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Spiced Apples Cider with Jojoba Carrier Oil and decor

Holiday DIY: Spiced Apple Cider Dusting Spray

We dust because we must! Let’s face it — dust in your home is inevitable. The gradual buildup of pollen, skin cells, dander, and dirt will find its way just about everywhere and on everything.

Not only is dust unattractive, but it also decreases your home’s air quality and aggravates allergies. Tackling these dust bunnies is arguably one of the most tedious of household chores, but the longer it’s avoided, the worse it will get.

Before guests arrive for the holidays, freshen up your home with the scent of the season with this simple Spiced Apple Cider Dusting Spray! What you will need:

6 drops Jojoba Carrier Oil
10 drops Spiced Apple Cider Holiday Blend*
4 ounces distilled water
Spray bottle

What you will do:

Add all ingredients to the spray bottle and shake well.
Simply spray and wipe.

*Can substitute any Holiday Blend.


4 thoughts on “Holiday DIY: Spiced Apple Cider Dusting Spray”

  • This sounds great, as it is a dusting spray, I’m sure it can be used for wood surfaces, but what other carrier oils could I use? I have FCO, Grapeseed, Sunflower, castor, would any of those work? I’m assuming I would look for something thin and light, with little or no aroma? I’d like to make a spring smelling blend to dust my wood furniture which there is an abundance of! Thanks for your reply!

    1. You’re on a roll, Brandy! Sounds like you have some pretty great ideas for what carriers to use. You may want to do some experimenting to figure out which one you like best, and let us know what you come up with! Personally, if Jojoba isn’t an option, I go to Grapeseed for my wood surfaces 🙂

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