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Top 8 Essential Oils for Sore Muscle Relief


Did you know: The No. 1 most common New Year’s resolution, according to a 2015 Nielsen survey, is to “Stay fit and healthy.”

With weight loss and health atop most people’s New Year’s to-do list, more exercise is essential. The extra physical activity can often lead to sore muscles.

Our New Year New You goal at Plant Therapy is to help you succeed in 2018. That’s why we’ve created this essential oils reference guide to relieving sore muscles and achy joints.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscle Relief

Rapid Relief

This popular blend is helpful for sore joints and discomfort that comes with over exercise, aging joints, or that occasional bump and minor injury. It contains warming oils that help with circulation which will bring relief. This is great is a blend with our Aloe Vera Jelly or with a carrier oil or butter. Rapid Relief is one of the pre-diluted roll-ons featured in Plant Therapy’s New Year New You Set!

Black Pepper

Yes, Black Pepper is good for tummy issues and for respiratory congestion. But did you know, Black Pepper is also very helpful for sore muscles? The major constituents in this versatile essential oil, b-caryophyllene and d-limonene, make it a good choice for soothing swollen, sore muscles.

Roman Chamomile

Many people know that Roman Chamomile can be calming to emotions. The great thing about this essential oil is that it is also calming to your skin and body tissue as well. It reduces tightness and swelling, and relaxes those knots that can build up after a strenuous workout or a stressful day.


I didn’t used to pay much attention to Marjoram. I owe Marjoram an apology.  Sweet Marjoram has many attributes; it is supportive to the immune system, it is calming to the mind, it helps with digestion and cramping, it is there for seasonal threats, and of course it is great at relieving body and muscle discomfort and swelling. Good thing Marjoram is “sweet” and doesn’t hold a grudge!


Geranium isn’t just a rosy smelling essential oil! It is a force to be reckoned with in combating discomfort and swelling. Both of our Geraniums, Bourbon and Egyptian can be interchanged and both address sore muscles and even sore joints due to over-exertion. In addition, it helps with skin issues, with mood, and also inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Tension Relief

As a massage therapist, I find this blend very helpful for sore shoulder muscles and tight necks. It can loosen those tight tendons and muscles, and help your neck and head move more freely. Dilute to 2-3% with a carrier oil and have someone massage it into that area for an “ahhhh” feeling.

Muscle Aid

A natural choice to help one feel better after trying to relive your athletic high school days! Muscle Aid was formulated by Plant Therapy’s Certified Aromatherapists and essential oil expert Robert Tisserand. It combines some powerful oils (Wintergreen, Camphor and Pine) to bring relief.

Muscle Aloe Jelly

This is a convenient blend for weekend warriors and many of our customers love it! It dries quickly and goes to work to help reduce the achy soreness that comes from a marathon, an intense gym workout, or playing with the kids.

KidSafe Post Workout Massage Oil

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Add all essential oils directly into the roll-on bottle.
  2. Top off with half hemp seed and half avocado oil.
  3. Snap roller casing in place.
  4. Massage onto skin after a rigorous workout or to help ease tired muscles.

Post Workout Massage Oil

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Add all essential oils directly into the roll-on bottle.
  2. Top off with half hemp seed and half avocado oil.
  3. Snap roller casing in place.
  4. Massage onto skin after a rigorous workout or to help ease tired muscles.
Do you have a New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Finish a triathlon? Simply be more active? Tell us about it in the comments below, and let’s support one another on our wellness journeys!

23 thoughts on “Top 8 Essential Oils for Sore Muscle Relief”

  • Hi, which oils are safe to use for young athletes (age 10 and older), to help with their sore muscles relief after practice? Is there any combination already available?

  • I had hurt my knee a few years ago before I even heard of oils. I wish I knew of Plant Therapy back then. I am saving this article in my folder in case I need it in the future!

      1. Hi Kathy, you shouldn’t mix Muscle Aloe Jelly with any additional essential oils because it already has a mix of essential oils in it and it would make it too high of a dilution. But you can mix Muscle Aid with our unscented Aloe Jelly or a carrier oil.

  • Love all of those mentioned but will never be without Muscle Aloe Jelly & Rapid Relief! They are so effective for sore muscles & restless legs! Will try Geranium tonight.

  • I’m excited to try out the Muscle Aloe Jelly! My husband is a merchandiser for a global beverage company and spends his whole day bending and lifting. He has shoulder pain on a regular basis, as well as issues with his hamstrings once in a while and sees the chiropractor on a regular basis. We just received the aloe jelly and we’re hoping that this will provide him with relief from some of his daily aches and pains.

  • Muscle Aid has been by my side, well, behind my knee, for eight weeks now, and I feel the healing. I hurt my knee early December over exercising but being stubborn refused to quit. Once the pain got so bad it was affecting my daily life, I needed to turn to something and ibuprofen wasn’t an option I wanted to use. I rub muscle aid on the back of my left knee and ligaments connected, and I feel immediate relief. I do this three times a day and continue to stretch but no more HIIT or cardio until I’m 100%. My fourteen year old son also gets this on his sore muscles after his fencing lessons. It’s too sweet when he actually asks for the oils!

  • We use diluted Black Pepper in a carrier oil or in lotion on our kiddos when they have sore muscles or have growing pains. We use Black Pepper also for sore muscles but switch back and forth between the diluted Black Pepper and the amazing Muscle Aloe Jelly. It’s Not KidSafe but us adults LOVE IT!!! I love applying it to my sore muscles after a hard workout to get some relief! It’s definitely a must have for those whom are into fitness.

  • I have been using the muscle aloe jelly for several months when I have flare ups from fibromyalgia and with ongoing issues from previous back surgeries. I am really happy with this blend! Also, thank you for the information also listed on other options. I am anxious to try them to switch it up. Hoping for success!

  • Ive used black pepper, sweet marjoram, peppermint and geranium with a carrier oil for pain relief for my knee. It helped me a lot.

    1. Mam may i know how many drops of per essential oil and carrier oil for 10ml roller ball thank you

  • I just want to have my previously active life back. I’m 45, fighting hashimotos. I started again this year by walking the doc – only 1-2 miles a day but am so sore and fighting the morning vertigo that comes with this thyroid condition as well as lots of inflammation in hands from the extra activity. I put essential oils on my feet on my feet and that helped. But need something for my hands and overall inflammation from exercise – any tips?

    1. Angela, some of the single oils mentioned are known for helping with swelling and could be helpful. Black Pepper, Marjoram, Chamomile Roman and Geranium are all helpful for the issue that you mention. I like that these are also KidSafe oils, so although effective, they are not generally irritating and can be used frequently. I would use 1 or make a blend at a 3% dilution and apply to trouble areas… thank you!

  • Rapid Relief and Muscle Aid is one I can vouch for 100%. Right after I do body pump, I apply it and within minutes, It is like body pump never happened!! #boom!

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