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Soothe Tummy Trouble inhaler

Soothe Tummy Trouble (DIY Inhaler)

By: Kimberly Daun, Certified Aromatherapist

Soothe Tummy Trouble

Cardamom is my favorite new oil!

I just went on a 6,000+ mile road trip.  I suffer from motion sickness, cleaning up vomit from the car (or worse, my kids) is something that I would really like to avoid!  From past experience, I also know that we’ll probably end up eating something on the road that doesn’t settle well.  I decided that a blend for an upset tummy was a necessity for our first aid kit.  I’ve often used dill, which makes me crave pickles, so I really love the more gentle scent of cardamom.

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. Place new wick on the bottom of glass cup or bowl.
  2. Drop essential oils onto wick.
  3. Use tweezers to pick up saturated wick and place inside the inhaler.
  4. Screw on the top and place inside the inhaler sleeve.
  5. Use as needed for occasional digestive upset.



4 thoughts on “Soothe Tummy Trouble (DIY Inhaler)”

  • I am SO happy to have found this blog post! My daughter gets motion sickness, and this has been wonderful for her. It stays in the van, so she is able to take whiffs from her inhaler as needed. It even helps me, because I can smell it throughout the van as soon as she opens the lid. I have also tried using Spearmint in place of the peppermint, and it is wonderful! What a great alternative to medication!!

    1. We are so happy to hear that this blend has been helpful for you and your daughter. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us:)

  • If I swapped peppermint for spearmint would this be safe for kids? I’m not sure what about Cardamom is not kid safe. We do driving trips regularly. My daughter and I both teeter the car sickness line.

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