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Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?

Some things have been bothering me for some time now. As I delve deeper into the essential oil industry, I notice there is a lot of negative energy floating around. It seems to me that there is a very clear line dividing the MLM essential oil companies and then the rest of the essential oil companies. As many of you know, Plant Therapy would be listed with the rest (we are not a Multi-Level Marketing company).

I personally have enjoyed the benefits that come from using essential oils. No, I have never personally cured cancer or arthritis, but I have seen my children be able to breath a little easier because of Sniffle Stopper, sleep a little sounder because of Calming the Child, and heal a bee sting a little faster because of Lavender. These might not be the same success stories or even same essential oils that other people have had success with, but the fact is WE, as in ALL of us, have had success!

I know very well how important a pure essential is and how important it is to not have an essential oil diluted with cheaper essential oils or synthetics. But what I can’t figure out is why we feel the need to try to prove that one essential oil company is better than the other. Believe it or not, there is more than one essential oil company that sells 100% pure, undiluted essential oils that also are the highest quality available! 

I am curious to know if we feel better about the oils we purchase if we can prove they are the only good ones? Well, stop trying to prove it. It isn’t true! Not at all!  I think it is more important to share your success stories. Stop trying to prove that your oils are the only quality oils that can be taken internally. The fact is there are a lot of essential oils, the best quality or not, that can seriously harm you if taken internally (read more about ingesting essential oils HERE). Stop trying to prove that your oils are the only ones that can be used undiluted. The fact is that there are essential oils, the best quality or not, that can burn your skin if used undiluted. Think about it, we are talking about a plant that the oils are extracted out of at a VERY, VERY high concentration (learn more about diluting essential oils HERE). Stop trying to prove these things and start sharing your success stories.

Find a company that you trust, one that you know does the necessary testing to ensure the highest quality and purest essential oils available. Find a company who is honest and is willing to share this information with you. Find a company who continues to make changes, does research and communicates with their customers to ensure the highest quality and purest essential oils. That is what we should be spending our time doing! Not trying to prove that the company you purchase from is the ONLY company with oils that should ever be used!

There are a few things that I know. I know that purity is very important when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. I know that testing should be done, and shared with the customers, so that the customers can be educated. I know that safety is important. I know that honesty and building a relationship with your company are important.  I also know that sharing our success stories, instead of trying to prove that one company is the only good company is important so that we can help everyone know of the benefits that come from using essential oils.

Let’s help everyone know how they can benefit from the uses of essential oils instead of scaring them away because they just don’t know who to trust!

Not sure where to start with essential oils? Start HERE.

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Author: Retha Nesmith

Retha is a mother of two boys and a daughter. She earned her Aromatherapy Certification Program certificate in 2014 and strives to educate people on the uses and safety of essential oils. Please read THIS post for more information on essential oil safety.


47 thoughts on “Which Essential Oil Company is the Best?”

  • This blog post helps solidify the respect I have for this company. There is a lot of warnings out there about choosing the right essential oils and how they can be harmful- I’ve been scared myself even using PT just because you start to think “well who can I trust?” Then a particularly disturbing event happened- a member of one of the top MLM companies who has a high following on Instagram straight up bashed PT in a direct message to me – calling the oils unsafe and urging to throw them all away . Honestly, this pissed me off. I’ve only ever had remarkable outcomes with Plant Therapy and truthfully, this persons response felt like it was because he wanted me to purchase or join his team. I see NO integrity in bashing other companies just to make sales for yourself. Thank you for remaining true to the cause PT. Don’t let me down.

  • Great article! I can appreciate the oils in the MLM companies, but only because they were my starting point. After a few months I just couldn’t buy into their hype. That is when I found PT and have been surprised with all essential oils can do. My successes have been easing pain with a spinal disk injury, my children’s allergies, bedtime blues and mixing harsh chemicals from our cleaning routine. Also the various other ailments from our aging family members have been helped.

