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Essential Oil Education – Cajeput

By: Kimberly Daun, Certified Aromatherapist

Plant Therapy Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput was one such plant that I found a great documentary on. It took me deep into forests filled with majestic Cajeput.  I learned so much about where it originates, its incredible resiliency, and the preservation efforts in Vietnam.

Sometimes when I smell my essential oils I like to close my eyes and picture myself surrounded by the plants in their native environments.  Fortunately, I have an incredible imagination and with my eyes closed and the essential oil bottle close, I can transport myself to far off lands.  Every so often I get lucky and come across a documentary of someone enjoying in person, what I have only had the pleasure of enjoying in my mind.  Watching these documentaries gives me such an accurate look into what my dreams turned into reality would look like.

My current batch of Cajeput was sourced by Plant Therapy from Indonesia.  The leaves and twigs are steam distilled to get the essential oil known as Melaleuca cajuputi.  This is the same family as Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca alternifolia; although similar, each has its own unique properties.  Cajeput contains higher concentrations of 1,8 Cineole making it a better choice for upper respiratory support.  It also contains a higher percentage of limonene making it helpful with digestive issues, outdoor annoyances, and cleaning products.  [1]

Legend has it that when Captain Cook explored Asia he brought with him seeds that floated to the shores of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and that is how the Cajeput tree came to be in Southern Asia.

My top 5 uses for Cajeput are:
  1. Digestive Support
  1. Respiratory Support
  • In a steam bowl place 2 drops of Cajeput and inhale deeply
  1. Bug Bites
  1. Lip Sores
  1. Joint Discomfort

[1] A. Deckard, “14 Uses for Cajeput Essential Oil,” Healthy Focus, 13 May 2015. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 21 December 2016].



8 thoughts on “Essential Oil Education – Cajeput”

  • Another use we have found in our home to be great success, is in the area of relieving menstrual cramps. At 44 years old, I’ve always dealt with cramps with Ibuprofen and never felt good about that. My daughter who recently has started her period, has also found great relief with cajeput in relieving cramps. A drop of carrot seed oil, cajeput oil and a almond oil (carrier) rubbed a few times a day on the abdomen is a HUGE miracle in our house.

  • Questions: For digestive support, do you rub it on your stomach or what do you do with it? You apply the other oils after you make the combination?

    1. 1 ounce carrier oil, 6 drops Cajeput, 6 drops Ginger Root, 6 drops Cardamom blended together and apply to the abdomen in a clockwise motion.

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