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Top 5 Reasons You NEED Blue Tansy!

Blue Tansy is one essential oil that, until recently, I knew very little about.  Plus it was in such short supply that I was afraid to use it, mess up,  and possibly ‘waste’ it, so instead my treasured gold stayed in storage.  All of that powerful essential oil being wasted by not being used.

Blue Tansy Plant Therapy

I started to do a bit of research about the oil and became fascinated by how incredible this oil is.   First off, this is not to be confused with Tansy, Blue Tansy is a very different essential oil.  The best way to determine you’re dealing with Blue Tansy is by it’s botanical name; Tanacetum annuum.  Learn more about the importance of botanical names in the post IMPORTANCE OF THE LATIN NAME (AND CHEMOTYPES).


blue tansy1

I find the beautiful blue color caused by the chemical chamazulene can be calming in itself.  I found this fabulous recipe on DIY Essential oil blends!; it’s titled DIY Peace and Calming Oil and is a master blend, please keep in mind that it is not a KidSafe blend.  You can use it in several ways;

  1. Diffuse (approximately 7 drops)
  2. Roller bottle (6 drops for a 2% dilution)
  3. Lotion (9 drops per ounce for a 1% dilution)
  4. Massage Oil (9 drops per ounce for a 1% dilution)
  5. Personal Inhaler (15 drops)

*Replace Ylang Ylang Extra  with Bergamot for a KidSafe blend*


blue tansy 2

Another great thing about Blue Tansy, and the previously mentioned unique component chamazulene, is that it may reduce the discomfort associated with inflammation.

Here’s a blend I like to call, Cool the Flames (bonus, it’s KidSafe!) you can use it:
  1. Bath (1 tablespoon carrier oil, 6 drops of blend, 1 cup Epsom salt)
  2. Massage Oil (9 drops of blend to per ounce for a 1% dilution)
  3. Roller bottle (6 drops for a 2% dilution)
  4. Lotion (9 drops of blend to per ounce for a 1% dilution)



blue tansy3

Blue Tansy is a fabulous tool in soothing reddened skin, and reducing the appearance of inflammation.  It is a really great addition to dry or sensitive skin.  You can use the blend at a 2% dilution (18 drops per ounce) in any of the following;

  1. Face Serum
  2. Oil Cleanse Method
  3. Shaving Cream



blue tansy 4

  1. Steam Bowl (2 drops per bowl)
  2. Diffuse (approximately 7 drops)
  3. Chest Rub (18 drops per ounce)
  4. Personal Inhaler (15 drops)

*KidSafe over the age of 3 if Eucalyptus is kept to a 1% topical dilution*


blue tansy5

*KidSafe only if you use Rosalina instead of Niaouli*

  1. Diffuse (approximately 7 drops)
  2. Personal Inhaler (15 drops)
  3. Diffuser Jewelry (1-2 drops)

Use Blue Tansy as a powerful addition to boost the following recipes!


19 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You NEED Blue Tansy!”

  • Thank you for this blog. I’ve been sick and I was just reminded on this oil. Now I know how to properly take on my seasonal allergies.

  • This oil is truly amazing. I received it as a free gift along with my purchase during December. Well soon after I got sick. At one point in my recovery I got a really itchy, stuffy nose, and couldn’t stop sneezing. I was looking through my oils for something to clear up congestion/respiratory issues when I remembered Blue Tansy was recommended for allergies and congestion. In my opinion, it’s too expensive an oil to diffuse so I took a whiff straight out of the bottle, and kept it by me to inhale every few minutes. Wow! I felt better immediately! The itch in my nose disappeared and my sinuses cleared up. It was really amazing! Next time I will make up an actual inhaler, but even straight out of the bottle this oil truly helps with sinus issues. I can imagine it would be just as spectacular for allergies. I love the smell too! (This is a personal thing, as my husband hates the smell!)

  • Does blue tansy stain? I just purchased Sneezy Stop and was surprised by its blue color, which I am assuming comes from the blue tansy in the blend.

  • I absolutely love blue tansy. To me, it smells fruity. It has certainly helped me with allergies but after reading this blog, I’m going to add some things to it to get maximum benefits.

  • Is blend 5 suitable for topical application? Using it in the diffuser at the moment but wondered about making a roller bottle with it as well. Thank you x

    1. Hello Andrea! Yes, you could use that blend for topical application. However, you would need to dilute that blend at a 2-3% dilution. So for a 10ml bottle, you would split up the ingredients so that there is a total of 6-9 drops in that bottle.

  • Made a bath for my husband and he said it worked great!
    My only question is how do I get the blueish stains out of my tub afterwards??

    1. It can certainly help to soothe the skin. I would recommend a 2% dilution, if you’re using it often I would lower it to 1% to avoid issues associated with sensitization.

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