    I am very thankful for everything I have learned through PT. Please keep on doing what your doing and we as a community will continue to enjoy our many small successes ❤

  • Thank you so much for this! I cannot bring myself to use MLM companies because 1. I think the MLM model in general is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of the “spend money to make money” saying they throw around. 2. Price. I know that there are some oils that are pricier in general (i.e. Jasmine), but not every one has to be so expensive. Obviously you want a good quality oil, & I trust Plant Therapy that they have great quality oils at a great price point. 3. I like trying different oils & blends from different companies sometimes. I know of one MLM specifically that apparently you can get in some kind of “trouble” if you use other brands of oils? It just proves that some of these companies think they’re the only good ones. 4. Finally, safety is a HUGE issue with some of these companies, like you mentioned here. MLM companies encourage people to use some oils undiluted, to ingest them, & some aren’t even very cautious with how to use oils on babies/kids. Thanks, Plant Therapy, for being one of only a couple of companies that I trust so much!

  • This is a great article. I have belonged to an MLM company for almost 5 years, and while I do love their oils and products, I wanted to try some from other companies. I love Plant Therapy. I like all the videos and blog posts, and that you have certified aromatherapists that work there and can answer questions. You offer equally as good of oils as the ones I buy from the MLM, at a fraction of the price. I’m glad I found your company.

  • Amen to that. There isn’t just one out there that is the be all and end all. The good ones openly admit that too [thank you]. IMO we should stay away from any company that puts others down to try and gain customers. If you know your product is good then you will promote yours not [encourage customers to] make [questionable] videos or presentations trying to bring down rivals – there is room for everyone. I am part of an MLM EO company but they don’t have every oil and I have been on the look out for one who is able to fill the gap without pretense or arrogance. I am glad I read this because I think you guys fit the bill.

  • I am absolutely in love with this blog! I originally got into oils from an MLm company and found Plant Therapy thru continuing to research how oils can help. I have a 1.5 year old and was extremely concerned about oils around him.

    It makes me tear up inside that someone would tell me something is okay strictly becauss other prodicuts seem inferior. Shouldn’t we all be working to help? Not support a marketing scheme but the safe practice and use of something used for several hundreds of years.

  • I would like to simply say, I appreciate your honesty, integrity and zest for teaching all of us about the many safe and effective uses of oils. You don’t condemn people from other companies you just give knowledge to all of us about oils. You also make it enjoyable to learn these things. You are a truly amazing company. Keep up the great work.

    1. Cindy, thank you so much for your positive feedback! Plant Therapy was built on and does continue to have integrity and honesty as a core component 🙂

  • Doesn’t surprise me this happens. You’re a business selling a product. You have competitors. A strategy used in a competitive business environment is to cast doubt on the other company’s product. Capitalism at its finest (or, maybe not). The challenge faced with MLM’s is customers are very often converted to sales people as they’re encouraged to join the network. Now they’re selling, making a financial commitment of their own, and trying to recoup the money they must spend to make quota/money — And there are a lot of them, and they are not well trained, and they get excited or stressed and in the process make outrageous claims.

    Don’t be distracted by the noise. You have a phenomenal product line, you deal fairly and honestly with your customers, and your customer service is legendary. Keep rock’n the truth. It’s rewarding you.

    1. Mike, thank you for your great, insightful comments! We appreciate it. You are correct and Plant Therapy does stand alone and is unique in many ways 🙂

  • I am really new to EO’s and admit I got sucked into the MLM mentality that theirs was only the best. I did not do my research first (lesson learned) I actually stumbled onto Plant Therapy while I was finally getting around to do my research! I’m so glad I did! I have been ordering from you for a couple months now and have been very pleased! I took a class called “Essential Oils 101”, I thought that it would helpful to hear discussions about the oils. It was interesting, and as the class wrapped up, the marketing began. You guessed it, a MLM rep was teaching the class. Made me angry that they were using an educational (supposedly unbiased) class to market their company. And sadly, they used a lot of scare tactics to do it. This post really hit me and made so much sense!! There is so much information out there, how does a person tell whats true and what’s hype?? If your purpose is to teach people to care for themselves and be healthy, then it shouldn’t matter which company they use! If your purpose is to first make money, second help, then I have less confidence that you will do right by the people you sell to. Thank you PT for being an honest company. I will recommend you always!

