Plant Therapy's Favorite Recipes and Giveaway #2 - Naturally Blended

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Naturally Blended

Plant Therapy’s Favorite Recipes and Giveaway #2


Plant Therapy Favorite Recipes

“Holly Berries Bath Bomb”   

By:  Emilee Hughes, Certified Aromatherapist

KidSafe:  Yes

After the stressful days of holiday shopping have come and gone we could all use a bit of a reprieve and what better way to relax than by soaking in a soothing and calming bath. Holly Berries is the perfect blend to bring peace to the mind and enhance comfort. When used in a bath bomb this can truly be a gift that keeps on giving.

Holly Berries Description:

Often used during meditation, Juniper Berry provides a sense of calming tranquility. When used in a bath it provides relief from discomfort and aids with the clearing of congestion. Fragonia instills a sense of peace and balance allowing us to feel relaxed and centered. It offers respiratory support to this blend and provides relief from muscle soreness. The addition of Bergamot and Orange Blood  uplifts the spirit, discourages sadness, and brings a cheerful note to the mix. The synergy of these joyous and relaxing oils would put a smile on the face of even the Grinch himself.

Holly Berries Master Blend:
What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. Measure and mix dry ingredients.
  2. In separate bowl measure carrier oils and mix with essential oils.
  3. Slowly pour the oil mixture into dry ingredients and mix well (I added my oil in three different parts).
  4. Firmly press mixture into each side of the mold with extra.
  5. Press sides together.
  6. Tap each side gently with a spoon to help remove from mold.
  7. Set on a cookie sheet until completely dry.

5 lucky winners will receive all the essential oils to make the master blend.

Includes 10 ml bottles of: Juniper BerryBergamot, and Orange Blood; and a 5 ml bottle of  Fragonia.

Plant Therapy’s Favorite Recipes and Giveaway #2

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52 thoughts on “Plant Therapy’s Favorite Recipes and Giveaway #2”

  1. When you say, “I added my oil in three different parts”, do you mean you mixed 1/3 of the oil into the dry mixture until thoroughly mixed, then did the same with the second 1/3, then again with the final 1/3?

    1. Personal inhalers and roller bottles are two of my favorite ways to share amazing scent blends with my friends. Great idea!

  2. Step 4 says – Firmly press mixture into each side of the mold with extra.
    did something get cut off? Firmly press mixture into each side of the mold with extra. ~ what??
    help! I want to make this soon! Love it!

    1. Great question Theresa! You just want to be sure to have extra mixture in the mold (maybe heaping would be a better term) so that when you press the molds together all the nooks and crannies of the molds are completely filled 🙂

  3. I’m planning on switching over from one of the mlm companies and would love to try out some of what you have to offer! I’ve heard great things!

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