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DIY Essential Oil Skin Toner

DIY essential oil skin tonerHey, Beach Bum! Have you been spending the day out in the sun? It’s no secret that hot summer weather makes us sweat a lot more than any other time of the year. And when it comes to the sensitive skin on our face, that sweat can lead to summertime breakouts and blemishes — especially if it is mixing with makeup. Then add that to the drying effects of the sun and sand, and your skin is suddenly in need of some serious rejuvenation! Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered.

Our new summer synergy, Sangria Splash, makes for a wonderfully refreshing facial toner when added to the light, satiny feeling of Grapeseed Carrier Oil. It makes a perfect addition to your skincare routine after a fun summer day!

DIY Skin Toner

DIY Essential Oil Skin toner

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

To create a wonderful skin toner, add 9 drops of Sangria Splash with Witch Hazel and 1 Grapeseed Carrier Oil. Mix with Polysorbate or Solubol and add all of this to a 2 oz PET bottle and shake well to blend everything together. To use, apply a small amount to a cosmetic pad and gently wipe the face and neck.

83 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oil Skin Toner”

    1. If you don’t have Sangria Splash, you can use some the singles included in that blend like Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit and Davana.

  1. This is my favorite toner! I use Rose or Lavender hydrosol and about 1T in a 4oz bottle of Younger Glo carrier oil. But I just realized that PT doesn’t make Sangria Splash anymore. Bring it back, please!!!!

  2. I wanna try this but I do not have grapeseed carrier oil. What would be a good alternative if I have dry skin? Would almond or apricot carrier be equally good? Thanks.

  3. Could you guys tell me what kind of polysorbate to purchase? I have never used so I am not sure which is the best brand. Thanks!

  4. I haven’t used toner in forever, but putting sangria all over my “mature” skin sounds like just the ticket.

  5. Yes, glad to have fun, useful ideas like this! I have the Mountain Air and may try it as a toner instead. I don’t have either of the emulsifiers–does glycerin act as an emulsifier?

  6. I wanna try to make this! Thank you for the recipe.
    PS: I do not have grapeseed oil at the moment. What other carrier would you sugggest as substitute if I have dry skin?

    1. Unfortunately we are not experts in product formulations, so we can’t really compare all the different emulsifiers. If you email us at [email protected] we might be able to provide you more information. 🙂

  7. Its winter here in Australia and this would be a perfect addition to my skin care routine to uplift my mood on a rainy day and kick away the winter blues.

  8. This soubds wonderful!
    I don’t have grapeseed oil, but I do have coconut, jojoba, argon and apricot.
    Could you recommend a substitute?

    1. I would recommend using either apricot or jojoba unless you have FCO. Regular coconut oil is a semisolid and not what you need here.

  9. This sounds amazing! Never thought to use Sangria Splash for face but I must make this! Was just wishing for something hydrating but non-greasy for summertime.

    1. It really depends on the kind of witch hazel you use. If it is the hydrosol then we would suggest storing it in the fridge and/or adding a preservative. Many over the counter witch hazel products already have preservatives so an additional one would not be necessary.

      1. I usually buy Thayers Rose Witch Hazel. It does not list any refrigeration requirements, nor does it list a preservative. Would adding independents to toner change its composition enough to require refrigeration?

  10. I’ve had my eye on that Sangria since it came out. Been to the store twice and just haven’t purchased yet. Im going to be needing this! Does PT sell the polysorbate? I love these great ideas.

  11. This is great, I was already looking at how to replace my current toner with a more natural one once I ran out… Thank you!

    1. Thanks for asking Dana! These products are used to help the essential oils disperse throughout the recipe. Without them the essential oil would sit on top of the water based product and would not dilute properly.

  12. I’m loving the “alternative” uses for blends that seem to be smell good diffuser blends. Thanks for helping us think outside the box!!
    Can’t wait to try this when my Summer Blend set arrives.

  13. This sounds lovely. Now only if PT would carry the emulsifier solubol I wouldn’t have to bother looking elsewhere.

    1. I am planning to use vegetable glycerin as an emulsifier. Much easier to find and nontoxic/ecofriendly to boot!

  14. Hi there! I’m a bit confused about the ratio of polysorbate 20 to essential oils. I thought you do equal amounts of emulsifier and eos. I made big spray tonight doing equal amounts so I want to make sure I put enough polysorbate 20 in.

    1. Great question Angela! The added emulsifier helps to disperse the carrier oil as well as the essential oils. Generally, when only using essential oils and a water based product equal drops of an emulsifier is sufficient.

    2. Would like to make this but I’ve never made anything like this before. I e seen poly 20 & poly 80, what’s the difference & which one would need to be used? Also witch hazel, with or without the alcohol? Thanks!

  15. Oh my goodness. I just got my sangria splash synergy today im definately going to try this recipe. It smells so very nice and was trying to think of different ways to use it. This is so perfect!!

  16. I’m going to have go try this. I think I have tried every seasonal/holiday blend you’ve ever released and this is my favorite. It really does smell like sangria.

  17. Ooh this sounds amazing! I might have to pick up another bottle of Sangria Splash before it’s gone. 🙂

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