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6 Best Essential Oils For Upset Stomach *Bonus DiGiZen Chart*


Stomach problems have been a reoccurring ailment of mine for as long as I can remember.  If I’m anxious, I get an upset stomach.  I binged at Thanksgiving dinner, I experience digestive problems, almost like a sour stomach from overeating.  I come down with any little sickness going around, it’s always accompanied by an queasy stomach.  A ride on a boat, or too much motion, again, an upset stomach.















DiGiZen is one of the synergies I keep a roller bottle in my purse, ready to go at a moments notice!  I have attended more than one event where I can feel tell-tale rumbling and churning of my stomach.  Was it something I ate?  Am I coming down with a bug?  Are my nerves getting the better of me?  It doesn’t matter, I keep a solution with me at all times.  Rather than having to excuse myself from the event I dart to the bathroom, roll this onto my stomach, wait five minutes, and I emerge feeling settled and ready for anything.

Many of the 5-star reviews mention how much it has helped customers combat symptoms associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  This is not intended to treat any medical conditions but may be helpfully used in conjunction with the advice given by your medical professional.


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12 thoughts on “6 Best Essential Oils For Upset Stomach *Bonus DiGiZen Chart*”

  • HI. If I purchase the 30ml Digizen synergy blend with the intent to put it into an empty roller ball bottle, how many drops would I use and how much carrier oil? I plan to fill both 5ml and 10ml roller ball bottles. Thank you.

    1. You’ll want to dilute it to 3-5% in a carrier oil (use the lower dilution if you plan on using it frequently). For a 5ml roller bottle, that will be 4-7 drops and for a 10ml roller bottle, that will be 9-15 drops. You can always refer to our dilution chart to help you in the future.

  • Thank you for the recommendations! I’m going to get a Digizen to have on hand. I love getting the synergies because I’m often missing multiple oils needed to make it myself so I like trying the mixes out first before I buy all of the oils.

  • I noticed you didn’t mention Bergamot. I’d been experiencing episodes of debilitating stomach pain for 7 years when I happened to be making another blend with Bergamot. I was in stomach pain when I started smelling the Bergamot and began to notice the pain subside. I quickly made an inhaler and it’s been a blessing to me ever since!

    1. Gail, some essential oils can be taken internally, but we only recommend that this be done if under the watchful eye of a local professional. Someone who knows your medical background and also a great deal about essential oils…

  • thinking Digizen might be in my next order. I get the anxiety with my upset stomachs. Wonders if much of a scent to the roller. I work in a scent free workplace so maybe the inhaler on breaks.

    1. I don’t find that there is much scent, especially because my clothes go on over it. However a personal inhaler is another great option.

    1. We do not recommend using this blend while pregnant. However after the first trimester Tummy All Better is a safe alternative.

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