    1. Thanks Jenni! There is a lot of information out there and difficult to determine what is accurate and what is not. We encourage people to do their own research to determine which company is best for them.

  • I love and trust Plant Therapy. I am dependent on the company’s commitment to safety, quality, customer support and education. Instead of researching, reading and sifting-through tons of information myself, I’d rather focus on “self-care” routines that strengthens me enough to take care of my family.

  • Truth! I avoided oils for a few years because I refused to deal with that mentality! Then I found Plant Therapy. Reasonably priced, eager to educate, makes it attainable, has my mindset on dilution, etc. I am very happy with everything from you guys. Thank you!

  • I have no love for the MLM companies, not because I don’t purchase from them and not because I am loyal to Plant Therapy. My issue with them is and always will be (unless they change their ways) their unsafe recommendations where EO’s are concerned. They advocate things that can and will potentially harm people and I believe they do it simply to sell more oils. They tell you to ingest, they tell you to use them neat, they recommend unsafe oils for children and they promote unsafe use with animals. What they advocate and how they promote their oils is unconscionable. And anyone who buys their oils continues to make them profitable and contribute to the problem.

    1. I agree 100% with you Sue! I always felt uncomfortable with their advice to me to ingest so many oils and the amounts. I developed a rash on my chest from using the oils neat as recommended for congestion. Most of their Wellness Advocates are giving bad advice to people. So many act like they are so knowledgable when they are not. When I signed up with the MLM I became a “Wellness Advocate” immediately! I felt uncomfortable giving advice to friends who asked me questions on how to use the oils and always referred them to a more knowledgable person. This really turned me “OFF”. I love Plant Therapy!

    2. I have been lured into one of the MLM companies. It took several months before I caved and bought the starter kit for my daughter in college. I started researching the use of oils around pets so I knew I didn’t want to diffuse in my home but wanted my daughter to benefit from the use of oils at school. I am astounded at the lack of information the individuals are able to give to new oil users. I requested information from the company regarding oil use around pets and they emailed me a list to avoid around cats and one to avoid around dogs. The sells person that convinced me to purchase still tries to tell me they are safe around animals even after I told her the company sent the list to me. The same lady is trying to get me to join their rewards program. I now realize it will benefit her more than me. I haven’t tried Plant Therapy yet but am considering doing so.

      1. Leigha, we hope you decide to join our PT family! We always strive to provide our awesome customers with the most current and safe guidelines for using essential oils, whether around ourselves, young children, pets — you name it! PT is also unique in that we encourage very conservative use of essential oils; the less amount of drops you can use and get the desired result, the better. Not only is that better for the sustainability of plants and the oils they produce, but much better on your wallet since you’ll be going through your bottles more slowly. And I’ve got to put a plug in for our amazing Customer Service Team — we have Certified Aromatherapists in the office dedicated to thoughtfully answering all of our customer concerns, a great return policy (very risk-free for you!), a perqs program…I could go on and on! But I want to make sure to thank you for your input on this blog and we really hope you’ll give us a try 🙂 You won’t be disappointed!

  • It took a few years for a Wellness Advocate from one of the MLM companies to convince me about their oils and sign me up under them. I told them right out that I wanted to purchase the oils for myself, and did not want to be involved in getting people under me so I could benefit from their compensation plan. I was involved with them for over 1-1/2 years and they convinced me to join their Loyalty Rewards Program. Under this program you must purchase oils every single month in order to get the rewards and you had to spend at least $50 each month. They always had promotions for you to spend more and get bigger rewards. Hate to say this, but they can “rope you in” to believe they are the best essential oil company. To me this was a big “Turn-Off”. Yes, they do have some very good quality oils, but their prices are out of sight because they have to pay their top people big commissions. Plus, you never get to see their lab test results of the oils.

