Geranium Bourbon vs. Geranium Egyptian: Which Should You Choose?

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Geranium Bourbon vs. Geranium Egyptian: Which Geranium Should You Choose?

geranium essential oilsWhich Geranium Should I Choose?

Geranium Essential Oils are an aromatherapy favorite!

Their soft, floral scents and incredible therapeutic properties make Geraniums a great essential oil to have in your collection. However, it’s easy to get confused, because there are two different Geranium oils. 

The Geraniums that Plant Therapy offers is listed by its Latin name as Pelargonium x asperum, which is a cross between P. capitatum and P. radens. This is the correct Latin name for all Geranium oils on the market.

You’ll see Geraniums listed as one of the following:

  • “Egyptian”
  • “Bourbon”

These two variations have some overlapping (but also different) therapeutic properties because of the origin of the plants.


geranium essential oilsWhat Are The Two Geranium Essential Oils?

Geranium Bourbon

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil (sourced from the Reunion Islands) 


  • Softer, rose-floral scent with a herbaceous hint.

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Helps balance the mind during times of agitation, as well as sadness.
  • Blends well with other oils.
  • Gentle and great for skin, helping balance and alleviate all skin types.
  • A great choice to help women with menstrual discomfort and emotional ups and downs.

Geranium Egyptian

Geranium Egyptian Essential Oils (sourced from Egypt)


  • A fresh, green, floral aroma.

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Uplifting to the senses
  • Known for having a beneficial effect on women’s reproductive health
  • Helpful in easing the tension associated with worry and stress.
  • Gentle and beneficial for skin care, especially those aging skin
  • Balances the skin and helps improve overall complexion, when added to a face wash or cream
  • Helps soothe and relieve muscle and joint discomfort caused by overexertion.


geranium essential oilsWhich Geranium Should I Choose?

Geranium Bourbon

  • Outdoor Annoyances: Protect yourself against harmful insects by using this natural repellent spray. Combine 1 cup of water, ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, and 30 drops of Geranium Bourbon. Spritz on before heading outside. Great for taking camping and hiking.
  • Emotional Regulation During your Menstrual Cycle: Add a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser or personal aromatherapy inhaler.
  • Skin Issues: Dilute at a 1% with Rosehip Carrier Oil and apply to a clean face to even skin tone and reduce redness.
  • Topical Application: Dilute to 2-4% for other areas of the body (we recommend 1% for facial application).

 Geranium Egyptian

  • Menstrual Discomfort: Blend 3 drops of Geranium Egyptian and 3 drops of Clary Sage in 2 tsp. of Evening Primrose Oil. Massage on the abdomen during times of menstrual discomfort.
  • Aging Skin Serum: In a small jar add 2 oz. of your favorite carrier oil, aloe vera gel, or Plant Therapy’s Aloe Vera Jelly with 24 drops of Geranium Egyptian. Apply a pea size amount onto the skin at night.
  • Muscle and Joint Relief: Dilute Geranium Egyptian at a 2-4% with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil and apply to affected areas to reduce discomfort and swelling.
  • Topical Application: Dilute to 2-4% for other areas of the body (we recommend 1% for facial application).

65 thoughts on “Geranium Bourbon vs. Geranium Egyptian: Which Geranium Should You Choose?”

  • Has anyone used either geranium to make a counter cleaning type of spray? If so, which geranium is best?

    1. We haven’t, but you could try the Geranium Bourbon, we think this would be the best option from the two!

  • Very curious. I have a bottle of Plant Therapy Geranium Bourbon I bought a while ago (maybe a year?): the latin name on this bottle is Pelargonium x asperum. Now it appears that Geranium Bourbon has become Pelargonium x graveolens… I wonder what made this change happen and I am now confused about what to reorder. SHM!

    1. Hello Laura,
      Most likely the supplier didn’t have enough of the Pelargonium x asperum to fulfill our order so we had to switch suppliers. You can reorder the Pelargonium x graveolens and it will still have the same benefits. We hope this helps!

  • Hi there! Which geranium smells closest to the Young Living oil? I‘m buying oils for a anthropologie volcano diffuser recipe (as posted by a blogger who uses YL) and not sure which of the PT versions to buy. Thank you in advance!

    1. I personally haven’t smelled Young Living’s Geranium. But since they source theirs from Egypt, our Egyptian Geranium is probably your best bet!

  • Can I this be ingested? I added a bit to fermented rice water and wanted to know if I could cook the rice after or throw out

  • Great article! Now I know that I’d like to try the Egyptian for my skin. The description of the Bourbon stated rose-like. I wonder if anyone could give me a better description of the Egyptian. Is the Egyptian heavy on the floral notes?

    1. Of the two, Geranium Bourban is heavier on the floral notes. Egyptian has a fresh, sweet, green, herbaceous scent that is very pleasant.

  • Great article and thanks for clarifying the difference. I have both and always have to stop and look up which one that I need to use for certain applications. This simplifies it so that I can remember easier.

  • Great information to have- I was thinking of getting a geranium, now I have the knowledge to choose correctly.

