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Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Jasmine Absolute

  • Latin name: Jasminum sambac
  • Aroma description: Intense and rich, this exotic aroma is a complex mix of fruity, waxy, and floral notes.

Therapeutic benefits

  • Famously recognized as an aphrodisiac by increasing feelings of romance and desire.
  • Uplifts the mood by helping to ease away feelings of tension and stress.
  • Calms the mind and body.
  • Helps to gently smooth and revitalize skin, making it a great addition to creams, oils, mists, and facial masks.
  • Known to help bolster feelings of self-confidence.


Yes, this oil is KidSafe!

Dilution instructions:

Jasmine Absolute Jasminum sambac has a topical dilution maximum of 4%

Diffusion instructions:

Diffuse a few drops in your aromatherapy inhaler to enjoy this sweet, deep floral aroma.

Where Jasmine Absolute is used on the body:

Due to its fantastic skin rejuvenating properties, Jasmine makes a wonderful addition to body creams and lotions at a 1-2% dilution.

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Coriander Seed, Frankincense Carteri, Ginger Root CO2, Sandalwood Australian, and Vanilla Oleoresin.

Aromatic Bath DIY:  

Mix one drop each of Jasmine Absolute, Sandalwood Indian, and Orange Sweet in a tablespoon of unscented body wash or bubble bath, then pour under the running water; relax and enjoy!

Jasmine Perfume DIY

DIY Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Perfume
What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:

Mix the essential oils with the Polysorbate 20, then add to the Witch Hazel or Vodka.

Try out Jasmine Absolute today!


29 thoughts on “Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • Hello Etherapy may I ask if you are taking about the smell or pain relief? I’m thinking your talking about making the pain blend smell better with the one drop of jasmine absolute. Any ways would love to know as I’m on the hunt for pain oils to use. Anything for nerve stabbing swelling of the arms hands feet and back pain and Spasms.I have central pain syndrome / chronic and severe nerve pain and my pain specialist in GA is a joke along with the CDC so I’m also trying to switch Doctor atm. But it’s always nice to find others ways or addons to help with pain like these oils maybe I will email Plant Therapy and ask for a list or something but if they had one I’m sure I would of already found it bye now.

    1. I’m not sure what exactly you are asking. If you want to add this essential oil to a pain blend, that would be fine so long as there aren’t already a bunch of oils in the blend.

  • For witch hazel, will T.N. Dickinson’s Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel work? It has a strong aroma in its own though. Wouldn’t it interfer with the EOs?

    1. Without having tried it, we can’t say for sure if that brand would interfere with the smell of the EOs. But chances are, it will serve the purpose for this DIY.

  • Why does your company have 2 sizes of Jasmine Absolute with very different price differences. One is much higher in price, but the description looks the same?

    1. Hi Sharon, our prices are based on the amount of oil in each bottle. The price will increase based on the size you are buying, even though the same oil is in all the bottles. Hopefully that answers your question. If not, please reach out to our customer satisfaction team at [email protected]

  • I just ordered the Jasmine Absolute! It has been on my wish list for a long time and I just used a $40 reward to get it!! So excited!

  • I just got jasmine (finally!) and I’m so pleased with it, so of course I had to find this blog post! I tried the bath blend and it was amazing. I’m excited to try the other blends recommended in this article, and I can’t wait for my ginger to get here so I can see how it blends with the jasmine.

  • Why did I wait so long to buy Jasmine! I have it in a night cream mixed with unscented lotion and rose. Heavenly, and relaxing at night!

  • I knew I bought Everclear for a reason! This sounds heavenly. I’m hoping I can concoct this without the Polysorbate 20. Maybe in smaller quantities and keep in fridge?

  • I’m trying jasmine with orange and palmarosa. I’m crossing my fingers that it blends well for a perfume.

  • How long would this last? My roller ball perfumes of just carrier and EO only lasts a few minutes 🙁

    1. I’ve used this recipe with a different blend of essential oils and it lasted the majority of the work day. 🙂

  • I was so excited to get my Jasmine Absolute yesterday! The first thing I tried was a Flying Fox dupe in a roller – Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, and Palmarosa. It smells heavenly!

    1. Unfortunately our aromatherapists aren’t trained in advanced formulations, therefore we cannot guarantee that other products will work in place of those recommended. From my own personal experience, glycerin isn’t suitable as a solubilizer/emulsifier. I would suggest researching further.

  • I’m wondering why the diy perfume is not safe for kids. Each of the three oils are labeled KidSafe. Is it due to the vodka?

    1. Yep, we cannot guarantee safety for kiddos, so we advise against it. We’d recommend you research further and consult with your kiddos doctor prior to use.

    1. Julie, we do not currently carry polysorbate, so I would suggest checking on Amazon. I hope this helps!

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