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Melissa Organic Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

spotlight oil of the week: Melissa Organic

Melissa Organic

  • Latin name: Melissa officinalis
  • Aroma description: Grassy, lemon scent.

Therapeutic benefits

  • Pacifies emotions after traumatic events.
  • Inspires joy, hope, and feelings of peace.
  • Calms an upset tummy.
  • Helps to relieve tension in the head and neck.
  • Supports a compromised immune system.


No! This is not a KidSafe oil.

Dilution instructions:

To avoid the risk of various safety issues, we recommend a maximum dilution of 1% for topical applications.

Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops of Organic Melissa Essential Oil to your Plant Therapy AromaFuse Diffuser, personal inhaler, or diffuser necklace to create a peaceful atmosphere that can help reduce worry or calm the mind during times of emotional gloom.

Where Melissa Organic is used on the body:

Dilute at a maximum of 1% with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil and rub on the abdomen in a clockwise motion when an occasional digestive upset occurs.

Oils to blend with:

Basil Linalool, Bergamot, Citronella, Helichrysum Italicum, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, May Chang, Orange Sweet, Petitgrain, Rose Absolute, and Turmeric CO2.

Comfort and Ease Diffuser Blend

Add 3 drops of Frankincense Carteri, 2 drops of Melissa Organic, and 2 drops of Lavender to a diffuser to enjoy a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere.

Lip Sore Treatment

diy essential oil lip treatment

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Mix the essential oils and Aloe together, then apply directly to the affected area.

Try out Melissa now!


35 thoughts on “Melissa Organic Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • YES!! Works so wonderfully for cold sores! Both my husband and MIL get them and this stuff works and quickly!! So thrilled for them both!!

  • I am really happy I came across this post. I have had Melissa hydrosol for sometime and I have been trying to determine what to do with. In reading this blog post and the hydrosol profile again, I think I am going to start spritzing it in my office after I visit patients and families at the nursing homes. Thank you PT for always having good, educational, and thought provoking blogs.

    1. Adding more Tea Tree may be a good option here, but this recipe was made specifically with Melissa in mind 🙂

  • I have found Melissa very helpful in stopping a full blown cold sore IF it is used at the first tingle. If used later, it will help, but it’s genuine power lies in stopping them or reducing their intensity when used at the very first sign of a cold sore.
    I have found Melissa very helpful in reducing the pain of shingles. When needed, apply it directly to the skin. It does not cure shingles. It does help reduce the surface pain on the skin.

  • I see Melissa Essential oil is not kidsafe, but I’m wondering if I could use the hydrosol on children for the same kind of “lip sore” benefits?

    1. Rosie, the hydrosols will be more gentle than their essential oil counterparts so I think it can be helpful for younger children

  • Another oil I never heard of! Sounds great for my anxiety. I get cold sores, when you say sore lips are you including this or are you more thinking chapped?

    1. Sarah, I have read several reviews of diluting Melissa with a carrier oil, or even adding some Tea Tree then diluting to help with cold sores 🙂

  • I love Melissa oil! For antiviral properties and antianxiety properties…so useful in today’s world!!

  • I’m a little confused. I thought oils weren’t to be used in the mouth. Would this be safe for cold sores in the mouth?

  • I love using Melissa diluted in FCO for cold sores. I just dab it on with a qtip a couple of times a day as soon as I feel the sore starting. Takes care of it in just a few days!

  • I mix Melissa & Tea Tree in grapeseed oil for cold sores and it work wonderfully. Helps with the pain and heals it up quickly.

    1. i ve been wanting this oil and reading that it helps with cold sore , im getting it,
      thanks P.T.

  • I love this oil, but never thought of using it for a lip sore problem. My husband gets them frequently and will be happy to get reed of them quickly if caught soon enough! Thanks for the information & recipe.

  • I just found out that Melissa is Lemon Balm…Love Lemon Balm. I can’t wait to try Melissa.

  • I want to try this oil too. I just learned recently that Melissa is Lemon Balm. I love lemon balm!

  • Melissa is one of the oils I’ve been wanting to try. I had no idea it was useful for so many great things! I just might have to add this to my arsenal!

  • I’ve been wanting to try this oil, the sale price is a great time to do so. Thanks for all the great tips! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, how exciting! I’ve been wondering about this oil since lemon balm is one of my absolute favorite herbs. This might just be the excuse I need to take the plunge and buy it!

  • I have always wondered about this oil with such a pretty name, it is great to learn more about it and so many uses, I will definitely be adding some to my next order. I wish I knew about it sooner.

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