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Immortelle Skin


Personally, I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee in the morning! Using this scrub in the shower before work gives me that extra boost I need to get up and going.  Plus, it smells delicious….and tastes good too! (Only because I accidentally got it in my mouth, but I DO NOT recommend eating my facial scrub!)

Growing up, I was blessed with blemish prone, oily skin. To this day I still struggle with occasional breakouts of pimples, blackheads, or clogged pores. I always thought that at the young age of 27 (okay, okay ….. 31) I would be over the pre-pubescent era and free of its evil clutches, but sadly many of us still suffer from some form of blemish our entire lives.

So, the challenge began. I needed to find something that would both clean and moisturize my skin without irritating it or drying it up. I tried countless over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, they would either be too drying – which would cause my face to over-produce oil, in turn causing more breakouts (defeating the purpose), or too oily which would give me that too “shiny” look in pictures.

As I began working more with essential oils and carrier oils, I learned about the benefits of use and which ones are most effective in a given situation. Also, early in the testing stages, I found salt scrubs to be too abrasive for the sensitive skin on my face. This is why I decided to try a sugar scrub instead.

Initially, when I tried this scrub for the first time, my first thought (while I was rinsing it off) was, “Wow – this is wayyyyy too greasy!” But, after you towel dry and wipe off any excess oil, you will love the way your skin feels. Now that I have used it 3 times this first week, I cannot believe what it has done for my face. My pores feel tighter, my skin feels smoother, more hydrated, and for some reason, my everyday makeup just looks better.

Now before I give you the recipe, let me list some of the benefits of the ingredients I chose to use in this recipe:

Sugar – Sugar helps remove the outermost layer of dead skin and leaves your skin soft and smooth without causing pain or being too overly aggressive on the skin.

Coffee Grounds – The caffeine in coffee helps increase circulation, exfoliates, softens, and smooths skin.

Solid Coconut Oil – This is the most versatile oil for the body and is extremely hydrating to skin.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – Argan is incredibly conditioning and known for its skin rejuvenating properties, rich in Vitamin E, and smooths fine lines and improves skin elasticity. Perfect for those prone to breakouts or those who have sensitive skin.

Near Perfection – This Carrier Oil Blend helps minimize the appearance of imperfections, is skin balancing, softens and conditions irritated skin, and contains Tamanu Oil, which extends to a wide range of natural treatments for blemishes and general oily skin.

Helichrysum Italicum – Also known as Immortelle, alleviates the appearance of bruising, rejuvenates the look of healthy skin, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and stretch marks.

Carrot Seed – Nourishes, rejuvenates, assists with healing,  and softening and soothing to the skin.

Geranium Egyptian – Well known for the ability to help tone skin and revitalize complexion, and is very skin balancing.

Rose Absolute – Cooling, soothing, perfect for dry skin, helps minimize the appearance of scarring,  calming, and smooths skin.

Elemi – Rejuvenating, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, skin supporting, and restores healthy younger-looking skin.

Organic Rose Hydrosol – Aids with blemishes, reduces redness, aids in removing dirt and oil in pores, and is safe for spraying directly on the skin. Hydrosols are also safe for children and pets alike.




Essential Oils:


  1. Combine both sugars and coffee grounds in a large bowl and mix together.
  2. Add all carrier oils to the dry sugar blend.
  3. Add all essential oils and mix thoroughly.
  4. Use no more than 3 times the first week – then use once a week to maintain a healthy glow.
  5. Use the Rose Hydrosol nightly as a facial toner.

For the Facial Scrub and Toning System I created, I recommend washing your face first. Then, use the scrub 1-3 times a week depending on the needs of your skin.

Begin by gently wetting your face, then take about a quarter sized amount in your hands and gently massage your face with it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Rinse well and towel dry. Next, spray the Rose Hydrosol directly on your face (as a nightly toner) immediately following the scrub. You will feel a difference almost immediately! First, with how smooth and hydrated your face feels. Then, with how tight your pores start to look and feel. I promise you, this is a scrub you won’t want to live without!

For this recipe, I intentionally wanted to keep my essential oil dilution rate below a 1% since it will be used on the face and used frequently.

What are your morning routines that help put a “spring in your step”?


23 thoughts on “Immortelle Skin”

  • I just stumbled upon this looking for DIY’s for Christmas this year. Wow, this looks amazing! My preteen daughter has inherited my oily skin and I wonder if this would be good on her skin to counter breakouts.

  • This sounds absolutely wonderful and I am definitely making this today. I think it will make my skin feel wonderful.

  • I’m excited to try this DIY. I just bought Helichrysum and Near Perfection so now I can make this scrub.

  • This sounds delightful! Can’t wait to make it. Also, it gives me an excuse to buy the 2 ingredients I’m missing!

  • I’m new to all this… For the 1/4 cup solid coconut oil, is that the normal coconut oil that you cook with? Also could you use the coconut oil carrier?

    1. Andrea, yes, solid coconut oil would be the food grade coconut oil you can buy at many grocery stores or online. If you’d like to use the coconut carrier oil, that would provide great benefits, but the consistency of your final product may be much more oily and a bit more difficult to use as a facial scrub — but absolutely possible!

    1. Near Perfection is the perfect carrier oil blend for this recipe, I would definitely give it a try. You could swap it out for a carrier oil of your choice, however. I really love using Sunflower Oil.

  • I love the idea of a coffee scrub; however I don’t have a single one of the essential oils in this. I’m really bad at making my own blends that smell good, are there any other combinations of oils that would make a good coffee scrub? I have all the oils in the top 32 essential oil set, the ootms from the past year, a few others such as vetiver, pink grapefruit, lime, black pepper, rosemary, and coffee oil.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Jenny! Yes, you can add the coffee grounds to the sugars and then add in the wet ingredients. The recipe has been updated to reflect this.

  • Can I use a different carrier oil? Coconut oil and my face don’t mix well. I break out bad. I have grapeseed, hemp and jojoba.

    1. Katrina, You can use whatever carrier oil works well for your specific skin type. However, it will change the consistency of the finished product.

  • Can i use the coffee es oil mixed with the coconut oil and sugars? W/out tbe rest of all that stuff?

    1. Hello Marilia, I am sure you can! The coffee grounds may have a higher caffeine content which can help stimulate the skin and increase circulation, which is why I chose to use it in the face scrub, but I don’t see why you can’t tweak it a little and make it your own. I would love to hear how it works out!

  • This looks great! I’d like to try it and have almost all of the ingredients on hand – except elemi and carrot seed. Do you have any suggestions for possible substitutes for these two?

    1. Hi Lindsay, I am not sure which oils you have on hand, but some possible substitute (skin benefiting) Essential Oils I could recommend are: Lavender, Tea Tree, Grapefruit, Sandalwood, or Frankincense. All of these options would be perfect for toning, healing, or nourishing skin.

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