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April’s Oil of the Month – Finger Root


The plant that April’s Oil of the Month comes from is well known in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia and parts of China. Finger Root, also known as Chinese Keys, Chinese Ginger, and Krachai, is wildly grown in lush, dense forests. It is also grown commercially, as it’s such a popular product.

Benefits and Uses of Finger Root

First, the name, Finger Root, comes from the rhizome, which resembles long fingers. It’s from the Ginger family, which has over 1200 species. The plant which is ornamental in many yards and looks similar to any lily or orchid is easy to grow in shady, moist places. Plus, it has a lovely pinkish flower and possesses an earthy, mildly spicy aroma.

In Thailand, it benefits for culinary purposes, and people in Southern China use it for medicinal purposes. In addition, many feel that it can help with the digestive system and nausea and to clear congestion. It helps with swelling and discomfort and makes a great oil for those with minor back or joint discomfort. Furthermore, the essential oil as well can help with these issues and is also helps to dispel excessive, busy, worrisome thoughts.

Here are some recipes using Finger Root Essential Oil that can help for aching joints and soreness and also as a chest rub for congestion. In addition, you might also receive the side benefit of a good night’s sleep.

Respiratory/Joint Support Blend                                                                       

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

First, combine essential oils into the unscented lotion. Once mix thorougly, apply to areas of concern.

All is Well Blend 

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Apply all essential oils to the wick of the personal inhaler. Relax and enjoy!

To download Finger Root’s Product Template Sheet, clic here.



10 thoughts on “April’s Oil of the Month – Finger Root”

  • I initially skipped over getting this oil as a OOTM when it was out because I wasn’t sure if I would use it and because money was tight. After hearing online how much people were loving it, I finally ordered it this month. I added a bit to my shampoo and conditioner once I started having flakes appear, which are usually followed by seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and voila, my scalp is back to feeling itch free and it did away with the flakes! I have a very very sensitive scalp (I can only use two types of bottled shampoo and conditioner out of all the ones I’ve tried over the years) so I am super happy that this is working for me.

  • Do you think Plant Therapy will be selling this oil soon? I didn’t start buying OOTM until 2 months ago, and want to try it so bad! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things!!

    1. Angela, we have had a lot of great response for Finger Root so you will see it on our website soon.

  • Enjoy articles like this especially when discribing new oils please try and add smell notes too thanks

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