Essential Oil of the Month: Honeybell Synergy!

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May Oil of the Month: Honeybell Synergy


Just in time for summer, we created an exclusive, luscious sweet synergy: Honeybell. This synergy blends some common and less common essential oils into an exquisite feast for the senses and a truly unique experience.

Honeybell brings you a fresh and fruity aroma, and a juicy, sparkling citrus bouquet with a bit of woody and herbaceous tones rounding it out. This synergy comes out of the bottle with a delicious burst of berry.


Honeybell’s Background:

Honeybell contains some favorite familiar oils such as Orange Sweet and Grapefruit Pink and Lime Steam Distilled. But we also wanted to add a little something extra special to make this synergy really pop, so we added Buchu, Cognac and Galbanum essential oils to finish this blend. Each helps to create an amazing symphony of scent.

With that in mind, here is little background on these three less common oils:

Buchu (Buchu Betulina)

Buchu is distilled from the dried leaves of a small shrub native to South Africa.

These leaves have traditionally been used to support a healthy urinary system and to ward off pests.[1] Steffen Arctander, an expert and author of natural  perfumery, wrote that Buchu is “primarily extracted into tinctures, oleoresins and other extracts for the pharmaceutical industry.”

Because only small amounts of Buchu are distilled into essential oil overall, it isn’t easily available for everyday use.[2] Arctander notes Buchu essential oil is “prized in small amounts in the fragrance and flavoring industries for its strong, pleasing scent of blackcurrant,” which he further describes as an aroma of “penetrating, tart berry.”

Buchu essential oil also has an important place in working with the spirit, and can be used to support a sense of stability, especially in situations that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar.[3]


Cognac (White Vitis Vinifera)

Cognac (one of the finest brandies), is created to very strict specifications, and named for the Cognac region of France. The white grapes used in Cognac are first fermented into wine, and then distilled twice before being placed in a wooden barrel to age much like whiskey. [4]

Cognac Essential Oil is distilled from the fermented grape tissue remaining in the barrel once Cognac has aged . This makes for a scent highly prized by high-end producers in the perfume and flavor industries.

Arctander describes Cognac Essential Oil as an “intensely strong, almost harsh-fruity, oily-fatty, yet green-herbaceous odour of outstanding tenacity and great diffusive power….rectified, it is used in flavors and perfumes to give “lift” and fresh-fruity natural notes in liquors, fragrances.”[5] Because Cognac has such a powerful and penetrating aroma, it’s only used in small amounts.


Galbanum (Ferula Galbaniflua)

Galbanum essential oil is distilled from a gum resin extracted from the stem of a large herb native to the Middle East and Western Asia.

The resin itself has been prized since ancient times for its therapeutic and spiritual benefits for wound care, skin issues and respiratory support.[6]

According to Valerie Worwood the Galbanum resin was “one of the ingredients in the anointing oil instructions given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.” Galbanum resin was also used by Hippocrates for its healing properties, and prized by physicians in the Middle East.[7]

Galbanum distilled into an essential oil is still prized today for perfume making. Arctander notes its odor is “intensely rich green, woody balsamic with a dry undertone.”  Only small amounts are required to bring the green note that Galbanum gives to a scent, because of the strength of the aroma.[8]

In aromatherapy, Galbanum essential oil is great for body (and mind) when used for skin care, respiratory ease, and to soothe the nervous system, especially with worry and nervous tension.[9] For the spirit, Joni Keim recommends using Galbanum to support a sense of stability and personal strength.[10]


Honeybell’s Benefits:

So, now that we’ve discussed what makes Honeybell so great, let’s talk about its benefits beyond the scent!

Honeybell is exceptionally soothing and relaxing and can help lift your mood or promote a positive outlook. Because it’s very calming to the senses, you can reach for Honeybell to help reduce worry and nervous tension.

When diffused, Honeybell helps boost your outlook with a sparkling scent, brightening your day.

honeybell essential oil synergy


Blending Honeybell:

Honeybell shines as a natural fragrance to uplift the spirits and soothe the senses. In addition to adding to your diffuser, or carrying with you in a personal aromatherapy inhaler, you can also add Honeybell to personal care products for luscious self care. Just add Honeybell at 1% dilution into your favorite carrier.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: Not safe for pregnancy and nursing.

Here are some suggestions for using Honeybell to get you started:


Honeybell Body Wash

  • 18 drops Honeybell Synergy (or 9 drops per 1 oz carrier for 1% dilution)
  • 2 oz unscented, natural body wash

Add to a PET plastic squeeze bottle and shake hard to mix


Honeybell Lotion

Add to a PET plastic squeeze bottle and shake hard to mix.


Honeybell Solid Perfume

(from the enclosed Product Details Sheet)

Melt beeswax over a double boiler. Stir in carrier oil. Remove from heat. Stir in 20-25 drops of Honeybell Synergy. Pour into small tins or jars and cap tightly to cool.




