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Naturally Blended

LeAnna’s Top 5 Essential Oils

Hello everyone, I am LeAnna Magee.  I am a single mom of two amazing boys. We are a family that loves sports. One of us always has a game or practice to be played. I play on a coed softball team and bowl with a group of amazing ladies in a men’s league. My boys play soccer, basketball, and also bowl. If there was more time I know we would do more but there are only so many hours in the day. With an activity every day, sometimes two, we are very busy.

When we are not participating in a sporting event, we are in the mountains camping and enjoying nature. We love to shoot and hike.  I enjoy cooking but do not have a lot of time with our busy schedule. I also like to try to fix and install things on my own.  As an aromatherapist,  essential oils have become so important. The task of just picking 5 has been near impossible, but here goes.

My most favorite and go-to oil is Black PepperPiper nigrum. Being a sports family this helps with our discomfort after a long game; eases my achy joints as I am not a spring chicken anymore, but still love to play. We have found it great for those bruises when you catch the softball with your shin instead of your glove or your opponent uses your leg to kick instead of the soccer ball.


My 2nd choice is Spring Blossoms Synergy. This blend of oils is so uplifting and puts a spring in my step when I am feeling down or need a pick me up. Neroli,  Orange Sweet, and Lime are a perfect combination to keep me going, during the long winter months when the only sport we can play where we live is bowling. We sometimes feel a little down when we want to get out, but can’t due to the weather. No recipe needed here, just diffuse.

Next is Helichrysum Italicum Helichrysum italicum. This oil is great for so many things. It reduces the appearance of scars and playing sports all the time we end up with our share of bumps and bruises. It is also used for emotional feelings and to help boost immune function. I, as well as many others, struggle with just getting through some days and this is my go-to oil for this. It helps make me feel in control and empowered.


Another essential oil that is widely used in my house is Grapefruit Pink  Citrus x paradisi. Some mornings after a short night, whether it is because of a late night game or some laundry that just has to be done by morning, I need a pick me up. I then turn to Grapefruit. It is so fresh and uplifting, this helps me get through my mornings and my co-workers are not on the end of my grouchiness due to lack of sleep. Ten drops in an aromatherapy inhaler and you are ready to go.

And last, but not least, is Bergamot Citrus bergamia. This oil is calming and grounding; it helps when I have a lot going on and I just need to step back and assess what is most important. It helps me realize that teenage boys will be boys and they are not always going to have perfect grades and make the best decisions, but they too, are learning and growing. I refer to this oil as my mental wellness oil. This oil can also help with those sore, tired muscles that we feel after a long day of sports. It is such a great and diverse oil.


Blend together for the perfect muscle rub.

Plant Therapy black pepper plant

I could list so many more oils but we are limited to 5 in this article. There are always so many new oils and products that Plant Therapy comes out with all the time, but I find these few simple oils my go-to oils to keep my household going and happy. Being a Certified Aromatherapist at Plant Therapy and working with our great staff and customers is a great blessing every day. Being able to share a few oils with you has been a joy. I hope they will help you as they have helped me and my boys.

Stay tuned for more of our Aromatherapists’ Top 5 Picks!

12 thoughts on “LeAnna’s Top 5 Essential Oils”

  1. I’m new to essential oils, but very much interested, so I’ve been reading all the info. I can find about them. It seems that the top reason most people use essential oils is for their scent. So I’m just wondering, and i truly don’t mean to offend, but do essential oils actually do anything beyond add a pleasing scent? Any guidance would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. The oils do provide various benefits outside of smell. For example benefits with sleep, discomfort, emotional support etc. If you have additional questions please email us as [email protected] and we would be happy to help further.

    1. You are very welcome. It is was fun to share our favorites. I am glad that you like the combo as we all smell things differently. What one like another does not.

  2. This article seems very well thought out. Each idea/thought led to a conclusion. Also, the author tied the oils into her personal life and gave us examples. This made perfect sense and wasn’t just random babbling like some online articles.

    I really enjoyed your article, LeAnna! I’m a fan!

    1. Thank you Israel. It was fun to write and share a little about me and my boys and how the oils help us in our busy lives.

  3. Received helichrysum and black pepper from Plant Therapy last week. I knew I loved helichrysum, but had no idea how much I would love black pepper. I made a roller ball with two and a carrier blend. I made another and also added frankincense carteri and tumeric CO2. Awesome! Thanks Plant Therapy

    1. I am so glad that you like it. It is my go to oil. I am going to have to try your other suggestions as that to sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

      1. my second blend actually had Camellia, castor, rosehip seed, black pepper, carrot seed, copaiba, frankincense carteri CO2, helichrysum, and tumeric CO2. Warm, earthy, and very effective. It is so wonderful I thought I should share.

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