    All I can say is that I am so very happy to have found Plant Therapy and Robert Tisserand after numerous days of research. I love the customer service, their Facebook groups, their lab test reports on their oils and the wonderful support you receive from their aromatherapists. THANK YOU PLANT THERAPY!

  • AMEN! I, too, did a ton of research on oils.
    We have a daughter that distributes for one of the MLM companies, and a daughter-in-law
    who buys from another. I love PT; their size options, their prompt deliveries, and especially their synergies. They work. I also really appreciate the positive blogs and comparison sheets. The best! Thank you.
    who buys from another. I can’t even read

    1. You’re absolutely right Debbie! I was with a MLM company for 1-1/2 years and could kick myself for listening to some really bad advice on how to use the oils. Plus, you can’t beat the support you have at PT.

  • I 100% agree with this! I am new to essential oils and it is so disheartening to hear all the bickering back and forth amongst the MLM companies…had I known before I signed up with the company I signed up with, I would never have signed up! I have since used oils from several different companies including Plant Therapy and have had good results with all the companies. I utilize muscle testing to determine if an oil is useful for me so therefore don’t worry about who the manufacturer is…I believe my body will tell me if I should not be using one!

  • I refuse to buy from any company that refuses to show their GC/MS testing for their oils. It gives me the sure feeling that they are hiding something. I am so done with that! There is a lot of fraud in this industry!

  • Very good information. My biggest concern regarding the MLM companies is profit.
    Several distributors have “specials” if you sign up under them. Education, blog, sales etc. The quality can’t maintain if the goal is to increase levels. Every company needs profits. What is going to happen when this “fad/trend” passes and the people that wants to continue using EO? I want a reputable company that gives a valued good/service.

  • Good for you…! I get bored quickly with the MLM’s canned rhetoric….! I for one appreciate Plant Therapy oils and am very satisfied with the quality. As a professional Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, I use them in my practice and let my clients know they too can use the essentials, and many of them now do.

  • Scar- I believe it becomes problematic when distributers make claims that only their oils are pure and effective and everything else is adulterated junk. Also, I’ve found that MLM typically charge about 4 X’s (!!!!) market value for their products. For those of us who don’t want to spend that much extra for hype and are willing to do our homework- you can quickly find that there are just much better options for getting high quality oils, product, whatever. As far as pressure sales techniques, most people who do this on the side (obviously) have to try and sell to friends and family. So you feel pressure to buy because of the relationship. Awkward for all involved!

  • Great post. I agree. My mom is actually a distributor for a MLM oil company. Until I introduced her to Plant Therapy. Now we both order from you. Thank you!

  • When you start your own business, or get involved with building a business, you would need to invest money into it. If you are passionate about a product or a company, why not share it with others? No one is making you buy anything, you have a choice to say yes or no. Normally, you don’t have to be involved with the business side of an MLM company if you don’t want to, there is an option of becoming a regular member so you can purchase the products only.

    1. Thank you! What a relief to hear someone tell it like it is! I love Plant Therapy & all your oils. I’m always taken aback when I am criticized for not using MLM oils (it happens).
      Your company & its products are outstanding and I appreciate the education, customer service, website & support. I recommend your products whenever I can & am sure happy I discovered you! Please continue the great work.

  • I shy away from MLM companies in general, on principle. There are a few that are really big in my area and I HATE feeling pressure to buy stuff I don’t want because you feel guilted into it. Yuck. The only people who really benefit from MLM companies re those at the top who are raking in the dough. Why should you PAY anything to work for a company? Ridiculous. Also- I hate that they make false claims and promises about their products while bashing others- in order to justify the huge markup of their products. I do know people who will only use a certain MLM brand of essential oils and will not even ouch others e. oils, because of the unscrupulous marketing techniques of these MLM *cough* cults er…companies.

    1. I agree. A lot of MLM’s seem to come across this way. I believe it is partially because people are trying to make a living and become very passionate. The point of this article was not to bash MLM’s though. Just to simply say, no matter what company you purchase from, let’s share more experience then trying to prove one is better than the other!

