean?


Check out our full line of KidSafe® Synergies HERE.

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  1. Hello! We have a list of KidSafe oils with singles on top and synergies on the bottom, single-page. I’m trying to offer the link to it but I’ve just been through all 13 pages of “KidSafe” blog posts and can’t find the source there or in the downloads. Can you help locate it?

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