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58 thoughts on “May Oil of the Month: Honeybell Synergy”

  • Just received Honeybell a few weeks ago and fell in love with its fragrance! I can see why everyone raves about this blend, it’s sweet, fresh and uplifting. I have been diffusing it in my car with a magnetic clip-on, and every time I get in my car it puts me in such a great mood. Going to try the DIY body wash and lotion next.

  • Since this isn’t kid safe, if I make it in a lotion for me and then am around my 4 1/2 yr old grand daughter and other small grand children will it hurt them?? I love the smell and would have to use in an inhaler but am curious about it being safe, sorry if my question doesn’t make sense.

  • I understand that it’s not kidsafe but just wanted a little more clarification- does this apply to diffusion as well? Or if I were to make myself a solid perfume, would I not be able to wear it around my child?

    1. We would not recommend using this topically on your child or diffusing around them. You can safely make a solid perfume and use it yourself. I hope this helps!

    1. I think your dreams have may have just been answered 😉 Honeybell has just been added to our regular oils!

  • After reading the reviews…I’m sorry I missed this one and didn’t sign up for the OOTM. Please make this available as one of the regulars. I so want to make the recipes listed…they sound refreshing and energizing!

  • I am in love with Honeybell, I am really hoping that you will make this oil a regular, I have used it in so many things and I wear it everyday on my bracelet and smell it when I need a pick me up!

  • This smell is absolutely divine! If you are a citrus fan, this will be a must have in your collection!

    1. Several people have called recently and ordered over the phone that were not OOTM members! Definitely try calling them and see if they still have it!

  • Oh, man–this sounds amazing!! I wish I had found PT sooner! So far, I have only July’s OOTM, but I’m excited to see what shows up each month! I sure hope Honeybell will come back to the “menu” soon, because I will definitely buy it!! 🙂

    1. Oil of the Month is so fun, since every month is a surprise! Just make sure to let us know if you really, really love one that you get. Our customer’s input is part of how we determine what to bring back!

  • This is my favorite oil of the month so far. I hope it becomes a permanent synergy! It absolutely gives me a nice boost of energy and happiness. Recently, I’ve been diffusing it in my car. So yummy!

  • This is by far my favorite OOTM I’ve gotten so far. But I’ve only been using PT since January. Honeybell is very uplifting and calming. Hoping you’ll add it as a regular to inventory, because I’ll be sad when mine is gone.

  • Honeybell has to be my favorite OOTM so far! I just the clean fruity smell – it’s so uplifting! I hope this synergy is added to the regular PT stock for purchase!

    1. Honeybell is amazing! It’s definitely been one of our popular ones, so we’ll see what happens!

  • I wasn’t sure I was going to like honeybell when I first got it…but once I tried it in the recipes provided I find it’s not bad at all. I particularly like the body wash recipe.

  • Honeybell smells absolutely amazing!! It’s fruity and sweet! I live using this in my unscented lotion and I get so many compliments Everytime I wear it!! I hope they decide to make this a regular product!

    1. Depending on popularity, some OOTM products can and will be added to regular stock. Stay tuned for future new product announcements! 🙂

  • By far one of my favorite oils yet! I have used it in my difusser and as an inhalier to relieve anxiety and tension. It works so well and it’s incredibly helpful not to have to think about which oils I need to mix or how much of each one. Calms me down and helps me sleep.

    I also love the clean bright fresh smell it brings to my home.

    1. Isn’t Honeybell wonderful? I love diffusing it when I get home from work – it’s just so bright and happy! We are so glad you are loving it, too Robin. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love Honeybell’s scent and the name matches the smell! So glad I joined OOTM Club! Interesting about Galbanum being in Moses’ anointing oil on Mt Sinai. I love hearing about how these oils were used in the Bible!

    1. Isn’t Honeybell amazing! I love that this oil is jam packed with unique, meaningful, and beautiful essential oils. Have a great weekend!

  • I do not have OOTM club but a friend does. I got the chance to smell Honeybell and Oh
    My!!!!! I can surely see what everyone was excited about. It is very delicious, bright and uplifting!!

  • I love this synergy so very much! I’m really hoping that it becomes a regular product. Even my picky hubby loves the scent of this oil.

  • I recently subscribed to the OOTM club, Honeybell happened to be my second month and I am SO glad that I didn’t miss out on this beauty! I’d say sparkling is probably the best word you could have chosen to describe it. It has such a pretty aroma and I cannot wait to go add it to my body wash! I love the idea of using it as a perfume too. Honeybell is truly a lucky score and boy am I glad it came in 30ml!

  • Honeybell is absolutely AMAZING! So far I made an air freshener, a fabric freshening spray and drawer sachets with it. It’s a great summertime scent!

  • This one just smells so good in the diffuser. But I’ve noticed that the smell disappears after a very short time. Maybe I need to use more drops I’m not sure. But it smells lovely while it lasts.

  • Honeybell is absolutely wonderful, so luscious! I can’t even fully describe just how unique this synergy is–I just love it!

  • I absolutely love this synergy. It’s my favorite OOTM so far. Thank you for this post about Honeybell and the ideas on how to use it besides just in a diffuser or inhaler.

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