DIY KidSafe Buzz-Off Lotion Bars with EOs

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DIY KidSafe® Buzz-Off Lotion Bars with Essential Oils

It’s mosquito season again, which means it’s time to make a new DIY batch of buzz-off lotion bars!

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but around here it’s starting to get seriously hot and humid. That means the buzzing outdoor annoyances are coming out in full force. I spend a lot of my time outside in the garden or tending to the yard, so I really need something to help me stay pest free.

To keep myself free from those buzzing buggers, I made these lovely, natural (and KidSafe®) buzz-off lotion bars using Plant Therapy’s Shield Me Synergy.

DIY insect repellant essential oil lotion bars

DIY KidSafe Buzz-Off Lotion Bars

What  you’ll need:

What you’ll do: 

Melt beeswax, butters, and almond oil together in a double boiler. Once melted, stir in your KidSafe Shield Me Synergy and vitamin E. Pour into mold and let dry.

Enjoy the outdoors, pest-free!


66 thoughts on “DIY KidSafe® Buzz-Off Lotion Bars with Essential Oils”

  • Tried it this year and after a week it works pretty well for us. However, I’m not a fan of the bar-style application. Could I re-melt it in a double boiler in order to place it in a better container? And what is the total percentage of dilution? I’d like to make another batch for my youngest (below 2) and ajust the EO accordingly.

    1. You can definitely re-melt it and put it in a different container that works well for you. These are diluted for kiddos ages 2+ (about a 1.5% dilution). For little ones 2-24 months, we recommend using 2-4 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier when used for whole-body application. This would leave you with a dilution of 0.25%-0.5%.

  • Guess what im making as soon as I get some containers?! The flying creatures are driving me insane this year! Thank you, PT!

  • I made these last night (using Honeybell). I like the recipe, thank you! It’s a little too sticky/tacky for my husband though. Any suggestions on how to tweak it to give it more slip?

  • So apparently I forgot to buy the Shield Me, is there another combo that would work? I do have citronella.

  • I made some of these Kid Safe for a friend because she wasn’t having any luck with store bought. She loves it, it worked perfectly when they went camping. I use it along with a spray for myself when I go out side. I love this, one of my favorite oils that PT carries.

  • Going to try these this week! Going camping next weekend and want to keep bugs at Bay!

  • I did it!! Hahah, this is a more complicated DIY than I’ve done with my EOs before (though still very easy). I used FCO instead of jojoba and fresh meadows diluted to 2%. Used the leftovers from the bowl on my hands and I’m loving it! Thanks, PT, for making oils and DIYs accessible to all of us. <3

    1. Hi Sara, it looks like chapstick tubes can hold about 0.15 oz and this recipe makes between 7.5-8 oz. So the answer is… about 50! You might try reducing the recipe so you can work in smaller batches.

  • Does this have to be diluted any more for a 1 year old? Or is it safe as the recipe stands? I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old.

  • I finally got around to making these lotion bars. They came out really good, texture wise, but the smell is a bit strong, like a soapy smell. Not sure if this will work for my grandson, as he is extremely sensitive to smell. We shall see. I hope it works, because the rest of us will use it.

  • I finally got around to making these lotion bars. They came out really good, texture wise, but the smell is a bit strong, like a soapy smell. Not sure if this will work for my grandson, as he is extremely sensitive to smell. We shall see. I hope it works, because the rest of us will use it.

  • I made this recipe with Nature Shield – it’s wonderful! I made 6 little 15mL deodorant tubes and two tins for the Buzz Off – and made two more tins with a sleepytime and one as a scented perfume. The recipe is so easy to follow (I modified it just a tad), but so happy with the results! Thank you! Wish I could show you a picture of how cute they are!

  • I just purchased Nature Shield and have all of the other ingredients on hand. So excited to give this a shot! Thank you PT for proving with such great ideas!

  • This is a great recipe! I used it with different oil’s and poured into round lotion stick containers and they came out amazing!!

  • Great idea! My favorite DIY with EOs is making lotion bars! I haven’t made these particular ones, but I CERTAINLY will be. Thanks PT for the awesome recipes and ideas.

  • I’ve been looking for a lotion bar recipe, and I hope this one turns out for me! I’m going to try with other EO’s for now, and then will make again with the Shield Me synergy. Thanks for the recipe!

  • I loved this recipe! I chose cocoa butter instead of shea butter. If I made it again, I would reduce the cocoa butter for a softer lotion, but that’s my personal preference. I don’t own a double boiler, so I used a heat-safe bowl over a pot of hot water. We poured some into 2oz glass jars and some into ice cube and gelatin molds. 😉 They were a hit with the kids and it made enough that it lasted all summer plus some for us.

    I also changed up the essential oils and made allergy lotion bars with Sneezy Stop, focus bars with Vetiver, etc.

  • Thank you for this, I will definitely be trying this, my four year old daughter is bug magnet, especially red ants! She loves her essential oil lotions at night and she is going to be so excited to try a lotion bar.

  • For use on adults would you increase the amount of EO? Also, would this work to pour into empty deodorant tubes? I want to have something to use while out where it won’t be on my hands.

  • I made these at the beginning of summer and they were great! My kids asked for the “bug bar” every time we went outside. The only thing I found was that they didn’t go on as smoothly as I would have liked. My husband used some on his sasquatch arms and the bar was handed back to me with fur!

  • When you say oz of the beeswax and butter do you mean weight or volume? And if volume, do you know the weight of those amounts? I’m not sure how to measure wax or butters by volume.

    1. Beeswax, believe it or not, is measured the same both volume and weight. So 1oz weight is 1oz volume. But the butters are measured by weight, too. 🙂

  • I can’t wait to try this! I’m always looking for ways of naturally keeping the bugs away. I think putting it in a deodorant container would be the easiest way of storing and applying. I’m also wondering about switching up the butters and oils to use what I have on hand. Could fractionated coconut oil be substituted for almond oil?

  • We will be camping in bear country in Montana/Wyoming next month. I’m hearing mixed things about essential oils attracting bears. My husband thinks we shouldn’t risk it, we should just use some DEET while we are camping. Has anybody come across anything authoritative about bears and Eos?

  • This is a great recipe! We did almond oil in one bath and joboba in the other. Both turned out great.

  • I made this recipe in small deodorant containers to make lotion sticks for ease of application and to keep from getting on my hands. It works great!

  • I’m wondering if there is a reason for the small amount of almond oil used in relation to the amount of butters and beeswax.

  • I am going to try this we have so many bugs! I want to put it into a lotion stick instead of a mold. I think that would make it easier for traveling.

    1. You could swap the mango for a different butter, but you may have to play with the amount of beeswax you use. If you use a hard butter like cocoa, you would need less.

  • Can I follow this recipe and use another synergy? I want to use Skin Soother for my eczema plus the hydrating butters.

  • I made these yesterday and they turned out so nicely! Thanks for the recipe!! Now, what’s the best way to clean the double boiler from the waxy residue? 😀

  • Sounds great! What are you using for a mold? Something commercially made for this or something on hand in the home?

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