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Essential Oils for Sunburn Relief


No one plans to get a sunburn, yet at some point, we all seem to get them. Even the most cautious person can walk away from the beach with a burn. A bad sunburn can ruin a vacation, a day filled with outdoor adventures, or even just lounging inside with a good book or your favorite TV show. Who can relax or have fun with all that painful, hot, itchy skin? Then, when it’s a real bad burn, there’s the blisters, peeling, and flakes of skin shedding off all over your sheets. Gross!

Sunburns happen to the best of us. Thankfully, there are ways to stay comfortable while your body heals, and we are here to help! Let’s start with the most well-known burn remedy: Aloe Vera Jelly. Plain, or with the skin soothing addition of Lavender, this is a must-have for sunburned skin. For added instant relief, try chilling your aloe in the fridge before applying it. This is also a great idea for other skin soothing body products, such as our Lavender Body Cream or Organic Healing Balm. Also, when applying any of these products, consider gently patting the moisturizer on, rather than rubbing it, to avoid aggravating your sensitive skin and possibly prolonging the healing process.

Try this amazing DIY for soothing an uncomfortable sunburn.

Sun Soother

Sun Soother Essential Oil DIY for Sunburn Relief

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Dilute in an ounce of Aloe Vera Jelly and apply to the impacted area.


Don’t forget to keep your water bottle nearby! Staying hydrated helps counteract the drying effects and dehydration a sunburn can cause. We hope you can avoid the burn this summer, but if the damage happens, get quick relief and start the healing process fast with the amazing therapeutic properties of essential oils, hydrosols, and creams.


106 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Sunburn Relief”

  • If you don’t have Helichrysum is there something else you can use? Also are these being made in rollers or what are you guys making this in?

    1. You can just add 2 more drops of the lavender and 1 more drop of the Frankincense. We hope this helps!

  • Have to try it. Is it ok if I use Farankincense Serrata instead of Frereana? And does Geranium also helps?

    1. Frankincense Serrata is a great substitute! And Geranium, like many floral essential oils, is definitely good for soothing skin.

  • I just made lavender aloe vera jelly but at 1% dilution. Is it still effective or should I add more lavender to bring it to 2%? Thanks!

    1. A 1% dilution is still effective! It’s what we recommend for daily, full-body use (or use on the face). If you’re dealing with more acute issues like sunburn, you can bring it up to a 2% dilution.

  • I got a little too much sun today and just made this. It feels fantastic, and the scent from the oils is wonderful which is a nice bonus! It was so easy to put together. Thank you PT for the recipe!

  • Amazing!!! I have fair skin and burn easily. Had a garage sale and on the first day with sunscreen I was burnt. Had surgery scheduled in 4 days and afraid they would cancel it. So applied lots of moisture – aloe vera, hydrosol, coconut oil… and made this recipe. After I applied it, the sunburn seemed to get redder. Yikes! Thought I had made a mistake. Woke up the next morning and 75% of the redness was gone. Just amazing. Thank you PT for this recipe! I didn’t have Helichrysum, so just used the lavender and Frankincense.

  • I am so thankful for plant therapy and their many helpful blogs! I used this as the base for my own “soother” for a VERY bad burn, and simply fell in love. I was concerned about the aloe turning opaque but was quickly reassured by the PT team! Rockstars!

  • Love this option for natural and effective sunburn relief. Would it also be helpful to relieve bug bite itch?

    1. Lavender is always good for helping with skin concerns, including bug bites. But we actually have a DIY created just for bug bites!

  • This is awesome! We just bought a pool pass, so I’m making this up to add to the pool bag!

  • This DIY helps SOOOOO much with taking the pain, itching and reddness out of a sunburn! Aloe vera jelly is something we never go without! We use it for almost all skin issues.

  • Definitely making this. Getting ready to head to Florida to visit my daughter and there will be lots of beach time.

  • used this on my sunburn after a long day at the state fair! worked great! it soothed the burn and the fragrance relaxed me well enough to get a good night’s sleep

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed this! I love it when I have everything I need for a new recipe. 🙂

  • I wish I would have came across this sooner as we have been a family that has been burned this year. Will definitely keep this mixture close by.

    1. I highly recommend having some whipped up and ready to go before spending too much time in the sun!

    2. Hmmmm….another reason to add Heli to my collection. It’s the only oil I’m missing to make this. Living in S. TX we try to be diligent with sun screen, but every one in a while we still get red.

  • I will have to try this recipe. I have been using a combination of aloe vera gel, coconut milk, and lavender essential oil to cool sunburn… and it works pretty good to take the initial sting away.

    1. The additional essential oils in this recipe takes this sun soother jelly to a whole different level! It soothes my burn immediately and really supports a quick healing process.

  • We practically live at the beach during the spring and summer months. We’ve been using Lavender Aloe Jelly for sunburns with great results. Definitely trying this next!

  • Thank you for this recipe! It came in handy when my brother-in-law forgot to reapply his sunscreen during the holiday celebration. PT for the win!

  • Oh yes! We live in Northern BC and we get the sunshine when we can. Sometimes a little too much! Will be making this!

  • Thanks so much for posting this! I get burned so easy (ginger…) Will be making this for our camping trip this weekend!!

