August Oil Of The Month - Lavender Flower CO2 - Naturally Blended

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Naturally Blended

August Oil Of The Month – Lavender Flower CO2

Plant Therapy Lavender

Touring the Lavender farms in Washington recently, I learned that the extraction for Lavender essential oil is generally extracted and steam distilled from the buds because it produces more oil. But this precious oil is extracted from the open flowers using CO2 as the vehicle.

This lovely oil has a pure, beautiful floral scent, more like the actual plant.

It has many of the same qualities as the Lavender that you know and love. It is still calming and relaxing as many of you know Lavender to be and it still can help with skin irritations and for facial blends. The difference with CO2s the scent is usually purer, vibrant and closer to the scent of the actual plant. Also, the temperatures in which the plant material is subjected to during the extraction process (using CO2) is much less, and so more of the beneficial properties can be obtained.  In this first batch of our Lavender Flower CO2, there are several components, not found in the essential oil, that Robert Tisserand says “make the CO2 extract much more long-lasting than the essential oil.”  It also picks up more of the respiratory constituents, camphor and 1,8 cineole.

Lavender Flower CO2  will be a wonderful addition to our Lavender family:

Plant Therapy

If you are ready for the Lavender of Lavender oils, then Lavender Flower CO2 is for you. Here is a recipe that you can try.

Multi purpose blend (use on blemishes, bug bites, minor scrapes, and sore muscles too!)

3 drops of Lavender Flower CO2 Lavandula angustifolia

2 drops of Chamomile RomanBergamot, and Cedarwood Atlas  

10 mL of carrier oil or Aloe Vera Jelly


Download Product Template Sheet here.

Plant Therapy Lavender Flower CO2

18 thoughts on “August Oil Of The Month – Lavender Flower CO2”

  1. I just received this yesterday and OMG I thought I hated lavender! This is exactly like the fresh floral lavender I love and I hope this sticks around or else I’ll be back to hating lavender again. Thanks PT!

  2. Hi! Can you tell us a little about spike lavender (latifolia) ? Some places say it has a lot of benefits. Other places say it has not so many. Are you planning on bringing it to your collection soon?

  3. My favorite OOTM! I am almost out and I noticed it has not been added to your regular oil collection. Hope there are plans to add it in the future!

  4. I love love love the scent of Lavender CO2 and am excited to try the recipe. Thanks for including the shelf life in the product info sheet. Super helpful and hoping it’ll be included in all future sheets.

    1. Rachel, thanks for your feedback! The Template sheets are helpful and are great saved in a binder or folder. We have made template sheets for many of our essential oils and extracts, but are continually working on them. Be sure to check on each oil’s individual webpage and if there’s one available, it will be in green letters next to “product brochure:”.. thanks!

  5. Very informative on the ways Lavender is produced. This helps shed light on the benefits of how the processing of essential oils can be used.

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