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My Travel Kit

Just between us- even though I love my beautiful state of Idaho, I do love to travel. I especially love it when going to see my family in sunny, 80-degree California…and especially when my house has a flooded crawlspace from a broken pipe. Let’s face it, we couldn’t stay at home anyway. The water was turned off, and with huge, noisy fans running nonstop in the house, we concluded that we might as well go. My spunky 90-year-old Dad lives in California, along with much of my family. When we get together it sounds like something out of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”! There’s a lot of laughter and a lot of love.

Right up there with traveling, I love essential oils, and whenever I travel I always take my “go to” oils- essential oils that for me, are a necessity. Of course, everyone is different and has different preferences or restrictions. But this is my blog article and I get to choose whatever I want. 🙂

In this first part of this article, I am choosing these three:

  1. Bergamot. An amazing essential oil period. The smell is wonderful, like a mixed up citrus tree that has lemons, grapefruit and limes growing on it, with a few peppercorns thrown in for good measure. Almost every person who takes a whiff of it in our retail store, says,”WOW! That smells good!” Bergamot (not Bergamont- no N please), according to many essential oil experts, is one of the best oils to help with anxiety. I do tend to get a little anxious with road travel at times. I’m fine as long as there’s no fog, snow, ice, cliffs, hard rains, curves, or trucks. Basically, I am ok with sunny skies, 72 degrees, straight highways, clear conditions, and no other cars on the road. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often. That’s where Bergamot comes in. It is also good for a cough. It has properties that can be calming and soothing, and  can help with skin issues, such as blemishes and irritation.
  1. Lavender. Many already know the benefits of Lavender, which is one of the most popular essential oils. Its fantastic for minor burns. It has helped many a crying child (or crying adult) with a bee or wasp sting, or a skin irritation from a plant. Diluted Lavender can be rubbed behind the ear during an earache and it is famous for it’s calming properties.
  1.  Peppermint. I think Peppermint was the first essential oil that I discovered, and it was for a headache. I’ve since learned that it can be amazing for an upset stomach, which comes in handy when eating out a lot. It also is helpful for achy muscles. I used it the other day on a painful finger joint of my husband. I remember years ago when my sweet hubby wasn’t as keen on oils and called it my “voodoo”. Now he not only willingly allows me to try out some concoctions on him, he occasionally asks for some.


It’s nice to have a little kit with your favorites and a bottle of carrier oil in case you need to mix some up. I pulled them out to make some goodies to help loved ones on our visit.  Or you can take our convenient roll-ons with you. I will continue this oil journey in Part II. Meanwhile, I wish you safe travels and would like to know-


What are some of your favorite oils?




5 thoughts on “My Travel Kit”

  • Haha you sound like me when it comes to traveling, I am exactly the same, I think I need to get me some Bergamont! We had to make a 2 1/2 hour trip last weekened which took over 3 hours because there was 4″ of snow the day and night before we had to leave, we had to leave home at 7:00 am to get to where we were going and the snow plows weren’t out yet, so the highways were snow covered all the way to our destination.
    My muscles were so tight and tense I was hurting so much I wished I could have jumped in a hot tub to relax, thankfully the highways were better by the time we had to head home that evening, but of course we had to drive through fog for an hour before we got home that night.

  • I love Lavender and Peppermint. Bergamot I just purchased so I am still learning about it. I have asthma so I would probably have to choose an oil that helps with opening up airways. Eucalyptus is a good one to have on hand. Oh but I can’t forget about Tea Tree. I think my top three basic oils would be Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree. Lavender for sleep and calming, Peppermint for headaches and opening up the airways, and tea tree for injuries.

  • Is there an oil or two you can recommend instead of Lavender. We can’t use it, it backfires badly – for everything but burns. And even then, there’s still problems with it causing dangerous sleepwalking.

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