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DIY yoga mat spray from plant therapy essential oils

DIY the Best Yoga Mat Cleaner With Essential Oils

dDIY Essential Oils yoga mat spray

Sometimes, there’s not many things better than rolling out your yoga mat, taking a seat, and rejuvenating your mind and body through a good yoga practice.

But there is an important, though often overlooked, aspect to yoga that we need to talk about. Whether you roll it out regularly or just every once in a while, it’s always a good habit to clean your yoga mat after every use. You do it with all the other exercise equipment you use, and your mat should be no different.

That might seem like an extreme proposition. Clean it every time? It’s not like you’re sharing your mat — that’s your mat, so those are all your germs, right? No!

First off, your mat is not one-sided. Think about the side that’s laying on the floor — especially a heavily trafficked gym or studio floor — and all those mysterious, unknown, invisible germ invaders that are clinging to the underbelly of your mat. Ew.

Now, let’s think about the side of the mat you practice your Downward Dogs on. After an hour long, refreshing and restoring yoga session, it’s very likely that most of your body has touched the mat. Your hands, feet, arms, legs, booty, belly, top of your head, and sometimes your face are all sharing the same narrow space.

You’ve probably also worked up a good sweat and really want to just roll your mat up and carry on with your day, with that post-yoga smile on your face…but if you roll up your mat without cleaning it first, you’re rolling up all that straight-up nastiness too, and creating a bacteria breeding ground. Gross.

But don’t worry! It is so easy to clean and care for your yoga mat with this DIY yoga mat cleaner. Just shake, spray, and wipe away after your yoga practice and your mat will be ready to roll up — all nice and clean! Plus, while cleaning you will be able to enjoy the aromatic benefits of Lavender Fine, Cardamom, and Frankincense Serrata CO2. What a perfect way to finish up a great yoga session!

DIY Yoga Mat Spray

DIY essential oil yoga mat spray

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  1. Measure ingredients
  2. Add all ingredients to spray bottle
  3. Shake, spray, and wipe away!

*Polysorbate 20 is an emulsifier that is necessary to encourage the essential oils to fully disperse throughout this water-based product. Optiphen Plus is necessary to preserve the product.


*Please note that not all yoga mats are made of the same material. We recommend spraying a small patch of your mat initially to make sure the essential oils do not negative effect the material of your mat.


52 thoughts on “DIY the Best Yoga Mat Cleaner With Essential Oils”

    1. We don’t offer those here at Plant Therapy but they should be readily available on Amazon. If you don’t want to purchase those, you could also use Everclear as your preservative and emulsifier. Just make sure it is at least 25% of your mixture.

  • I want to try this, but it seems like an awful lot of essential oils for a 4 oz spray. Do I need that much for the antibacterial properties?

    1. Even though it does sound like a lot, the amount of drops in this recipe works out to about a 2.5% dilution, which is what you’d want in a cleaning or room spray.

  • I just started doing yoga at home, and need to make a spray like this. I love how PT offers so many useful recipes and tips!

  • I recently started yoga, so I am glad I am across this blog post, because I know now I will need to clean my mat and being able to do so with oils is even better!

  • Thanks for sharing this. What can i use to replace optiphen plus? I don’t think its easy to find that preservative in our country… =(

  • Thank you for the recipe. I’m always looking for good recipes to freshen up my yoga mat. I usually like to use earthy, tree scents for this kind of spray. Nice to shake it up with different oils though!

    1. We hope you like this recipe for your mat! It is fun to switch it up every so often, and who knows — you might find a scent you love even more! You can absolutely try this recipe with some coniferous (tree) scents as well if you like 🙂

      1. Where do you get your polysorbate 20 and optiphen plus? Are you comfortable using those ingredients? Are there any alternatives you’d recommend?

        1. Both can be purchased online, and are completely safe to use. In fact, many times they keep your essential oil DIY from going bad sooner. It’s fine to use the recipe without them, but just be aware that it shortens the shelf life of your DIY. Make sure to store it in a cool, dark place!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I personally use this spray on my own yoga mat and absolutely love it; it smells great after a workout and is just so easy to use 🙂

  • Cant wait to try this tonight. And perfect timing, I have a preconcert meet and greet yoga session with a celebrity tonight. Cant wait to use this after

  • Every other recipe I’ve found uses vinegar, which is… strong smelling to say the least!! Has anyone tried this on a rubber yoga mat with success? Would be good to have this as an alternative to vinegar sprays!

  • Great post! I will definitely be making one of these bottles up and taking it to the gym with me, as I often don’t have my own mat on me. Not a huge lavender fan so will probably switch it out for another floral scent, hopefully that doesn’t change the effectiveness of it?

  • I don’t have a yoga mat but I do use this recipe for cleaning other surfaces around my home 🙂 Seems to be working and smells great! Thank you!

  • Could a person use Everclear for 25% of the base and then 75% distilled water, to alleviate need for optiphen and polysorbate?

    1. Actually it was answered a bit higher up in thread. A URL was suggested reading

      My base was inspired by the simple diffuser cleaner formula by Florame, without Opti and Poly. Their use instruction says use once or twice a month, might suggest the product last at least several months with lavandin. I adapt their alcohol ratio to a mixture to clean my handphone surface. I do not need sterile, just clean feel and smell nice. I will also adapt this Yoga Mat cleaner formula the same.

      Maybe a suggestion to Plant Therapy: Perhaps you could offer Poly and Opti for sale

  • Oooh thank you PT! This was definitely a very much needed recipe! Nothing worse than having your face next to a stinky yoga mat!

  • Oh PT, how did you know I needed this? My mat definitely needs a good cleaning. I bet this will smell amazing too. A perfectly calming blend for yoga.

  • Thanks for this recipe. My yoga will appreciate the love.
    Quick question: can I substitute the Cardamom oil with any other oil? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely! I would suggest Sandalwood, Cedarwood, or even Ho Wood as alternatives but you can certainly experiment.

  • I’m wondering if using alcohol instead of water would eliminate the need for a preservative and also increase the antibacterial strength of this blend?

  • I dont have Poli nor Opti. Instead I plan substitute 1.5 ounce out of 3.8 ounce water with methylated spirit (40%). Lavender with Lavandin. The rest as it is. Surface wiping only

    1. We generally recommend avoiding methylated spirit or other types of denatured alcohol, especially for topical applications. I would avoid letting it come into contact with the skin.

  • I am excited to see this yoga mat spray recipe but unfortunately I am allergic to lavender. I guess I will have to find a Substitute oil. This is still a great recipe though, thanks.

    1. Neroli would be a lovely choice for this blend instead of the Lavender. You would use quite a bit less though because it is so strong.

  • Thanks, I am always looking for a new mat spray to try. I still don’t fully trust Polysorbate 20, but would love your opinion on substitutions/natural emulsifiers for sprays. I usually stick to witch hazel, dissolving EO infused salt, or cornstarch; any advice is appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately the products that you mentioned aren’t effective emulsifiers. You might consider researching Natrasorb or Solubol to see if those options would be a good fit for you. I hope you enjoy the spray!

  • Thanks for this reminder! I have been assuming that my yoga mat is quite clean… =p

    I shall clean it tomorrow.. Just wondering if I can wipe it down with Germ Fighter instead? I only have lavender oil out of the three you mentioned.

    I have been considering whether to get cardamom. May I know whether it helps to boost blood circulation and is it good to relieve flatulence and bloating?

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