DIY Essential Oil Shoe Spray for the Outdoorsy Dad

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DIY manly essential oil shoe spray

DIY Essential Oil Shoe Spray for The Outdoory Dad


DIY manly essential oil shoe spray

Do you know a dad who is a great sleeping-under-the-stars outdoorsman? This Father’s Day, give your favorite rugged mountain man a great, practical DIY that’s the perfect addition to any travel bag!

DIY Manly Essential Oil Shoe Spray

DIY Manly Shoe Spray

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Measure out Everclear and pour into a large measuring cup. Mix in baking soda. Make sure you mix it well. Add essential oils. Pour into spritz bottles.

To use:

Spray the inside of stinky shoes and allow to dry.


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41 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oil Shoe Spray for The Outdoory Dad”

  • I have the Deodorizing Synergy Blend EO; how many drops of that would be used in this recipe? Also, can you substitute anything in place of the Everclear, like Witch Hazel or isopropyl alcohol?

    1. Hi Kelly, you can use Deodorizing at the same number of drops as the other oils, 135 total. If you use witch hazel instead, you’ll also need Polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier. Isopropyl alcohol is an option, but you’d need the strongest strength and its smell can over power the essential oils.

  • thanks for the recipe
    a couple for questions:
    do we need to add water?
    when the shoes dry up after spraying, will the baking soda be left inside the shoes? and when the feet sweat again, would it be mixed with the baking soda?

    1. This recipe doesn’t call for water. If there is any remaining baking soda in the shoes, I would allow to dry and vacuum it out.

  • You e said it isn’t Kid Safe…I need it for my daughter’s balllet slippers (oy!!). How do I make it Kid Safe?

    1. Hillary, you’ll just need to replace the Rosemary with something. If you have either Spearmint or Eucalyptus Dives, those would both be great options!

  • Hello. I made this spray almost 2 weeks ago. I only added more lemon oil and stronger alcohol. IT WORKS. My husband works in heavy boots all day and even changes socks during the day but still his shoes were stinky. With this spray it’s much much better. Odor is gone

  • This is what I needed. My husband is working in heavy shoes and no store bought spray can keep the smell away.I started putting cotton balls with eos inside both shoes for the night but the eo spray sounds much better. Thank you PT

    1. Kerrie, you are more than welcome to use this recipe in your 6 year old’s shoes. Do you have any conifers on hand, other than fir? Choices such as Cypress, Pine, and Spruce are great replacements. If you do not have those, I would go over into the “earthy” or “woody” smelling oils, such as Frankincense, Patchouli, or Cedarwood. I hope this helps!

      1. I also do not have any firs, but I do have cedarwood and frankincense so I can just use one of those in place of it?

          1. Rubbing alcohol is not a high enough proof to preserve a water-based spray. If you wanted to use rubbing alcohol, you would need to do so straight, no water content. It also smells quite strong and may overpower the aroma of the essential oils. You can learn more about blending with alcohol here.

  • I love all of the new DIYs and can’t wait to make this! Everyone in our house needs this for their shoes, especially with sweaty summer feet.

    1. We hope you love this shoe spray! I use it myself at home for all of the stinky shoes and I’m still amazed by the odors it can tackle 🙂 So glad you are loving all of our new DIYs!

  • Thank you! This has proven to be an effective lifesaver combating against what we call nacho cheese chips feet smell. 🙂

    1. Jen, that is so funny! We are so glad this spray will combat those nacho cheese chips 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  • Did anyone else actually try this? I just made it up and the baking soda barely dissolved so it instantly clogged my spray bottle. Totally bummed. Do it work well for anyone?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Dana! I haven’t had any issues with the baking soda dissolving but I do mix the ingredients really well. Hopefully you can experiment a bit and get this to work for you 🙂

    2. I have the same problem. Tried it with different spray bottles and it clogged them both. Going to try reducing the amount of baking soda, Im confident that’s what’s clogging the spray nozzle.

  • This sounds perfect! I have two boys and a husband .. Lots of stinky shoes! What can I use instead of balsam fir?

    1. Hi Lyn, in this specific recipe, yes you can substitute the everclear with rubbing alcohol, but please be aware this is not the case for every recipe.

        1. Ali, we typically do not recommend isopropyl alcohol because it is denatured and not the greatest product for the skin and body…technically, it would work here as this isn’t a body product and depending on your state’s laws, may be the best option. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our aromatherapists at [email protected]. I hope this helps 🙂

  • This shoe spray will be a life saver for the men in my life. My husband, two sons and 2 grandsons. Stinky feet run in the family. Although now that I think about the entire family will benefit from the spray and how much nicer our closets will smell. YES. Foot spray please!!

    1. Laura, I can definitely relate; I have a house full of boys with stinky feet, too! This spray has such a lovely fresh scent — let us know how it turns out for you, we hope you all love it!

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