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December Oil of the Month – Peru Balsam

Vanilla is one of the most popular scents worldwide. That sweet, decadent ingredient is used in everything from foods to cosmetics to essential oils.

However, as you may recall from a recent blog post titled, “Vanilla, Vanilla, Where Art Thou? The Story Behind the Vanilla Bean Shortage,” we explained what has happened with the vanilla crop and the reason for the current worldwide shortage.

When we at Plant Therapy learned that we would no longer have that rich, sweet scent of Vanilla… well, it was a sad day.

Peru Balsam to the rescue!

The blog linked above also mentions another oil — Peru Balsam — which has been December’s Oil Of the Month.

Peru Balsam has that sweet scent;  a coconut, vanilla aroma that brings the joy back to blending. Like vanilla, it is calming and comforting. It is a quiet, happy scent that finds that child in you and makes you stop, close your eyes and take it all in.

Click Here to Download the Peru Balsam Info SheetThis special find smells heavenly, but does have some cautions. It is a good oil for diffusion, but if used topically we recommend keeping the dilution to 0.4%. That means, for application to the skin, it would be best in a blend. It can add that hint of something sweet that would go perfectly with Lemon, Sweet Orange, Yuzu, Lavender, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood, and of course any of the Cedarwoods (what doesn’t go with Cedarwood?).

Here is a wonderful diffuser blend that will help you relax, decompress and wind down.

Take 5 Diffuser Blend

3 drops of Peru Balsam Essential Oil

2 drops of Bergamot

1 drop of Lime

2 drops of Patchouli

Mix and add to the water in your AromaFuse Diffuser or personal diffuser.


12 thoughts on “December Oil of the Month – Peru Balsam”

  • I love Peru Balsam! I just tried this diffuser recipe and it’s fabulous! I personally think Vanilla can be overpowering and like the subtleness of this oil as a replacement. Just a touch of sweetness.

  • I knew that the price of vanilla extract had skyrocketed. It’s good to have an explanation! I’ve added Peru Balsam to my cart. It sounds like just what I’ve been looking for!

  • Is it safe for diffusion with kids under 10? I know it’s not safe for topical applications but know some oils can still be ok for diffusion.

  • Oh my goodness! I can not describe the joy I had when I opened up the oil of the month package and found this oil inside! I was freaking out to my fiance saying how I had contacted you guys previously looking to purchase Peru Balsam! I am soooo excited about this oil! 😀

    1. Ashley, we are so glad that you were excited and happy that this oil was featured and you were able to get it 🙂 We really try to accomodate and please our customers!

  • I was so happy to see that this was the OOTM. My 18 year old son loves it and has found that diffusing it helps him feel calmer and less frustrated. He even asked for a personal inhaler with this blended with lavender. I hope that Plant Therapy does consider carrying this because I would definitely be buying it. It may not be vanilla, but I personally think it does a good job replacing it in blends. Thank you for the post and the recipe.

    1. Ali, thank you so much for your feedback! It helps when customers write to us to let us know their needs 🙂 I love it in diffusing blends and find it calming also…

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