  • I always appreciate when blog posts differentiate between 2 different variations of an oil. Because of this post, I now have Geranium Egyptian on my wish list. 🙂 It sounds like a powerhouse! I like that it can be used for women’s reproductive health AND in pain blends.

  • I can’t stand the smell of the geraniums that grow everywhere in California, and have a blend that contains an unspecified geranium. Even though the smell is very light, it still bothers me. Which of your two geraniums is most different from the one I don’t care for, or would they both probably bother me. The uses are intriguing.

  • Thank you for sharing the differences between the two. I have Egyptian but now I want Bourbon too!

  • This blog post was so helpful. I already own Egyptian and was on the fence about ordering Bourbon. It looks like the therapeutic properties are very similar. But I’m intrigued by the scent differences, so I think I’m going to try this one too.

  • Thanks for this! I am always comparing oils and their unique benefits, so this was very helpful. Will definitely keep in mind in July! CAM! 🙂

  • I’m a little confused. Because on both the individual product pages and the beginning part of this post, it says to use geranium bourbon for menstrual cramp discomfort except in your summary chart at the bottom of this post. There it says to use Egyptian. So should I choose Bourbon or Egyptian for that purpose?

  • Thank you for this blog post! I was confused as to which geranium oil to order, but this cleared up the confusion! Great post!

  • I wasn’t sure which oil to order so this post was absolutely perfect. I’m going with the Egyptian. Thank you!

  • I can’t find the dilution rate for the geranium bourbon for use on the body (I found 1% for face). Is it the same as the egyptian? I have checked here, the product page and the information sheet. Don’t want to just assume. Help please?

    1. Carissa, the dilution for Geranium Bourbon is 2-4% like Egyptian 🙂 Great question! It’s always better to ask than to just assume and we’ll ensure we make the dilution percentage for Geranium Bourbon easier to find!

  • I just learning about all the therapeutic benefits of various essential oils. I love geraniums in my garden but never considered how beneficial it would be as an essential oil. I love that you compared the two varieties so we know the specific uses. This article was very informative. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the information! I can never remember which one I use in my face cream – thanks for reminder for “aging skin”. Although, I don’t think one could go wrong with either!

    1. Doty, Geranium Egyptian has a slightly higher percentage of citronellol. It usually is around the 30% range, while Geranium Bourbon is closer to the 20% range. If you want to know the specific percentage of citronellol in whatever Plant Therapy Geranium you have, feel free to check out their GC-MS reports on the product’s website page. You can also contact our awesome Customer Service Team at [email protected] for more help 🙂

  • This is helpful. I’m still not entirely sure which geranium would be best for what I want to use it for, but think I will try the Egyptian. It’s in my cart 🙂

  • I love the smell of Geranium Bourbon. I would ware it as perfume. Still testing the therapeutic properties but I think it will be one of my must have oils.

  • IU used to use Doterra’s Geranium on my legs for spider veins and it did a great job of eliminating those unsightly veins. I discontinued use due to cost. Plant Therapy is a healthy option for me but I was wondering which geranium oil I would try that will offer like results to Doterra’s brand?

    1. Cindy, we are so grateful you are going to give us a try! We would love to find the closest alternative for you. Would you happen to know the botanical name of the species of geranium you used that gave you such great results? We carry two different geranium oils, as well as a blend of essential oils designed specifically for that issue — and, it’s aptly named “vein aid.” 🙂

  • I’ve never like the bourbon geranium, and due to its benefits I wanted to add to my face oil … I’m surprised and I love the Egyptian cleaner smell. Thank you

  • Love this post! So much information & I’m glad I ordered Egyptian & a friend gave the Bourbon so glad I will have both & know how to use them. Thank you so much Plant Therapy for educating your customers. I feel like I taking online courses with the amount of information you share.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I’m still not sure which one to purchase though; I’ll see if I can get someone through the chat.

  • Thanks for the info on the geraniums.. i am trying to figure out which one i should buy and after reading this, it feels like i should get it both .. because i still cant decide.. i just wished that i am staying nearer so i can just come by and anytime i want instead of waiting for 3-4weeeks for my green parcel from PT .

  • Thanks for the great info, although now I think I need BOTH of these geraniums! Very helpful to have the differences explained clearly and in the same blog.

  • Thank you for this article! I love the blogs and read as much as I can. I already have Geranium Egyption, and now it looks like I need (yes, neeeeeeed) to add Geranium Bourbon as well.

  • These blog posts are so helpful! THANK YOU for providing such good info beyond the product pages! I will be cruising the blogs for a while today I think! haha

  • I have come across “rose geranium” EO several times and I’m wondering what the difference is from the ones that Plant Therapy carries and why you don’t have the other. In researching EO’s, I have seen that your information is the best and would appreciate any information you can provide.

  • Thanks for this blog post. I needed geranium oil for a face wash and they did not specify. The information you provided answered my questions. Thanks again!

  • Which would you recommend for someone who is trying to lighten or get rid of my scars? They both say they help skin, so I’m not positive which is better.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Valeria! I’ve updated the post to reflect the correct percentage.

    2. A great informative blog! Answered my questions and explained the differences well! I’ve always used geranium Bourbon but it looks like I need geranium Egyptian in my arsenal for my skin care. Thank you!

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