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Naturally Blended

Remember Last Month? Try this Kumquat Recipe!

Hello, Oil of the Month club members! Do you still have your Kumquat Oil? If you haven’t already used up this refreshingly bright and juicy treat, try this amazing recipe, perfect to send some happy vibes to your senses, while helping sweetly freshen your living space!

Fruity Fresh

Cautions: For Chamomile German CO2, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.1% – 0.2% in blends for the skin.


This mini-master blend can be used in your diffuser or tripled for a personal aromatherapy inhaler. You can also dilute it appropriately in your favorite carrier oil for topical application.

Looking for more great recipes? Check out our OOTM post using the bright and beautiful aroma of Kumquat!

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