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October Oils of the Month – Bergamot Mint and Caraways Seed CO2

It certainly was not a trick this month, but a treat! Plant Therapy sent out two products! Bergamot Mint and Caraway CO2 were the features for October.

Bergamot Mint is a KidSafe essential oil that might have a surprising scent to you. It smells similar to Lavender essential oil, with a touch of mint and citrus. Much of the research point to it being a relaxing and calming oil. Although in the Mint family, Bergamot Mint is a gentler oil and is KidSafe. It can be used for respiratory issues, congestion, sore muscles or joints due to over-exertion, and for nausea.This calming oil from India, distilled from leaves, would be great in DIY body care products such as lotions, soaps and in candles. It is cooling and soothing and a great choice as a balancing blend for agitated emotions.

The other feature this month Caraway Seed CO2, also KidSafe, is a treat for rye lovers! One whiff of this will remind you of a loaf of fresh rye bread. It is a warming and fortifying CO2. It can help settle a queasy or crampy tummy and would be great in a blend with Peppermint for such issues. Also, it would mix well with oils like Bergamot, Cypress or Balm Mint Bush for a respiratory blend.

You can use these two separately or you might want to try this recipe which could help with intestinal issues or congestion.


Tummy and Congestion Helper

4 drops of Bergamot Mint

3 drops of Caraway Seed CO2

10 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil (or carrier of choice)

Pour essential oils into an empty 10 ml roller bottle and then top off with carrier oil. Gently shake or tip back and forth to mix. Apply to the abdomen for nausea or chest for congestion.

We hope that you enjoy your double treat this month and put these to good use!


Download  Bergamot Mint Product Template Sheet HERE:



Download Caraway Seed Product Template Sheet HERE:



15 thoughts on “October Oils of the Month – Bergamot Mint and Caraways Seed CO2”

  • Pleas please please make Bergamot Mint a regular oil! I can not describe how much I love this oil, I’m so scared to use it because then it’ll be gone! Every time I have someone smell it they say they want to buy it and ask where I got it. And then I have to give them the sad news that Plant Therapy doesn’t carry it as a regular oil 🙁 Please make Bergamot Mint a regular oil. I would love to purchase over and over, for myself and to be able to make products with it! 🙂 It is 100% one of my favorites!

    1. Ashley, this is a wonderful oil, to be sure! It has a wonderful scent and many benefits. We are always considering carrying Oils of the Month oils, but customers imput definitely makes a difference!

  • I haven’t tried the Bergamot Mint yet……but the Caraway is excellent! Absolutely wonderful aroma, I can’t get enough of it.

  • Love the oils and LOVE this company. Quality oils at an affordable price and outstanding customer service. Thank you for the treat this month.

    1. Tara, we obtain oils from all over the world. We look for the sources with the best, ethical practices that have the highest quality oils. We purchase those oils, after fully researching their farms and distilleries and bottle them here in our facility. Thanks for asking!

  • I am enjoying my double treat and will definitely try your recipe! I love the OOTM club. A great way to increase knowledge of essential oils. I enjoy researching new oils. It’s even better getting to simultaneously experience them as a member of the club.

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