  • I cannot wait to try this new sun relief recipe! I need more bottles to mix new recipes in!

  • Sounds interesting! I am always prone to sunburns so I have tried several different treatments for them.

  • I have PTs lavender aloe jelly, could I follow this recipe and eliminate the lavender EO? I’d have to substitute Frank C for Frank F as well. We are going on a beach trip and I suspect someone will need this before the trip is over.

  • I’ve already been using PT’s aloe jelly on our sunburns. Seems someone is always asking for it. We keep in in the refrigerator…so it is “just refreshing “ after being outside working or playing. Will be adding EOs to small bottle to give this improved version a try. Thank you!!

  • This sounds really great for using in an cream as well for dry skin.
    For sunburns I use cold calendula hydrosol sprayed on the area before I put the aloe mix on. Works wonderfully!

  • Definitely going to try this. I am so blessed to live here in Twin! I have the option to pick up my orders and visit the wonderful shop.

  • My husband always forgets (or cant be bothered) to put in sunscreen on his summer fishing trips. This will be the perfect thing to support his skin.
    Thank you so much!

  • Is there anything that you could use to substitute the Helichrysum Italicum? That is the only thing I don’t have for this recipe… what a great time to pull this out.

  • I have SOME of the oils suggested here, but not all of them..guess I know what to add to my list now! I DO have the lavender aloe jelly already though, and used it on 5 of my grandkids within the last few days for sunburns. My son in law also used it on a scrape he got from playing in his adult softball game!

  • I just bought a large bottle of the lavender aloe jelly. Could I add adrop or two few of Frank and helichrysumm to it to make a recipe similar to this? Im not sure how many drops to add with it already having lavender in it. Thoughts?? Thanks!

  • I made a recipe with these exact oils in it last month. We live in Florida so we are surrounded by beaches and I wanted to be prepared! I haven’t had to use it on a sunburn yet but I know it will be soothing since it helps moisturize our dry skin after sun exposure. Thank you for this!

  • Looks so good. Any subs for the Lavender that some of us poor sad folks just can not use? It’s the BEST thing for burns, especially when combined with Aloe, but…there’s no using it without some SERIOUS side effects.

  • This really works! It worked for me. 2 hours of mowing and my legs and shoulders were burnt. After one application the burn was gone. I love the lavender aloe

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the burn Chrystal but I’m so glad you were able to find some relief!

  • Ooh I can’t wait to try this! Gives me an excuse to try some things I haven’t before.

  • This is perfect! We live at the beach and get burned more often than I care to admit! This will be well loved by the whole family!!

  • I’m excited to get the aloe jelly for this purpose! I never plan on getting a sunburn but I always underestimate how much time I’m going to be in the sun vs. how much sunscreen I put on. So glad there’s a nice alternative when you don’t have an aloe plant!

  • I am so making this. With summer and long days in the sun this will be refreshing after a bath or shower.

  • I’ll definitely be trying this out soon. We tend to forget sunscreen so we get burned quite often. Now I just need a recipe for all natural sunscreen and we will be all set.

  • I have the same question as Lori. Can Frank C. be used as a substitute for Frank F in this recipe?

    1. Frankincense carteri would be a great alternative to Frankincense frereana in this recipe. You can use the same amount of drops. Let us know how it turns out.

  • Unfortunately I don’t have all of these ingredients. I did however just purchase Lavendar Aloe Jelly so I’m hoping that will help!

  • Oh, just what I need after today’s sunburn! I knew Plant Therapy would have exactly what I needed, and I’ve been wanting to order some aloe jelly! Perfect!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! We hope you like Helichrysum if you do buy it — it’s very versatile and great for skin issues!

  • Somewhere i read aloe vera jelly and gel are two different things…anyone know what isthe diffence and does it matter in this recipe

    1. Great question Barb! Aloe Vera Jelly actually has thickening agents added to it. When essential oils are mixed in these agents allow for proper dilution. Any time you’re using essential oils be sure to use the Aloe Vera Jelly or you may need to look into an added emulsifier. I hope this helps!

  • My granddaughter went to the beach and got sunburned yesterday so we are going to try this out – Thanks for the recipe!

  • Watched Retha make this on live video this morning. Came here for the recipe will definitely be making some of this soon. Glad to know that the aloe has preservative in it so no additional is needed. I am making two batches, one for adults and one for the kiddos.

  • If I don’t have frankincense frereana, will frankincense carterii or another oil be a good substitute?

  • Made a batch this morning right after the live video. Keeping it in the mini fridge. Tried a little bit and it was so nice. I image it will sooth a sunburn!!!

  • So excited to try this!! I actually have every ingredient, so I’ll have this handy when my darling boyfriend forgets to apply sunblock again lol

  • I recently purchased the Aloe very jelly to have on hand this summer as I’m always getting at least one good sunburn each year (I’m very fair skinned) so luckily I had it on hand when my husband came home from work last week with a nice sunburn on his neck and back. I made up a batch very similar to this and it worked out great for him. I applied it twice and the following day he said he didn’t even notice it anymore.

  • This looks great, and I actually have all the ingredients. I’m making some for our beach trip at the end of the month. Thanks 🙂

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