How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for You!

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How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for You

Breathing is one of the simplest but most important activities we ever do, and one of the most popular methods of utilizing the benefits of essential oils is through inhalation, or an essential oil diffuser. 

When you inhale the aroma of an essential oil, the receptors in your olfactory  membrane identify the smell and deliver sensory stimulation messages to your brain. Your brain reacts to these messages in many positive ways.

You can reap these benefits by simply bringing a bottle of essential oils to your nose and inhaling, but by using an essential oil diffuser you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils hands-free anywhere in a room.

Even more exciting? Plant Therapy is letting you pre-order our customer favorite AromaFuse Diffuser in rose gold!

An essential oil diffuser works by releasing essential oils throughout the air ,so their aromas and therapeutic benefits can be accessed through inhalation.

Different aromatherapy diffusers work in different ways to disperse the oil molecules into the air. Whether you are feeling stressed, run-down or tired, you can find relief by simply adding a few drops of the right essential oils into a diffuser.

The type of aromatherapy diffuser that’s right for you will depend on your lifestyle and how you incorporate essential oils into your everyday routines. Check out our breakdown of four of the most popular kinds of diffusers and how to choose the one that’s right for you.


Portable Essential Oil Diffusers

If you lead a busy lifestyle and are always on the move, it can be hard not to feel scattered. Whether you are dealing with a stressful office, bumper to bumper traffic or a cold and sterile hotel room, a busy working life on top of travel can destabilize us and prevent us from being our best selves.

If you seem to always be on the go, a portable essential oil diffuser can help you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you happen to be. These diffusers come in small sizes that are perfect for travel and are usually USB-powered and can plug into your car adapter, phone charger or laptop for an instant mood boost on the go.



Atomizing Diffusers

If you are prone to feeling under-the-weather, you need a powerful method of delivering the beneficial properties of essential oils to help encourage a healthy immune system. Atomization is a process that forces the breakdown of aromatherapy oils into microscopic particles which can quickly enter the lungs and be absorbed by the body.

It is the most powerful way to reap the healing and aromatic benefits of essential oils and does not alter their chemical composition. Although they cost a bit more, no other method is as effective at preserving and delivering an essential oil’s natural healing properties. These powerful diffusers can come in compact and easy to use designs, such as the Advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser.


Ultrasonic Diffusers

These are some of the most popular types of diffusers and perfect for use in the home. This simple technology uses electronic frequencies to vibrate a small disk placed under a small amount of water that releases the oil into a fine mist. Ultrasonic diffusers come in sleek and attractive designs that fit modern decor, plug into the wall and only require a small amount of water and a few drops of oil.


Aromatherapy Inhalers

Aromatherapy inhalers are an excellent choice if you want quick relief with essential oils–anytime, anyplace. Inside grocery stores, airplanes or important meetings can be stressful places, and conventional portable essential oil diffusers aren’t always appropriate for public usage.

Inhalers work by dropping oil onto a cotton wick inside an inhaler, positioning the inhaler close to your face and you taking a deep breath. If you want personal and quick access to the benefits of essential oils with no water or electricity required, aromatherapy inhalers are the best choice.  

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, and multiple methods of delivery. When choosing a diffuser, consider how you want to use essential oils, where you want to use them and how powerful you need the delivery to be. You might even choose a portable one for the car and office, and another as a permanent fixture for your living room décor.  Whichever diffuser you want, make sure you have a wide variety of essential oils on hand, so you’ll always have the perfect remedy for any situation.

96 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for You”

  1. So glad I read this! Somehow I never put “portable” diffuser into the context of using it in the car. (Don’t know why, it seems so obvious!!) With my long work commute I can’t wait to try the Diffuse on the Move to energize in the morning , and help relax on the way home!

  2. I would love to see the AromaFuse come in a champagne color like the Diffuse on the move. Any chance you’ll be releasing new colors? I see the wood grain hasn’t been available for a while.

    1. Jennifer, a champagne color would be lovely! That is a great idea and thank you for your input 🙂 You might want to consider bringing that up to our amazing Customer Service Team at [email protected], but I believe there is nothing like that in our current plans…

  3. Excited for my white diffuser to arrive! I ordered it on the last day of CAM! Love the beautiful, soft light it has. Also in the same order are inhalers too!

  4. We are new to essential oils and this is very helpful! I didn’t know there were any differences in diffusers. The AromaFuse is now on my wish list!

    1. So glad this blog could help you out, Carrie! You’ll love the AromaFuse, it’s a really great diffuser 🙂

  5. The rose gold one looks so pretty! I’m going to have to wait until some of my diffusers break though. I already have one per room!

  6. I have been using ultrasonic and have heard the term atomizing, but I didn’t know what the difference was in the diffusers. Thanks for the info!

