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New Steam Distilled Lime + DIY Mojito Lip Balm

I am beside myself with excitement about our new Lime Steam Distilled!  With this lime you don’t have to worry about phototoxicity, let your imagination run wild and use this in any of your beauty products!  This also means that it is part of our KidSafe line of essential oils!  Lime is now one of the top-rated essential oils for kids (according to my little ones)!  Add to your favorite immune-boosting blend for a beautiful clean scent.  Use it with the oil cleansing method to help balance oily skin.  Diffuse it with lemon for a bright and energizing blend to help get you going first thing in the morning.


First on my list was to make an invigorating lip balm.  I decided that it would be a fun holiday gift for friends and teachers.  As an added bonus, it comes out to about 0.70 per gift!

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. In a double boiler melt butter and beeswax.
  2. Once melted turn off heat.
  3. Add Meadowfoam oil, lime, and spearmint.
  4. Mix well.
  5. Transfer into lip balm tubes.  (move quickly as the beeswax hardens quickly)
  6. Allow to cool then place lid firmly on.

Click Here for tips and tricks for cleaning up the messy beeswax!



44 thoughts on “New Steam Distilled Lime + DIY Mojito Lip Balm”

  • I’ve seen other lip balm recipes on PT site which have weaker dilutions (3 drop EO to 3 tsp butter/oil)… why is this one so much stronger and definitely >1%…. is that safe considering it’s not only in face but the lips where it can be consumed to some degree? I’ve tried 18 drops (as used for lime and spearmint) of orange sweet and could hardly smell it while in a different batch tried 9 drops Roman chamomile and it was strong (0.75%)…. at the higher dilution do these mixes remain safe? Kidsafe?

    1. Hi Amy, I’ll try to answer all your questions about lip balms here. You can definitely experiment with what oils to use in your DIYs. Roman Chamomile would be a great option! The amount of oils used depends on the topical dilution for each oil. Some oils have a low rate, like Cinnamon or Ylang Ylang, while others might cause phototoxicity, like Lemon. And others are very gentle and can be used at a greater concentration, like Lavender. It’s important to keep the individual dilution rates in mind while you’re creating. Also, the strength of an aroma can vary from oil to oil, which is why you might notice a difference, even if you use the same dilution rate. And even though it is applied topically to the lips, you’re not likely to ingest any actual amount of essential oils.

  • I have noticed the dilution is different to the other lip balm recipes available on the PT site – this one calls for 18 drops EO per 8 tsp butters/oils while others on the site have 3 drops per 3 tsp. Why is this recipe so strong? Is it safe to use all EOs at this higher dilution? Can all EOs be used in lip balm given it may be consumed?

  • Can you literally use any of the EOs in substitute for the lime and spearmint? I’ve got orange sweet, chamomile, lavender, tea tree in my oil bank? Can you also use the same dilution – 18 drops is used in this recipe 8tsp butters/oil/wax? (~1.5%)

  • Can’t wait to try this, I would have thought lime & vanilla but love the idea of spearmint instead – thanks PT for another great DIY!!

  • This is a great recipe! I have afriend who is allergic to Shea Butter (and coconut oil). Might it work to substitute Raspberry Seed Butter or Avocado Butter?

  • I used coconut oil instead and this still turned out amazing! this was my first time making homemade lip balm and i will never buy it again. it is so inexpensive to make and so much better than any store bought version i have ever tried. keeps my lips soft and smooth for hours and is just softer than normal balm ( not mushy, the feeling is softer, just make it and you’ll know what i mean haha) the scent is also really great, not super strong though once set. I also made a vanilla mint version.

  • This would be a great scent combo! I will try this. I don’t have meadowfoam but I’ll try a different carrier oil. Thank you!

  • This blog is really confusing….the ingredients say one thing like meadowfoam oil, and spearmint and then you go the label to print it out and it states Macadamia oil and peppermint!! If anybody could please fix the mistakes that would be appreciated! That way the beginners can be confident in what there making. Thanks!

    1. You’re right, Laura! We apologize for the mistake. I will certainly change the carrier oil to match the label, however, I believe Peppermint was the recipe’s original essential oil used until it was pointed out that this isn’t a KidSafe choice, and was changed to Spearmint. So you know, Peppermint and Spearmint have some pretty similar qualities, but Spearmint is often used in blends for children. I hope this clears everything up a bit and thank you so much for bringing this inconsistency to our attention!
      *Update* I just saw we no longer carry Macadamia Oil, so that is why we changed it to Meadowfoam. The labels are just way out of date so now they’re removed to help prevent confusion 🙂

    1. Macadamia Oil is not listed in the ingredients, but if you wanted to use it in place of Meadowfoam Carrier Oil, add 4 teaspoons 🙂

  • Help! Having a hard time finding what flavoring/oils are safe for lip balms. Is your steam distilled oils the way to go?

    1. In the case of Lemon and Lime, steam distilled is the way to go as they don’t have the same phototoxicity concerns.

  • I made this recipe and they were very soft, to the point of unusable even after refrigerating , not sure how to correct?

    1. It sounds like you could have used more beeswax. Did you follow the recipe exactly? You could remelt and add more beeswax.

      1. You can choose the essential oil of your choice but steam distilled lime really does give this recipe a mojito like scent.

  • I noticed the peppermint oil linked to the recipe is not KidSafe. Is there a KidSafe version available? Thank you.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to, honestly. The recipe calls for Spearmint, which is KidSafe. 🙂

  • I thought it supposed to be kid friendly recipe. It calls for peppermint which is NOT kid friendly and should not be apply to kids face or around nose. It’s a lip balm!!

    1. The ingredients state Spearmint, it was just a typo into the directions. I have updated it accordingly. Thanks for sharing!

  • Is it possible to edit these labels in the event that you do not use Meadowfoam or Macadamia Oil?

  • Not sure how to measure in milliliters. Do you have some kind of conversion that’s easy? I haven’t done any of this DIY oil stuff yet other than making roller balls and custom oil blends.

    1. What are you wanting to convert it to? The measurements above are in grams making it possible to use a kitchen scale for all of your measurements.

        1. Hi Kitty! Thank you for this question. I will update the blog to show both measures. 10 grams is equivalent to 2 teaspoons and 20 grams is equivalent to 4 teaspoons.

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