  • Great post. I use essential oils from many different companies. I do quite a bit of research first and a trial order. I do try to keep internal use to a minimum and then only a few drops per couple ounces of honey to be taken a teaspoon at a time. Mostly i prefer topical use and diffusing. I think the only two thing I don’t like about MLM’s is their advice about taking 9 to 12 drops of different essential oils 3 times a day for several days to a week after you are better. I definately see that as a way to sell more product than a thoughtful health advice. The other is their advice to use them neat so often. The only time I do is lavender for a burn and a drop of frankincense or lavender above my eyebrows for a headache. And only then because I don’t like a lot of extra oil there. :.

  • AMEN!!! Thank you for putting this out there. I HATE the MLM companies because of their stupid claims that they are the ONLY EO companies that are good. I’m sorry, but were they around during Biblical times? NO. That is how long ago EO’s have been in use. To say that you are the ONLY company that is good is very arrogant and completely ridiculous. QUIT DRINKING THE KOOL-AID & GIVE MEA BREAK!!! I would trust a company from the Middle East or India that has been around for hundreds of years over one that has been around in America for only a few years. You are so right…as long as the oils are pure, undiluted, and of highest quality, IT doesn’t matter the brand name. The fact is that many companies get their oils from the same supplier as others, so why pay $90 for Frankincense when you can pay $9…for the same freakin’ oil!!! Sorry…obviously I have an obnoxious friend who is constantly condescending to me because she is an MLM distributor and I won’t drink her Kool-Aid because I actually did research on EO’s. Even if I discovered the MLM’s were the best (which they have been proven NOT to be) …I still would not use them just on principle. But alas…I LOVE PT and a few other brands…and I love EO’s in general. You are right on another point…we are all using what God gave us to cure ourselves in stead of medicating ourselves, and for that, we should all be on the same side…we are doing right by our bodies. Keep up the good work Plant Therapy…we love you!!! And have more BOGO sales…I totally missed all of them in October because Fridays are my busiest day and I could never get on the computer. LOVE YOU PT!!!

  • I have only used an oil internally in a coconut oil to do oil pulling. It seems to me to be a chancy thing to use an oil internally. I always think about my kidneys, stomach and liver and don’t do it. My attitude may be wrong but I would want a doctor monitoring what I was taking. There doesn’t happen to be any of the doctors in my area that pay attention to essential oils so I just can’t bring myself to try swallowing an oil. But I do use many of your oils externally but never neat. Your information on the use of the oils is so good and I listen. Thanks for being a company that really cares about their patrons.

  • Great post!
    I know that I do use some oils internally and will only use oils from a company that says they can be for internal use. I love Plant therapy oils!! especially Calming the Child and Respir-aid…

    Thank you for always providing straightforward information that is valuable! I love your recipes for personal care products and just made toothpaste with Germ Fighter… It is yummy!

    Thank you for your dedication to your customers.

  • Amen to that!! People don’t need to bad-mouth a company just because it is not the company they order from. I have ordered from a MLM even though I do not care for their business tactics, simply because I can ingest their oils and they have worked for me (one drop of the oil cured esophageal thrush overnight). I do not care about brand names. It is the way the product works that is important to me.

    1. Taerie, Just to clarify if the oil is 100% pure and undiluted, then they can be safe to ingest. Plant Therapy just wants to make sure our customers are educated and know the proper ingestion rules to follow before ingesting a bunch of oils. We also believe essential oils should be used when needed and not just because you have them.

  • I totally agree with you! I am new to essential oils and have been doing a lot of research about not only the oils but the company’s who sell oils. Plant Therapy is my favorite oil supplier for several reasons. They have an awesome customer service who actually answers the phone when you call them and will help you any way they can. I even got a handwritten note in one of my orders answering a question I had. I have never had any issues with there wonderfully priced oils or anything they offer. I know all about the MLM groups and how they try to entice you that their oils are better than any other. NOT …..The price on their oils are ridiculously high to pay the middleman who is selling the oils. Personally I don’t care for companies who diss other companies and put their products down. Every body has the right to choose and I choose PLANT THERAPY for all my essential oil needs! 🙂

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