  7. I love diffusers, but my challenge is now we have an indoor cat and I don’t want to diffuse around her. Any advice? Also, when we didn’t have her I was always struggling with getting enough diffused in our very open concept living room. I need something like a whole house diffuser once the kitty isn’t in the house! 🙂

  8. I am so excited about the new rose gold diffuser! Just ordered mine and it can’t get here fast enough!!!

  9. I love my aromafuse diffuser for many reasons… the nightlight,
    the 1 year warranty
    But by far, the best feature on this bad boy is the timer settings!

  10. Been wanting the aromafuse diffuser for a loooooong time! Bought last week with CAM sale and got it at a great price, so excited for Monday to come!

  11. I am a first time diffuser owner now thanks to that pretty rose gold one youre selling! I was just about to buy the wood grain but im thankful i waited an extra day!

    Can we learn more about ultrasonic vs nebulizer? I wanted to buy a nebulizer but I have a baby and pets so I fear the pure essential oils floating in the air may be too much for them?

  12. I had never even heard of personal inhalers before finding Plant Therapy! I am excited to order some soon because I think this will be better for me than diffusing since I have two little toddlers running around.

    1. Personal inhalers are so handy Laura, especially for travel! They are also a safe method of use for using oils that aren’t KidSafe around your little ones.

  13. I love the personal inhalers! I ordered two aromafuse diffusers this week. The white one came and I am waiting on the rose gold. I am in love!

  14. So glad you’re expanding options for the AromaFuse. I love that diffuser. Please, please add colored lights for a very near future edition of the AromaFuse. I love the timer function on it, but I do miss the colored lights of other diffusers it’s replaced in my home.

    1. If you need help with tracking please feel free to contact our customer service team at 800-917-6577 and we would be happy to help! Enjoy your new diffuser!

  15. Just ordered my second Aroma-fuse, 3 inhalers and 2 portable diffusers. Love having EOs in my wellness tool kit! Can the portable diffusers be plugged into a wall outlet with a USB adapter?

    1. Wonderful order Cyndee! To my knowledge, yes, the Diffuse on the Move diffusers can be plugged into a USB wall outlet. You can double check with Customer Service at [email protected] just to be safe. Have a great day!

      1. Thanks, Emilee, for your response! I used the Diffuse on the Move unit in a countertop USB outlet and it works perfectly.

  16. I’m excited to be getting the Rose Gold Aromafuse Diffuser as soon as it is released. I also ordered the the set of Summer Blends Bundle. This is my first induction into the world of diffusers and essential oils. My next order will be the popular synergy and essential oil set. I can’t wait!!!

  17. I love my personal inhalers for the car if other people are around and I use a diffuser in my bedroom at night and living room occasionally.

    1. What great ways to take advantage of inhalation through diffusion and personal inhalers. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Love the new Rose Gold AromaFuse! Definitely adding it to our collection… we already have Pearl White and Woodgrain.

  19. What perfect timing! I was just considering whether or not to buy a diffuser. It’s just meant to be, I guess! 😉

  20. I have been eyeing the PT diffuser for a while because I love the intermittent settings options! That thing will run all day long and still be going when I get home from work! What a dream! And now it’s in rose gold and I can’t hold off any longer!

  21. Planning to purchase a new diffuser for my home (as my current one is low quality) and one for my sister so this post and discount is perfectly timed! Thank you for all you do!

  22. I definitely placed my order for CAM Week 2 sales! I ordered two Plant Therapy diffusers and an order for inhalers. Looking forward to the rose gold diffuser!

  23. I love the color of this diffuser. However, I ended up not loving that particular diffuser after a few months =( it just quit spitting out anything. I hope to see better diffusers from PT in the future as I’m still looking for something to replace that one in my living room.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Jaimie! I hope that you were able to contact Customer Service so that we could take care of this issue. If not please feel free to reach out at [email protected]. Thank so much and have a wonderful day!

  24. How do we get our rewards points for commenting on the blog? I’ve commented on a lot but only was credited for 1. I thought we could get rewards for 2 a month.

  25. I’ve had my eye on the AromaFuser for a loooooong time! Today, I finally ordered one! LOVE the pink, but I took pity on my husband and got the Pearl White. 😉 I’d love to see even MORE colors, too!

  26. The rose-colored diffuser looks awesome! I only have one diffuser as of yet, but hoping to expand my collection soon. For now, inhalers are my best friend.

  27. this is helpful, but I wish that along with the info on the ultrasonic diffusers that it included information for size of room or square feet. I have one now (not a Plant Therapy one) but my room is large, so I would like to know if this would work (from a scent perspective, not just the therapeutic one!) 🙂 thank you.

        1. I would also like this information because I’m interested in purchasing a diffuser for my master bedroom so both my husband & I can get the benefits at the same time.

  28. This was helpful as I was in the market to buy a new diffuser. Since they are 20% off, I purchased one from the site yesterday, and I’m excited for it to come!

  29. The new rose diffuser looks great!
    Planning on ordering one for my mom’s birthday.
    Thanks for increasing the variety of your amazing products!

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